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My Photo Albums - 2016 Part 2 in New Mexico - Flowers, Sunsets, Mountains, etc.

Snow, Taos Ski Valley, Stuff from our daughter Erica, I quit my job!, food, sky, flowers, books, etc.

July 6 - Pretty flowers today.
Image: Yellow, orange and pink flowers

July 12 - Large artwork "sculpture" on UNM Taos Klauer campus by Ted Egri.
Image: Sculpture shaped like a mountain

July 23 - Some cool old family photos and stuff I received in the mail yesterday from a dear family member. My parents photos are at the top.
Image: Lots of photos of different family members and wallets and holy books

August 6 - We've got fog! It was like this about half an hour ago. It's starting to burn off now. This was unusual around here before last year!
Image: Foggy day in northern New Mexico

August 8 - Beautiful New Mexico sunset.
Image: Orange sunset

August 10 & 11 - My husband Bert standing in front of a portion of our off-the-grid home. Me also in front of our home with a tiny window we just bought.
Image: Smiling man and woman

August 15 - I saw this bumper sticker today in town. I took a photo. I think it's cute. Of course, the aliens mean creatures from space.
Image: Bumper stickers says Buckle Up! It makes it harder for the aliens to suck you out of your car

August 30 - Beautiful sunset this evening.
Image: Beautiful orange sunset

Image: three images of beautiful orange sunset clouds

I love this picture! That's the top of our roof. The sky was orange all around!
Image: Clouds that are all orange at sunset in northern New Mexico

September 10 - This is on the side of a building in Taos. On the front it has the name of a steak house restaurant that is not open. They've been working on it for years.
Image: Painting on the side of a building of a horse and a boy

September 12 - Our water room for water catchment, going up. For catching water off our roof. This is like July 21. And there's Bert.
Image: Man working on a house

Our water catchment room in process and almost done. The containers are for catching water off our roof. And there's Bert! This is July to August 2016.
Image: Many images of man working on a house

September 12 - And here's our little house today with the water room and our solar panel "garden." Hee hee... It will get painted one day. The temps have been low of 42 and high of 73.
Image: A small house with solar panels in northern New Mexico

September 16 - Rising full moon over the Sangre de Christo Mountains in northern New Mexico.

August 20 - Cool photo I just took. Reflections in a window.
Image: Window with reflection of another window and a mountain

Me today with my kitty cat Sparky.
Image: Smiling woman holding a cat

October 6 - Taos Ski Valley today. Just the lower portion. I don't ever go up on the slopes. I don't ski.
Image: Buildings, trees and mountains

October 12 - Pretty hibiscus flower at a neighbor's house.
Image: ed flowers

October 15 - Rainbows on my palm.
Image: 3 pictures of a womans hand

October 19 - Pretty leaves turning color.
Image: Tree leaves turning red

October 27 - Sun with sundog and weird dot.
Image: Sun in the sky with clouds

October 26 - I thought I'd share this. It's a stationery box I bought in 1975 or 1976 at a TM retreat center in Livingston Manor NY. That's where Bert and I met. It was recycled. I still have some of the stationery. We use the box to store our yahtzee game. Ha ha.
Image: Box of stationary for letter writing

October 26 - Thought I'd post the blue sky today. We don't always have clouds and beautiful sunsets. Sometimes we have big beautiful blue skies.
Image: 2 images of blue sky

November 5 - Dinner. Salmon pie with whole wheat crust. Yumm... Mashed potatoes, salmon, onions, butter, salt, black pepper in a crust. An old family recipe.
Image: a Pie and a floer

November 1 - Pretty yellow November flower at a neighbor's house.
Image: A yellow sun flower

November 6 - Snow on the mountains. Pretty clouds. Wheeler Peak is the tallest mountain in New Mexico.
Image: Mountains, blue sky and clouds with shadows

November 8 - We went to Santa Fe today! We ate here! Forgot to take a photo of the food.
Image: Sign that says San Franscisco Street Bar & Grill

We had a burger. And maybe some beer.
Image: Several pictures of San Francisco Street Bar & Grill with a sculpture

The Capital building in Santa Fe.
Image: Inside the capital building in Santa Fe

November 13 - Lovely Sunset. Full moon.
Image: 2 Pictures: Sunset and full moon

November 22 - Lovely sunset. Top, looking west. Bottom, looking east toward the mountains.
Image: Sunset sky

Way back Wednesday. A photo I took early in 2014 with the mountains all aglow with the light from the setting sun. This view is to the east, away from the setting sun. This is also in my 2014 photo album.
Image: Mountains with sunset sky

December 3 - I got a new Dell Laptop yesterday. New one on the left.
Image: two laptop computers
The old one is getting slower and slower. The touch pad causes the computer to crash quite often (Added in 2019: It doesn't do that any more. It still works... mostly. Oh well. Weird. For a while I had to use only a mouse, but now it works fine. So now I use the old one to watch videos and movies.)

December 9 - We were invited to the UNM Taos staff party tonight. I got a bit drunk. I had two and a half beers. The half was because I knocked over my second beer and it spilled on the table. The waitresses cleaned it up. I had another one anyway. Bert drove home. We had a great time! It was held at The Gorge restaurant in Taos.
Image: Smiling woman and man

December 15 - Sunrise this morning.
Image: Sunset sky with mountains

December 15 - Me being silly, using the camera on my new laptop. Ha ha...
Image: white haired woman

December 17 - Snow. We got it last night. Before that we got rain. That's the reflection of my phone in the window on the bottom one. I was inside. I had just been out clearing off our solar panels. It's cold!
Image: Snowy landscape in northern New Mexico USA

December 18 - I finally put up some Holiday / Christmas / Yule / Sun Return / Whatever decorations. I made a "tree" out of books and book-like stuff on a shelf. And of course, there are the two metal reindeer ornaments.
Image: Christmas decorations

December 29 - Hot air Balloon this morning over Taos.
Image: Hot air balloon in the sky

August 26 - Pretty Mountains & Clouds.
Image: Mountains and clouds and blue sky

October 30 - My beautiful darling daughter Erica yesterday at a cosplay thing in Los Angeles. I stole this picture from her Instagram. Ha ha ha...
Image: Young woman in Halloween costume

October 30 - Adorable photo of my daughter Erica and her friend Abby dressed in Hogwarts costumes. They attended a cosplay thing in LA yesterday.
Image: wo young women in Hogwarts halloween costumes

Nov. 19 - Me.
Image: White haired woman

December 9 - Sign for La Santisima Trinidad Church in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico.
Image: Sign that says La Santisima Trinidad Historic Church

Historic church in Arroyo Seco.
Image: Old church with trees

December 22 - Two lovely pens my darling brother sent to us. He made them out of wood on his lathe. Love them! He's so creative!
Image: two wooden writing pens

December 25 - Me being silly. Having fun with a photo editor.
Image: White haired woman with decorations

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