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My Photo Albums - 2016 March 22 - Albuquerque Aquarium and Botanic Gardens

We stayed overnight at a hotel so we could go to this place and other places.

They had an old fishing boat there
Image: An old fishing boat

Image: A building next to the fishing boat

In the Aquarium
Image: fish in the aquarium

One of these sting rays tried to jump out of the water and get my husband. I didn't get a picture. It was weird and strange.
Image: Image: Sting Rays in the aquarium

Image: Pacific Coral Reef sign

Image: Man in the fish tank

Image: fish in the aquarium

A seat
Image: A starfish seat to sit on

Image: Sign says Growing A Coral Reef

Image: Tiny fish in the aquarium

Me in front of one of the aquariums.
Image: Woman standing in front of an aquarium

Image: fish in the aquarium

Image: Shark in the aquarium

Image: Fish sculpture of metal

Image: People looking at fish

Back outdoors
Image: Pretty little pond with rocks

Image: Rocks and plants

Image: Pond outdoors with bench and blue sky

Flowers and other plants in the green house
Image: Flowers

Image: Flowers

Image: Flowers

Image: A yucca plant

Image: More southwest type plants

Huge cactus
Image: Huge cactus

Back outdoors
Image: Walking man

Image: The green house

Back indoors, which felt like outdoors because there were so many plants!
Image: Desert flower

Image: Flowers

Image: Flowers

Image: Inside the green house

Image: Flowers

And... back outdoors
Image: Wall, trees and sky

Image: flowering plants outdoors

The cool train they had there. We didn't ride on it.
Image: A train car

Image: An old train caboose

Other parts of the botanic gardens
Image: A man walking through a doorway

Image: Water, trees and sky

I love this cool tiny village
Image: A tiny village

Image: A tiny village with a bridge

Image: Tiny buildings

Some huge carrots
Image: Huge carrots in a fake garden

I love dragons
Image: A dragon sculpture

Various collages
Beautiful flowers at the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens.
Image: Flowers

Image: Flowers

Image: Flowers

More cool stuff at the Botanic Gardens. This is the fantasy section for the children. I love the dragon!
Image: dragon sculptures and castles

A bit more from the Albuquerque Aquarium today. We had a great time in all. We'll be heading home from our mini vacation tomorrow.
Image: Fish and creatures from the aquarium


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