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My Photo Albums - 2015 Random Photos That Won't be Found Elsewhere on This Site

These came from my Instagram account. The dates are the dates I posted the photos; which is mainly the dates I also took them. I'm deleting my photos from Instagram; so this is the only place to find these. Actually, I'll leave a few there.

Image: Laptop computer with shelves of books and a sofa in a library
October 16, 2015 - I'm at the Taos Public Library. :-) This was my very first post on Instagram.

Image: Slinky, smiling face and tiny world globe toys on rocks.
October 17 - My silly toys outdoors in Northern New Mexico with lava rocks. A slinky, a tiny world globe and a squeezy smiley face. Here's what my daughter had to say in a comment: Ha ha ha, u r so odd... And me: Yep. Thank God! I own all these items. Hee hee hee!

Image: Hand holding a squeezy face toy
October 18 - Just took this pic. I got this little guy as a gift earlier this month from the UNM Taos Health Fair I attended. Had to take this pic and share it here. Sangre de Christo Mountains in northern NM in the background.

Image: Squeesy face toy with cake on a plate at a restaurant
October 19 - Maybe I should give this little guy, or girl?, a name. In front of my cheesecake at the Coffee Spot in Taos, NM.

Image: Woman making a scary face
October 21 - Me making a scary face. Happy Halloween! It's almost here! :-)

Image: ID with picture and name
October 23 - Scan from this year (2015). My strange 'dome' badge from when I meditated in the ladies' Golden Dome at the Transcendental Meditation college in Fairfield, Iowa. (Click or Tap to Read About my Experiences with TM.) We lived there from 1982 until 1997, then I moved back there with Erica from 1999 until I left the end of 2001. Check out those glasses! Comment by my daughter Erica: OMG! If you still had those you would be back in fashion! From me: Yeah... Well... I don't think I'd wear my glasses like that now, even if they are in fashion. :-) Thank goodness people wear all sorts of styles now.

Image: Tiny pocket Etch A Sketch
October 24 - Mine. Mini Etch-A-Sketch. Just for fun. I have a bunch of toys in a box. Also just for fun.

Image: Pretty colorful design
October 24 - Pretty. This is looking through my kaleidoscope. Another toy. I love toys!

On this page are some photos of our cats. I also have others of them on a separate section of my website.

Image: Cat making an evil expression
October 24 - My elderly kitty cat Shakti, a female 13 years old.

Image: Pretty black and white cat with a blue background
October 24 - My middle cat Sparky, a male. About 9 years old

Image: Ginger cat face
October 24 - Our youngest cat Pumpkin, a male. Three and half years old.

Image: Painting on the wall in a restaurant
October 25 - A painting at the Coffee Spot Cafe in Taos, NM. It's $100. The painting is of a place on the way into "the mesa"; also called Two Peaks where my hubby and I live. Note from 2019: The painting is gone now; I guess someone bought it.

Image: Orange flower
October 25 - Pretty October flower. My niece says it is a Calendula.

Image: Mountains and cloudy sky
October 28 - Cool clouds and mountains in northern New Mexico.

Image: Identification from 1972 from Massachusetts
November 1 - Scan from this year (2015) of my ID I got to buy alcohol in 1972 in Massachusetts because I hadn't got my driver's licence yet. I think I did get it the following year though. I scribbled out my name of the time. Wasn't I cute?

Image: Looking up at the front of a building with blue sky
November 2 - Taos Public Library. Standing at the entrance, looking up. :-)

Image: Toys on rocks
November 3 - Rocks, shells and smiley face on a volcanic rock.

Image: Statue of Buddha
November 10 - Little Siddhartha statue. Buddha.

Image: A fan, some small pyramids, some stamps, coins and a pen
November 16 - Items from Egypt I received from a sister in 2009. She went there in 2008. Been planning to post these. Appropriate now since I have Egypt on my mind. Not pictured are a scarab beetle bead and two alabaster beads.

Image: Scenery in northern new Mexico
November 16 - Hail this morning.

Image: Small mountain with sky in northern New Mexico
November 16 - Snow later in the morning.

Image: Snowy road and scenery with cloudy sky
November 16 - More snow.

Image: Statue of the goddess Isis
November 17 - One of my favorite ancient Egypt type items: the Goddess Isis statue. All mine. I got it some years ago at a thrift shop.

Image: TV screen shhowing the show Grimm
November 20 - One of our favorite TV shows - Grimm. Picture from our TV.

Image: moon in a blue sky with buildings and trees
November 21 - the moon with trees on the Taos Plaza.

Image: Books about ancient egypt
November 22 - My ancient Egypt related books. I also have some National Geographic magazines with ancient Egypt related articles.

Image: Adorable cat face with closed eyes
November 22 - My sleepy adorable 3 year old male kitty cat Pumpkin taken by me with my new phone that has a light.

Image: Elderly kitty cat
November 22 - My elderly female kitty cat Shakti. She was always such a queen!

Image: Cat face
November 22 - Sparky. My 9 year old male kitty cat.

Image: Plate of food for thanksgiving
November 26 - Happy Turkey Day from us.

Image: From my TV screen, the people from Harry Potter in Egypt
November 27 - We're watching the Harry Potter series of movies yet again, for the - I don't know how many times.

Image: From my TV screen, the people from Harry Potter in Egypt
November 27 - I'm somewhat obsessed at the moment with this particular pic from Harry Potter movie #3. Onwards to movie #4. It's of The Weasley Family in Egypt. It says, "Prize Winner Visits Egypt!"

Image: Several pictures of kitty cats
November 27 - Our kitty cats today. We have three. The two on the bottom are the same cat.

Image: Sculpture / Statues of clothing
December 2 - At the UNM Taos Klauer Campus inside the Padre Martinez Hall. They've been putting up artwork lately.

Image: several photos of a black and white cat
December 4 - Faces of my cat Sparky.

Image: Image: several photos of a gray tabby cat
December 4 - My elderly kitty cat Shakti.

Image: several photos of a ginger colored cat
December 4 - Pumpkin, my 3 year old male kitty cat.

Image: Pictures of 3 cats
December 6 - More photos of my kitties.

Image: Several pictures of art pieces and sculptures on UNM Taos campus
December 9 - Some of the pieces of art around UNM Taos university in northern New Mexico, USA. So far. More coming.

Image: Two photos of a tabby cat
December 13 - My female cat Shakti when she was little and now. I got her when he was just a few weeks old in 2002.

Image: Two photos of a black and white cat
December 13 - And here's my 9 year old male cat when he was little and now. We rescued him from a shelter when he was about 8 months old, early in 2007.

Image: Several photos of a ginger colored cat
December 13 - My three and a half year old male cat Pumpkin, then and now. We got him when he was 6 months old. He was at our front door meowing, Christmas day 2012. We had him fixed and shaved; he was all matted.

Image: Little Bottles
December 25 - Purchases from one of my favorite Etsy stores! Fire and Elm Herbs.


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