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My Photo Albums - 2017 Part 1 - Snow, sunsets, Wild Rivers, Library Event, Flowers, Smoke from Fires, etc.

Image: Mountains in northern New Mexico
January 17 - Pretty Taos Mountain.

Image: Snow  in northern New Mexico
January 21 - Sunshine and white snow. It snowed last night. Not much; just 2 or 3 inches.

Image: Cool cloud
January 31 - Strange, interesting cloud over the mountains. It's a lenticular cloud.

Image: smiling woman in costume
February 18 - Me dressed as Frida Kahlo at the Love Your Library event at the Sagebrush Inn in Taos, NM. I won TWO prizes!

Image: smiling woman and man
Me and Bert at the Love Your Library masquerade event put on by the UNM Taos Library. I was dressed as Frida Kahlo and I won the first prize for my costume. Bert was sorta dressed as Diego Rivera.

Image: smiling woman in costume
Me Earlier today ready to go to the Love Your Library event. I didn't know at the time I was going to win TWO prizes! One as best costume and the other in the prize drawing. We had a GREAT time!

Image: Pretty mountains and moon
March 11 - The almost full moon rising over the mountains just a bit ago.

Image: Snow falling  in northern New Mexico
March 23 - It's snowing! Happy spring!

Image: mountains with snow
March 24 - More mountains with clouds and blue sky.

Image: snowy scenery  in northern New Mexico
April 5 - It snowed again last night It will probably be all melted by this afternoon.

April 7 at Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership

Image: Plane flying and brewery building  in northern New Mexico
Check out the airplane!

Image: brewerey building

Image: Lovely flowing water in a stream
April 7 - Pretty mountain stream.

April 13 - The Wild Rivers Recreation Area north of Taos.

Image: Man and woman smiling
It was beautiful.

Image: woman and man on mountain trail
We went only on the beginning of the La Junta trail.

Image: River flowing in a gorge
It was steep!

Image: Man looking upon mountain scenery  in northern New Mexico
And there's Bert

Image: Solar panels and small tree in snowo
April 29 - Yes, we have snow. And here's our little tree in the snow.

May 2 - My Birthday

Image: Plants in a green house
At El Monte Segrado in Taos.

Image: Statue and floweers
Outside with flowers

Image: inside pools in a fancy hotel in taos
El Monte Segrado pools

Image: Orange clouds
May 7 - Beautiful reflected sunset. Looking toward the east.

Image: Winter Scenery  in northern New Mexico
May 10 - It's sleeting!

Image: a lizard on rocks  in northern New Mexico
May 11 - Here's a cute lizard.

Image: Smiling woman with baby
Mother's Day - My darling daughter Erica shared this with me today. That's baby Erica and me in probably 1982 in Fairfield, Iowa. Thank you Erica!

Image: Snowy scenery  in northern New Mexico
May 19 - It's SNOWING! And we're driving to Denver tomorrow! Added later: We did pick up our daughter at the Denver airport. She came to visit us. We had a great time! See the pictures, also in my photo albums here.

Image: Man with dog walking
June 6 - A Big Dog we saw in Taos today. I wonder how much he eats.

Image: Sunset clouds
June 8 - Pretty sunset in northern New Mexico.

Image: sunset clouds
June 7 - Another beautiful sunset.

Bonita Fire in June

Image: Smoke from fire and blue sky  in northern New Mexico
June 13 - We've got a fire going on west and northish of us. Pretty far away. South of Tierra Amarilla, NM. 180+ acres. Started by a lightning strike.

Image: smoke from fire and mountains
June 14 - The Bonita Fire with setting sun.

Image: Smoke from fire
June 15 - I'd say that the Bonita Fire has grown, the smoke has anyway. At the bottom is another one that started recently.

Image: Smoke from fire with the sun
More smoke with setting sun.

Image: sun and orange smoke
The sun through the smoke.

Image: huge helicopter flying overhead
June 17 - A huge double bladed helicopter taking loads of water to the Bonita Fire. You can see the bucket dangling from the bottom.

Image: Beautiful orange clouds  in northern New Mexico
June 18 - Beautiful sunset looking toward the east, toward the mountains. It's probably so lovely because of the fires.

Image: beautiful orange clouds
Looking toward the west. Note the smoke from the fire still happening.

More stuff from New Mexico

Image: Pink roses
June 14 - Lovely roses in Taos, New Mexico.

Image: Pumpersticker
June 27 - Cool bumper sticker we saw today in Santa Fe. It Says: Whenever there's a huge spill of solar energy, it's just called a nice day.

Image: Painting of Frida Kahlo with smiling man
July 6 - At Station Cafe 306. And there's Bert.

Image: Modern painting of Frida Kahlo
Awesome painting. Find the artist on Instagram as @artistelmoises.

Image: scenery with rain falling off in the distance
July 7 - We got rain! We're hoping for more!

Image: big green snake
July 9 - We've got a rattle snake near our house. It is huge! This is only like the 2nd or 3rd one we've seen since we've moved onto the mesa.

Image: yellow sunflower
July 26 - Pretty yellow flower down the hill at our neighbor's. It's a small sunflower.

Image: scenery with dome shaped building
July 28 - Cool geodesic dome not too far from us.

Image: mountain scenery  in northern New Mexico
August 7 - Pretty Taos Mountain with clouds.

Image: sunset and clouds
August 26 - Lovely sunset and God rays.

Image: sea shells in baskets and bowls
August 11 - If I ever mention that I want more sea shells, just show me these pictures. I do have some really cool ones. Some from the Pacific; some from the Atlantic.

Image: looking at snakes and rocks and grass
August 9 - Little rattle snake by our wood shed.

Image: Smiling man and woman
August 14 - Us at the Quechua Peruvian restaurant in Taos celebrating our daughter Erica's birthday on our own. She lives in the L.A. area.

Image: Small extinct volcano and sky with fluffy white clouds
September 2 - We went for a drive a bit up Two Peaks, which is the little extinct volcano near us. We walked around a bit also.

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