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My Photo Albums - 2015 Part 1 - Snow, Cats, Car, Sunsets, Rainbows, Food, More Snow, Birthday, Renaissance Fair

January 6, 2015 Sunset

2015 January 6 – Sunset over Taos Mountain from UNM-Taos Campus.
Image: Lovely mountains with colorful clouds at sunset

2015 January 8, Fog

Fog this morning. Can't even see the mountains, not even the one closest to us. Later it became sunny.
Image: scenery with fog, clouds and some snow on the ground

Image: scenery with fog, clouds and some snow on the ground

Image: scenery with fog, clouds and some snow on the ground

2015 January 8, and fog lifted

2015 January 8 - then the fog lifted where we live. This is at a road not too far from where we live looking east toward the Sangre de Christo mountains. When we got to Taos it was totally covered by fog. It did eventually lift even in Taos.
Image: scenery with blue sky, clouds and some snow on the ground

Image: scenery with blue sky, clouds and some snow on the ground

Image: scenery with blue sky, clouds and some snow on the ground

Image: scenery with blue sky, clouds and some snow on the ground

January 9, My boots

Who thinks I should NOT be wearing these boots from the 1980s? I LOVE these boots and I wear them quite often! Lots of room for my toes! I loved when they came out with these types of boots in the 1980s! Picture by me. Vanity oh vanity to always want the "latest" stuff!
Photo: Boots on a table with a TV and coffee mug

January 10, Cat on a roof

Picture I took of a kitty cat on a roof in Taos. Not my cat.
Image: orange kitty cat on a roof

January 12, snow at night

Snow coming down on a dark night drive home.
Image: blurry, snowy black image outdoors

2015 January 20, dragon drawing

We were here. Love the dragon drawing at this restaurant.
Image: chalk drawing on a blackboard

2015 Jan 30, snow with ruler

Almost 6 inches of snow.
Image: ruler sticking out of the snow and snowy sagebrush

2015 January 31, Ruler in snow

Ruler in snow. 7 to 8 inches of snow
Image: ruler sticking out of the snow with snowy background

2015 Feb. 22, Snow and Our Car

We had snow this morning when we awoke. About 1 to 2 inches.
Image: Snow covered car with scenery


2015 February 19 - there's a cool light reflection spectrum on either side of the sun. Just remembered these are called sun dogs.
Image: beautiful sunset with sun dogs.

Our Cat Pumpkin

2015 February 9 - We were talking to our darling daughter Erica. Here's our kitty cat Pumpkin looking like he wants to say something
Image: orange/ginger kitty cat


2015 February 4 - Beautiful Sunrise over the mountains in northern New Mexico in 2015, looking to the east.
Image: beautiful snset


2015 February 13 - Before my haircut
Image: two pictures, one of woman with messy hair and the other with a neat tidy hair cut
2015 February 14 - After my haircut. It's too short. Oh well.
Image: Me with my hair cut

Bit of snow on campus

2015 February 16 - It's snowing. Taken by me on UNM-Taos campus.
Image: Snow on the ground and a walkway with a railing

Bert's new laptop

2015 - Bert's new computer. Purchased some time the beginning of March. It has Windows 8.
Image: Dell laptop computer


The robot from last year, and next year, in pieces

2015 - Taken some time in March. The robot from last year's Art event in September. It's all in pieces. It was moved to Santa Fe and is now a permanent - I hope - art piece in the parking lot of Meow Wolf.
Image: Huge red robot on the ground all in pieces


January 31 - Foggy today near our place at 5:22 PM. Facing south.
Image: Car parked in the snow

January 31 - 8 inches of snow this morning. Only 7 inches on the truck. We live at 7400 feet altitude in northern New Mexico
Image: Ruler sitting in the snow


Feb. 21 - We ate at Michael's Kitchen with our friend Heather. Yumm....
Image: Food on a plate

Image: Sopapilla in a basket

More Snow

Feb. 28 - Bert shoveling this morning. I'm looking out through our double pane window. Looks to be about 12 inches, he says. I'm staying indoors.
Image: Man shoveling snow

A Restaurant

March 6 - We are eating at this restaurant in Espanola, New Mexico on the way to Santa Fe with our friend Heather.
Image: Sign in a restaurant

Our Place in New Mexico

March 12. Off the grid. Our outdoor freezer in it's own little house that my husband Bert built.
Image: Freezer in a box in front of a house.

March 12 - We had our street graveled Wednesday.
Image: Looking down a gravel street and sky

March 19. Strange cloud. It's raining here.
Image: Cool clouds and sagebrush

March 19. Clouds over Two Peaks the little extinct volcano. It's raining here.
Image: Little extinct volcano and sagebrush

March 20 - Snow on Sagebrush Plants. Someone said these are actually wormwood.
Image: Snow on plants

March 20. Snow, looking East toward the Sangre de Christo Mountains.
Image: Snow on plants, mountains and clouds

March 20 - Snow on the sagebrush plants and looking North toward Two Peaks.
Image: Snow and clouds

UNM Taos Campus

April 3 - I took a tour of he new addition on UNM-Klauer campus. Here's a panorama of the side that faces west.
Image: Building being built


April 15 - Snowing off and on today. Not sticking around. Kind of chilly also.
Image: Foggy day in northern New Mexico


April 20, Me being silly at work. The assistant librarian made this crown for one of our student work-study staff and I thought I'd try it on. I think it's awesome. I should have sucked in my stomach.
Image: Woman on her birthday with crown

Sunset and Snow

April 20 - Pretty sunset on the way home from work on Highway 64 heading toward the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.
Image: Cool Clouds

April 26 - It's snowing and blowing. Snow on my jacket.
Image: Snow on my jacket

Me again and mountains and clouds

April 21 - I wrote and sent this to my friend Heather: Me holding up your dress. It looks blue, but it's not, it's purple. It's all wrinkly. I'll hang it when I get home.
Image: White-haired woman holding up blue dress

April 27 - Mountains and clouds this morning.
Image: Beautiful clouds and scenenery in northern New Mexico

April 29 - Birthday party for me at work today. My birthday is Saturday.
Image: @oman in crown on her birthday

My birthday cake. It was yummy!
Image: Birthday cake that says Happy Birthday Linda

May 2 - At Renaissance Fair in Albuquerque

Me in a fake hot air balloon gondola with a dog. Yeah. The blue "sky" in the background should have been larger. Hee hee hee.
Image: Woman with dog

Me and my friend Heather. We had fun!
Image: Two women

Us again.
Image: Two woman

The balloon Museum in Albuquerque where the Renaissance Fair was held. Go to my YouTube account to see videos of this event.
Image: Building at the balloon museum

Cool horse and man at the Renaissance Faire in Albuquerque.
Image: Man on a horse

Woman on a horse at the Faire.
Image: Woman on a horse

More horses. They had a fake jousting event.
Image: Gathering of people at a recent jousting event

Image: People watching people riding on horses

And another man riding another horse.
Image: Man riding a horse

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