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My Photo Albums - 2015 Part 2 - Chicks, Ghost Tour, Bug Museum and more!

Where we live in northern New Mexico

May 3 - The Full Moon, the lights of Taos in the distance, and the reflection on our car.
Image Moon

May 9 - Panorama shot by me, just a bit ago. Started facing northeast ending facing west.
Image: Clouds, scenery in a panorama shot

May 17 - Me holding one of my friend Heather's new chicks.
Image: Woman holding a baby chick

May 31 - Snow on the mountains as seen from our yard.
Image: Mountains and clouds

June 5 - Chicken in a bucket. Bert and I helped our friend Heather move her little chicks from the greenhouse to the outdoors this morning. We used a bucket to move them. Here are some of them in the bucket.
Image: Young chickens about to be transported in a bucket to a more open area of yard

June 5 - Two of my friend Heather's indoor Siamese kitty cats.
Image: two cats on a bed

June 12 - Pretty rainbow in the evening. This is facing east and a bit north.
Image: Rainbow and scenery

June 14 - Double rainbow in northern New Mexico near our land at about 7400 feet elevation. Pretty!
Image: Full rainbow in the sky

June 14 - My friend Heather's chicks. They are getting bigger!
Image: Interesting chickens

June 16 - Where sun rises in relation to our place near the first day of summer. This shows where the sun rises very near Summer Solstice from our house.
Image: Sunrist

June 16 - Where the sun sets in relation to our place near the first day of summer. This shows where the sun sets very near Summer Solstice from our house.
Image: Pretty sunset

June 17 - Yet again where the sun rises from near our place near the first day of summer.
Image: The sun rising on summer day

At UNM Taos Campus

June 17 - I took this picture just a bit ago. This moth was sunning itself. Isn't it cool?
Image: Moth opening it's wings for the first time

On The Taos Plaza

June 17 - Saw this in a shop window on the plaza earlier this evening & thought it was interesting. You could own it for 16,500 dollars!
Image: Metal statue

Here's a close-up of the tin statue above. It's about 4 feet tall, I think.
Image: Metal statue

June 20 - Ghost Tour in Santa Fe

The oldest church in the USA located in Santa Fe. See the rest of the pictures of this trip in my 2015 June 20 Ghost Tour and Bug Museum in Santa Fe Photo album, here on my site.
Image: Church in Santa Fe

San Miguel church. The oldest church in the USA.
Image: Oldest church in the USA

We went to this church. Maybe a church shouldn't have been creepy, but it was. There has been a ghost in a cape and hood seen inside and outside of this church.
Image: San Miguel church in Santa Fe - the door

Image: Ghose tour - inside the old church

Christian Cross in the church.
Image: Christian cross on a wall in an old church.

On the ghost tour with some friends in Santa Fe, NM. Bert is to the left, the ghost tour guide is next to him.
Image: People watching while a man talks

The oldest House in the USA in Santa Fe. Circa 1646 A.D.
Image: The oldest house in the USA sign

The oldest house in the USA, near the oldest church in the USA. Both located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Image: Oldest house

Sign inside the oldest house. You should be able to read it if you are looking at this on a computer. Or you can right click or tap on it and open in a new tab and zoom in.
Image: Sign in the oldest house

Casket in the oldest house. Creepy!
Image: caslet in the oldest house

The side of the oldest church in the USA. San Miguel Chapel in Santa Fe.
Image: Side of the oldest church

The path we walked during the Ghost Tour in Santa Fe. Creepy!
Image: a pathway with plants and a wall

A stone wall along the path we walked during the Ghost Tour in Santa Fe
Image: A stone wall in Santa Fe with bushes

We never saw any ghosts. But the top of this wall was cool.
Image: The top of a stone wall

Us walking down the "Ghost Pathway" in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Image: People Walking down the ghost pathway

Ghost Tour. Door to nowhere. Creepy!
Image: Door to nowhere in a stone wall

Park in Santa Fe.
Image: park

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. Catholic Church in Santa Fe.
Image: Catholic Church sign

The church.
Image: The Saint Francis Church in Santa Fe

Christ on a cross near the church. At the bottom it says "In Honor of the Original Settlers of Santa Fe Buried Here".
Image: Christ on a cross

I think this place is supposed to be haunted.
Image: House in Santa Fe

Our tour guide, Allan Pacheco.
Image: Man talking in Santa Fe

Looking up some stairs in Santa Fe during our ghost tour.
Image: Stairs - looking up

Image: A porch in Santa Fe

This hotel used to be a hospital! It's haunted! Creepy!
Image: Haunted building

Image: Haunted building in Santa Fe

Heading toward the Plaza.
Image: Looking down the walkway to the plaza in Santa Fe

This sign on the side of a building says, "A building stood here before 1680. It was wrecked in the great Indian uprising. This house incorporates what remained."
Image: Sign on the side of a building

Us with friends at the end of our ghost tour. Pictures taken by our tour guide with our friend Heather's camera.
Image: People standing and smiling

Image: a group of smiling people

Our ghost tour guide's business card. Allan Pacheco.
Image: Business card

Click to see more of this tour.

June 20 - The Bug Museum

The Harrell House of Natural Oddities
Image: the Harrell House bug museum

Pretty butterfly display
Image: Butterfly display

A snake at the bug museum
Image: A snake

A lizard at the bug museum
Image: A lizard

Venus Fly Trap sign at the bug museum
Image: Venus Fly trap sign

Venus Fly Trap plant at the bug museum. I always thought these were cool. Don't want to own one though.
Image: Venus Fly Trap

My friend Heather being silly at the bug museum. It was fun! It had a lot more than bugs!
Image: My friend heather being silly

Me being silly at the bug museum.
Image: Woman being silly

Me again. Ha ha ha.
Image: Woman being silly

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