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My Photo Albums - 2010 - Trip through Carson Estates - Three Peaks (Tres Orejas) Community near an Extinct Volcano, northern New Mexico, USA

Carson Estates, Three Peaks, New Mexico, July 11, 2010.

This is the sign at the road entering the place.
Bert and I took a drive through this place on Sunday July 11, 2010. It's called Carson Estates / Three Peaks. It's pretty rough and funky. Mostly it's trailers, campers, buses and some strange looking homes. It was an interesting drive! It's not where we ended up moving, but it's not too far away and very similar to where we live at Two Peaks.
Image: Sign saying: Evolve. With flags, sagebrush and clouds

A cool house with solar panels.
Image: A house with sagebrush and clouds

An interesting looking house.
Image:  A house with sagebrush and clouds and another mountain

A funky looking house.
Image: A pieced together home

A really funky house with a van and an old car.
Image: A pieced-together house from a trailer

Interesting house.

Another cool little dwelling.
Image: A home with small trees and sagebrush

This one kind of looks like a hobbit house. :-)
Image: An adobe home among the sagebrush

More dwellings, check out the outhouse.
Image: a group of houses

Looking into the distance at a travel trailer and a school bus.
Image: Sagetrush on a hill with lovely clouds

This is the Extinct Volcano mountain called Three Peaks (Tres Orejas).
Image: A mountain and sagebrush

Somebody put up these things that look sort of like billboards - I guess they are to stop, or control, the wind.
Image: Boards along a road with clouds

The road - I think it's Flag Road.
Image: A road leading off into the distance with mountains

A cool back road leading over a hill.
Image: A pretty dirt road with rocks and small trees and the cloudy sky

A cool lion Egyptian-looking sculpture or statue.
Image: A blue lion with egyptian getup

An elephant statue - Ganesh?
Image: white elephant with a red hat

A human dwelling.
Image: A trailer home

A road leading up over a hill with cool clouds and a house.
Image: A dirt road leading to a house with a lot of sagebrush surrounding

Large truck, a school bus and a fence.
Image: An old yellow truck, a blue bus with clouds

A house.
Image: A house surrounded by sagebrush with a ridge in the backgrorund

An Interesting looking building
Image: A house with many arched windows and doorways

A spiritual retreat place.
Image: A buddhist temple - maybe

Another building.
Image: Bushes, trees and a house

Another road.
Image: Lovely dirt road leading to homes

A view of different homes and a look at the mountains off in the distance.
Image: Beautiful vista

A blue school bus, a truck and a latilla fence.
Image: looking at the mountains over the bus, truck and fence

This is by the entry to the Rim Road from Highway 64. This is where lots of people get their water. There is no running water at Three or Two Peaks.
Image: A water tank that says: West Rim M D W U A

There was a Video of Three Peaks here. It's gone now. I removed all my videos from YouTube.

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