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My Photo Albums - 2016 March 22 - Around the University of New Mexico (UNM) in Albuquerque

We stayed overnight at a hotel so we could go to this place and other places.

And here's part of our hotel room
Image: Hotel room with beds and a TV and a desk

On UNM Campus, at the duck pond.

Image: Green leafy trees

Image: the pond

Image: Trees near the pond with a walk-way

Image: Ducks on the pond

Image: Ducks near the pond

Image: Closer looking at the ducks near the pond

Image: trees

Image: A wolf statue among the tree trunks and rocks

Image: Wolf statue howling

Image: Wolf statue howling

Image: the pond with a reflection of trees

Image: The part of the pond with a water fountain

Image: Fish in the pond

Image: Building on campus

At the Zimmerman Library

Image: The library building

Image: looking up at Zimmerman Library

Image: Entry to Zimmerman Library on UNM Campus in Albuquerque

Image: Inside Zimmerman Library - His desk and picture

Image: Inside Zimmerman Library - his desk

Image: decorative, colorful wall in the library along the staircase

Image: Zimmerman's desk with stair railing

I like cool old books
Image: Old books

Image: Old books

Image: more old books

Image: And more old books

Lovely flowering tree
Image: Pretty flowering tree

We found this one building with a room with dinosaur bones and stuff
Image: Dinosaur bone head

Image: Sign showing dinosaur

Image: Sign about Mosasaurs

Image: Mosasaur dinosaur skull

Image: Strange little thing about minerals

Dinosaur eggs
Image: Dinosaur eggs

Image: Crystals next to the dinosaur eggs

Image: Lovely large fluorite crystal

Image: Dinosaur leg bone

Image: Dinosaur leg bone

Image: Various dinosaur bones and pictures

Image: Dinosaur skull

Image: picture of a dinosaur that was in New Mexico

Image: Ammonite fossil

Image: Dinosaur bones

Image: Large dinosaur leg bone


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