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My Photo Albums - 2017 Part 2 - Full moon, Dragons, Clouds, Paseo Art Event, Kitties, Rio Pueblo Gorge, etc.

Image: Full moon in a black sky
September 5 - Full moon and sagebrush. I know the actual full moon isn't until tomorrow morning, very early. I won't be up then. But this is when it rose here. It's orange because of the smoke around here.

Image: Smiling woman near an old jail cell
October 4 - Me at the entryway to one of the cells in the old jail here in Taos, New Mexico.

Image: 4 statues of dragons
October 4 - I love dragons! Here are some of mine!

Image: Fluffy white clouds and small mountain
October 4 - Cool, pretty white cloud. That's the extinct volcano and sage brush in front of the cloud and blue sky. The mountain is Cerro de Los Taoses, lovingly called Two Peaks.

September 23 - Paseo Project Party on the Plaza.

Image: Fire coming out of pipes on the Taos Plaza
They had an organ that actually played music while it spouted flames from the pipes!

Image: The Taos Plaza buildings with a tree and clouds
September 23 - The Taos Plaza.

Image: Lighted image on a building
A projection of light on one of the buildings on the Taos Plaza for the Paseo event.

Image: Arch made of boxes painted black and white with flowers
Cool art "sculpture" on the Taos Plaza.

Image: Part of the arch made of connected boxes painted black and white
A bit more of the art "sculpture".

Image: orange sunset
November 4 - Lovely orange sunset.

Image: moon in a blue sky
October 28 - The moon in the blue sky.

Image: man and woman in halloween costumes. It says: Happy Halloween
October 31 - Happy Halloween! Not only is today Halloween for me and Bert; it's also the anniversary of the day we met in 1976. We're in town and having some fun in Halloween costumes.

Image: Orange cloud
November 1 - Awesome colorful cloud in the east with the sunset and the moon.

Image: Moon over mountains
November 2 - Almost full moon over the mountains.

Image: Old-style ship. It says: S.S. Crestoner
October 31 - We saw this on the Taos Plaza for Halloween. It's a pretty cool pirate ship.

Image: clouds in the sky
November 15 - Interesting oval opening in the clouds. It was better and more round before. It had more blue in the middle. We were taking a walk and didn't get it when it was more perfect. It seems it started over Los Alamos. Aliens? Los Alamos Melt-down?
Nope, it's none of the above. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about these holes in 2021: "A fallstreak hole (also known as a cavum, hole punch cloud, punch hole cloud, skypunch, cloud canal or cloud hole) is a large gap, usually circular or elliptical, that can appear in cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds. Because of their rarity and unusual appearance, fallstreak holes have been mistaken for or attributed to unidentified flying objects."

Image: sunset
November 23 - Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Lovely sunrise this morning in northern New Mexico.

Image: woman holding an orange cat
November 23 - Me and Pumpkin enjoying T-day! I was watching the parade.

Image: Dark clouds
November 28 - Mammatocumulus clouds this morning - and a bit of blue sky.

Image: Shelf with statues and stuff
December 4 - Here are our Christmas, Yule, Holiday, Turn of the Season, Sun Return decorations for 2017 on a shelf. That's it. All done. I don't want to remove the goddess Isis or Bast statues this year. Ha ha... I'll probably hang the Christmas cards we receive too. I'll be mailing ours soon.

Image: Snow on a car and snow on solar panels
December 7 - Our first snow. If you can call it that. It was just a sprinkle see our pile of wood and there's our solar panels. It's supposed to be a high of 31 F today. Brrr... I got a fire going in our wood burning stove.

Image: woman twice
Me in May, and me today, December 9th. Do I look like I've lost weight? I've lost 35 or 36 pounds since June or July. I weighed the same in June and July as I did in May. The first picture is me in size 18 women's pants. The second is in size 16 women's pants. I hope to keep going to at least size 14. I hope... I hope. I'm just eating less food. I'm hungry all the time! But I feel great!

Image: Woman sitting at a stand selling stuff
December 17 - My darling daughter today at the Motor Avenue Farmer's Market in California. Isn't she beautiful!?! She's selling items that she created. I stole this pic from the Spindle Sisters on Instagram: @thespindlesisters. or the For Erica herself go to

Image: Moon in a dark sky with mountain
September 18 - Moon in the sky over the mountains looking to the east of us.

November 7, 2017 - We took a walk down in to the Rio Pueblo Gorge.

Image: Rocks and trees  in northern New Mexico

Image: gorge  in northern New Mexico

Image: Rock wall with trees and shadows of trees
I thought this tree and its shadow was cool.

Image: River running through a gorge

Image: Trail with rocks

Image: man standing on trail with cliff
And there is Bert.

Image: Rocks  in northern New Mexico

Image: River running through a gorge

Image: Rocks

Image: River running through a gorge

Image: Rocks and trees

Image: Woman standing on a trail
And there's me.

Image: Cliff and blue sky

Image: Lava rocks

Image: Lava rocks
Some lava rocks. We love taking this walk!

Image: River running through a gorge

woman holding a cat
November 23 - Me with my cat Sparky.

Image: Woman holding an orange cat
Me with my cat Pumpkin

December 2 - We took a walk not too far from our home.

Image: Woman sitting among lava rocks
There's me sitting among the lava rock near Two Peaks the extinct volcano.

Image: Man standing among lava rocks
And there's Bert.

Image: Scenery  in northern New Mexico

Image: Scenery with lava rocks and small mountain

Image: rocks

Image: Lava rocks with small mountain

December 25 - Among the sagebrush

Image: Man standing among sagebrush

Image: Woman standing among sagebrush

Image: Sunrise with mountains
December 28 - Pretty orange sunrise.

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