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My Photo Albums - 2016 Part 1 in New Mexico - Sunsets, Mountains, Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, etc.

Snow, Taos Ski Valley, Stuff from our daughter Erica, I quit my job!, food, sky, flowers, books, etc.

January 2 - A little mandala I put together this morning to welcome in the new year and wish happiness and prosperity for all. Happy New Year!

January 10 - Bert using our snow blower this morning. Nice scenery!
Image: Snowy scene

January 15 - Haircut. Yesterday: Before. Today: After. Yeah before is kind of serious and after is kind of blurry.
Image: Woman with new haircut

January 16 - We drove the Enchanted Circle New Mexico, USA today. From Taos to Angelfire, to Eagle Nest, to Red River, to Questa and back to Taos. We drove over the Bobcat pass, which is at 9,820 feet elevation.
Image: Buildings at the Taos Ski Valley

More pics from our drive around the Enchanted Circle. Red River is 8,750 elevation. There were lots of skiers. I didn't take any photos of them. It was cold!
Image: scenery and buildings in New Mexico, USA

Santa Fe, New Mexico

January 29 - Hot Topic. Just went in. Didn't buy anything. Should have. That's my hubby Bert.
Image: Man standing in the entryway of Hot Topic

January 29 - On our way home. Beautiful.
Image: New Mexico scenery with rocks

More rocks and stuff on our way home from Santa Fe.
Image: New Mexico scenery with rocks

UNM-Klauer Campus

February 3 - Pretty mountains viewed through large windows of UNM Taos Klauer campus.
Image: Scenery of rocky mountains in new Mexico.

Gifts From Our Daughter

February 6 - Cool gifts just received by us from our daughter. And there's our cat Pumpkin.
Image: Gifts and stuff

Awesome Goddess Bast / Bastett statue I got from our daughter
Image: Goddess Bast statue

February 7 - 4 more cool items from my daughter Erica. A coin with King Tut. An alabaster eye of Horus pendant. Key rings. A Keep Calm and Carry On notebook.
Image: more gifts

Awesome hand-painted papyrus from my darling daughter of Horus and a goddess or a queen.

February 10 - Me in my new London T-shirt my daughter sent to me. I've never been to London.
Image: smiling woman

UNM-Taos Klauer Campus

February 17 - Looking up a few days ago at UNM Taos campus building with shadows. I thought this was cool.

February 16 - Beautiful sunset this evening. I was at UNM Taos Campus.
Image: Sunset

In Taos, At Home, Etc.

February 28 - Painting on a building just off the Taos Plaza. Thousands of people take pictures of this every year - maybe more.
Image: Painting on a building

Infinite sky. Just about.
Image: Pretty blue sky and scenery

Another new haircut. I want to take pics and post here so I can keep track of when I last had my hair cut. I usually wait about 2 months. Above: at home. Below: in my car
Image: Woman

March 12 - First flowers I've seen this season. In front of the public library. Pretty. Spring is on the way!
Image: Pretty purple flowers

Me being silly. Looking down near the Taos Public Library.
Image: Many pictures of the same woman

April 11 - This is my spirituality shelf with my essential oils, little statues, crystals and such. I picked up these seed pods when we went to Albuquerque. Don't know what kind of tree they came off. I distributed the seeds up on Two Peaks.
Image: Buddah, dragon, crystal and other statues

April 16 - It's snowing again.
Image: Snow

April 17 - Yes, it did snow last night. Only an inch or less. Again, it'll be gone by afternoon.
Image:  Snow on little trees and mountains

April 26 - New large sculpture at UNM Taos Klauer campus. It's not complete yet.
Image: Sculpture and sagebrush on campus

April 4 - Me sitting at my desk at the job I had at the college library. I worked there from March of 2014 until May of 2016. I had also worked there when the library was in town and I was a work-study student from the fall of 2004 until some time in 2008. Or maybe it was 2009. I forget.
Image: Woman sitting at a desk at work

April 30 - Last day at my job is Monday. This is what my desk will look like after I leave. I'm retiring!
Image: Computer on a desk on campus

May 1 - Happy May Day! It's snowing here at about 7400 feet elevation and it's about 30 degrees F! I've seen it snow up till mid-May here!
Image: snowy mountain and landscape

May 3 - Some of my gifts and cards for my birthday and retirement day. Thank you for all your good wishes! I got money too!
Image: Backpack, coffee mug, cards and Logo statue

Meow Wolf Santa Fe, New Mexico

May 4 - We went to an awesome place today - Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. It was great!
Image: Large robot statue, flowers in a vase, a building

Image: Meow wold inside

One of my favorite rooms at Meow Wolf. Everything in here is painted only black and white.
Image: tables, chairs, vase in black and white

Us in the hallway with fake trees lit by black light
Image: Two people standing in a lit-up hallway with fake trees

Little lighted balls.
Image: lots of glowing colorful bulbs

Back Home

May 5 - I was inspired by the black and white room at Meow Wolf. So I cleared out one of my shelves and created this today.
Image: Goddess bast statues on a shelf

My Goodbye and Birthday Party

May 2 - Selections from my goodbye and birthday party at UNM Taos Campus. The cake was yummy and sweet. I'm retired!
Image: Cake and people and a Lobo statue

Image: Smiling woman

Scenery and Stuff

May 11 - Beautiful sunset looking away from the setting sun. Looking east, southeast and south.
Image: Pretty sunset with clouds

Beautiful sunset as a panorama shot.
Image: sunset clouds

May 12 - We walked up Two Peaks today. Not all the way to the top but quite a ways up. It was a beautiful day. Two Peaks is also called Dos Orejas, it's a small extinct volcano.
Image: scenery in northern new mexico

May 22 - The Full moon.
Image: Full moon in the sky

June 3 - We drove up the side of Two Peaks today and walked a bit too. Cerro de Los Taoses is another name of this extinct volcano.
Image: trees, an old truck and a yucca plant

Lovely high elevation New Mexico red desert cactus flowers. Aren't they pretty?
Image: Red flowers

June 9 - Got these last year. Schultz large water containers for catching water from the roof. We were told that they only ever had food grade stuff in them. They are 275 gallons each.
Image: Large plastic containers and solar panels

June 9 - Adorable bumble bee today on some flowers. In our side yard. I love bumble bees!
Image: Bumble bee on a flowering plant

June 9 - Pretty yellow flowers on a cactus in our yard.
Image: Cactus flowers

June 19 - At Taos Ski Valley in Stray Dog Cantina. Note the new building going up. Happy Father's day to all the dads.
Image: Mountains, trees, building, beer

More at Taos Ski Valley today.
Image: Buildings and scenery at Taos Ski Valley

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