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My Photo Albums - 2015 Part 3 - Clouds, mountains, flowers, my daughter in Egypt and more!

UNM Taos Campus

July 17 - Bat at work near front door of the library.
Image: Little bat on the cieling

Image: Little bat

In and Near Taos

July 28 - Interesting clouds over the mountains near Taos earlier this evening.
Image: Cool clouds in a spiral

Image: Cool clouds in a spiral near taos

August 16 - Yesterday my friend Heather and I went to the Hanuman Temple here in Taos. And here's the statue of Hanuman.
Image: Statue of Hanuman in Taos, New Mexico

August 30 - Interesting vehicle and trailer parked at the parking lot, near the cattle guard just west-ish of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge on Highway 64.
Image: Interesting vehicle

July - Interesting bumper sticker. It says: Where are we Going? And why am I in this handbasket?
Image: Bumper sticker

September 5 - Beautiful sunset seen on the drive home.
Image: Pretty sunset

September 9 - Another beautiful sunset.
Image: Beautiful sunset

Sept. 9 - I love doing panoramas. These are up at UNM Taos campus.
Image: Panorama shot of mounmtains and sky

Image: Beautiful panorama shot of mountains and cllouds

Sept. 10 - Took this photo of this cool tree this morning. It looks MUCH better in person.
Image: Cool tree

September 11 - New haircut selfie. Got it just a bit ago.
Image: Woman with new haircut

September 24 - At the Coffee Spot. The corner wall.
Image: cool artwork

September 26 - We now have another car. A Subaru.
Image: A subaru vehicle

September 28 - Pretty flowers.
Image: Lovely white flowers

September 30 - Beautiful sunrise this morning.
Image: Beautiful sunset

October 19 - Pretty sunrise this morning. See the one below too!
Image: Lovely sunset

Image: Lovely sunrise

October 27 - Pretty trees at UNM Taos Klauer Campus. Basically around here they only turn yellow. Still pretty.
Image: Pretty tree

Image: Tree with yellow leaves

October 30 - Our new tea kettle. Isn't it cute!?
Image: Our tea kettle

October 30 - Sunset time, but facing the snowy mountains to the east.
Image: Scenery in northern New Mexico

Sunset facing west the same time as the one above for comparison.
Image: Our house and clouds

November 6 - New haircut, same old me in my grubbies
Image: Me

November 16 - Hail this morning.
Image: Stormy day

Image: Haiil and stormy day

Snow later in the morning. And there's Two Peaks.
Image: Snowy day

And there's our road.
Image: Snowy road

Snow in our yard.
Image: Snow

We couldn't even see the mountains. This is looking east.
Image: Snow on a wood pile

November 17 - Panorama of the snow here today in northern New Mexico. Starting from looking north, then east, then south.
Image: Panorama of blue sky, clouds and scenery in northern New Mexico

November 21 - In Taos. Looking up at the sign at a toy shop.
Image: Shop sign

November 23 - Sky to the west during our walk just a bit ago.
Image: Blue sky and clouds

December 3 - Panorama picture of UNM Taos Campus.
Image: Panorama picture of scenery

My new smartphone as a collage, using Instagram Layout.
Image: New smartphone with purple case

December 5 - Here are our Christmas / Holiday decorations. That's it. All done.
Image: Christmas and holiday decorations

December 16 - Sunrise on a snowy morning with a blue sky. This shows where the sun rises very near Winter Solstice from our house.
Image: Scenery in northern New Mexico

Dec. 17 - Lovely tree with snow. The snow was all melted off the tree shortly after I took this photo.
Image: Pretty tree with snow

December 17 - Sunset. This shows where the sun sets from our house during the Winter Solstice.
Image: Lovely sunset in New Mexico

Different interesting views of an artwork sculpture inside UNM Taos Klauer campus.

December 16 - Sunrise this morning at our place. This shows where the sun rises very near Winter Solstice from our house.
Image: Sunrise

December 16 - UNM Taos Campus in the snow. This is where I work in the library.
Image: College campus building

December 16 - And now it's sunny here.
Image: College campus on a snowy sunny day

Dec. 6 - Pretty tree with snow.
Image: Pine tree with snow

December 18 - Me at the Country Club at the college holiday dinner celebration.
Image: Woman with holiday clothes and earrings and stuff

December 19 - Stuff I won at the staff party last night.
Image: A pile of stuff including a mug and other gifts

December 25 - Merry Christmas All! From the Lange's. This is Pumpkin with some Christmas ornaments. Does he look happy? Ha ha ha. He's a cutie! He didn't mind too much!
Image: Orange cat with christmas ornaments

My Daughter Erica and her friend Abby in Egypt in 2014

I'm gonna break tradition here and post some pictures of my daughter and her friend Abby when they visited Egypt last year. I did not take these photos.
Image: my daughter in egypt

Erica standing on the stones of the pyramid in Egypt.
Image: young woman on the pyramid in egypt

Erica standing next to a statue in Egypt.
Image: Young woman standing next to a statue in Egypt

Abby and Erica in Egypt.
Image: Two young women in Egypt

Back to 2015

September 2015 - I'm at my friend Heather's yard sale. Here's a picture of some of the stuff she has for sale. [Note from me later: My dear friend Heather passed away in October of 2015. She had cancer. She was only 45. I miss her.]
Image: Yard sale items

September 4 - Pretty flowers at my friend Heather's homestead on the mesa.
Image: pretty yellow flowers

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