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My Photo Albums - 2015 July 25 - Botanical gardens, Gallery Row and Streets in Santa Fe

Santa Fe Botanical Garden at Museum Hill
Image: Santa Fe Botanical Garden sign

Image: Statue with flowers

Image: Pretty flowers

Image: Wall with bird bath and flowers

Created by Scott Canning
Image: Yellow flowers and sign

Image: Blue sky and scenery and statue

Image: Pretty pink roses

Image: Purple flowers

Image: Man on a bridge

Image: Scenery in New Mexico

Image: Yucca plant in new Mexico

Image: Statue / Sculpture

Above created by Tammy Garcia, Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico. "Sentinel" Courtesy of Blue Rain Gallery.
Image: Sign about above Sculpture above by Tammy Garcia from the Santa Clara Pueblo

Image: Cool sculpture with a snake

Image: Another cool interesting sculpture

Image: Blue sky and scenery in northern New Mexico

Image: Sculpture of a white flying bird

Image: Sculpture that looks like a seat

Image: Man with round sculpture

Image: Pretty scenery with blue sky and clouds

Image: Man standing on a path at the botanic garadens

Image: Smiling woman with flowers in the background

Image: Woman standing in an arbor at the botanic gardens

Image: Pretty purple flowers

Image: Pretty red flower

Image: A bit of the scenery at the botanic gardens

Image: Green tree

Image: Arbor at the botanic garden

Image: Scenery with sculptures at

Image: Small building and flowers

In Santa Fe along Gallery Row

At a cool shop
Image: Comfortable seats and stuff in Santa Fe New Mexico

Image: Cool store in Santa Fe: Santa Kilim

At the restaurant El Farol. We had a yummy meal there.
Image: Restaurant in Santa Fe

An interesting building
Image: Stone building in Santa Fe

Pretty red flowers
Image: Red flowers in Santa Fe

A Santa Fe Street
Image: Street in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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