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My Photo Albums - 2007 - Halloween, At work at the Library, Me graduating, Me with Mammoth Baby Donkey, John Dunn Bridge, In a Silver Mine, my daughter Erica

Happy Halloween! Heh, Heh, Heh

Me at Halloween - Dressed up as a witch with a crazy wig on. Photoshopped to have green eyes. My hat was around there somewhere.
Image: Woman with wild wig dressed up for halloween

Close up of my eyes. Me at Halloween - Photoshopped to have green eyes.
Image: Close up of green eyes

Me and workmates at Work on Halloween day.

I no longer work with these people as of Nov 1, 2007. I was going to college and I was a work-study student at the college library. It was great fun!

Image: Group of smiling people dressed for Halloween

Image: Group of people inside a library dressed for halloween

Rosa's Mammoth Donkey colt.

He is SO cute!

I HAD to put these pictures of me and Rosa's Mammoth Donkey colt. He is SO cute! He was born August 14, 2007 at Taos Art School - They have great art workshops in Taos, New Mexico - He has the same birthday as my daughter! Pretty cool.
Image: Woman with young donkey colt

Again, me and Rosa's Mammoth Donkey colt.
Image: Woman with donkey colt

And yet again. Me and Rosa's Mammoth Donkey colt. Rosa's nose is at the upper right corner.
Image: Woman hhugging baby adorable donkey

Me and Rosa's Donkey colt and Rosa his mother.
Image: woman with baby donkey and his mother donkey

Donkey colt just born on August 14, 2007; just a few hours old. Photo by me.
Image: Baby momoth donkey, the colt had been just born

Erica and her friend Cecelia.

Erica and her friend Cecelia July 21 or thereabouts probably at midnight. Buying Harry Potter's newest and final book.
Image: Two young women with ballons and in Harry potter outits also with Harry Potter #7 book

Us with Our friends Pat and Dennis

Linda and Dennis, and Pat's grandson Taylor, at the table at Pizza Outback restaurant in Taos. Pat is off somewhere; Bert took the picture. June, 2007.
Image: People outdoors at a restaurant

Our friends Pat and Dennis at the table at Pizza Outback restaurant in Taos. June, 2007.
Image: Woman and man at a restaurant in Northern New Mexico

More Pictures of my daughter Erica with friends in Fairfield, Iowa.

Carrie's sister Elizabeth, Abby, Carrie and Erica at Carrie's wedding. Picture by one of Erica's friends.
Image: Erica with her friends at a wedding

Erica and Abby ready for Carrie's wedding.
Image: Two young women driessed in their finest

Image: Group of smiling people dressed for Halloween

My daughter Erica with her friends in a cafe in Fairfield Iowa. Abby, Anya and Erica
 Image: Three young women in Fairfield, Iowa

Bert and Linda at Taos Pizza Outback June 2007. We love pizza!

Image: Husband and wife at a restaurant

We went with our friends Dennis, Pat and Pat's grandson Taylor.
Image: Husband and wife at pizza restaurant

Image: Sitting woman with husband behind her at restaurant in Northern New Mexico - Taos

At the John Dunn Bridge on the Rio Grande river.

Taylor, our friend Pat's grandson, in the Rio Grande water. He had a great time in the Rio Grande River in Northern New Mexico.
Image: Boy in water of river

Linda & Taylor in the water. Bert, Pat and our other friend Dennis didn't want to go into the water.
Image: Woman and boy in river water

Us and other people in the beach water at the river.
Image: People in river water in the Rio Grande river

People in the water looking toward the John Dunn Bridge in the Rio Grande River.
Image: People in the water of the Rio Grande in Northern New Mexico

My Daughter Erica's Birthday Wish to Me

Yep. My Daughter Erica's Birthday Wish to Me, 2007. Happy Birthday to me.
Image: Young smiling woman in birthday greeting she made for her mother

My Birthday at Work May 2, 2007

My Birthday at Work May 2, 2007. I worked at the UNM-Taos Library from Fall of 2004 until sometime during the spring of 2008. I also had lunch out with Bert in the morning - no pictures of that though.
Image: Smiling woman with world globe

Us with our friends

Us with our friends. Morgan, Bert, Me at top. Seated is Thebes, Twilight and Cat. We love visiting with our friends.
Image: Group of people smiling

My neice Jessica

My neice Jessica in June on her new patio furniture.
Image: Young woman lounging on an outdoor sofa

More photos of my daughter, Erica

Photo of my daughter, Erica at her place.
Image: Young woman in her home with her computer equipment

Photo of my beautiful daughter, Erica at her place in L.A.
Image: Lovely young woman smiling with black outfit on

My lovely daughter Erica in California with her Johnny the Homicidal Maniac T-shirt on.
Image: Pretty young woman in black T-shirt

May 16, 2007

Me and my friends at My Graduation from UNM-Taos (University of New Mexico-Taos)

The Cake; My friends attended My Graduation.
Image:UNM-Taos Graduation cake - conratulations to the graduates! with little graduation cap and diploma

Morgan, Me and my friend Cat.
Image: College graduate with 2 friends

Image: College graduate with 2 friends

Bert, Me, Rob and Ursula.
Image: college graduate with friends and husband

Me at My Graduation.
Image: Close-up of college graduate and others in the background

Me and my friends and Bert.
Image: graduate and riends and hustand

Me and my friends and fellow graduates.
Image: Graduates sitting listening to people speaking at commencement ceremony

Image: College graduate smiling

Me with my Honor Society Get-Up and All-New Mexico Medal. (Gold cord, serape and medal). I was a member of the honor society and got straight As! I started attending college for the first time at the age of 51 or 52 and did great and loved it!
Image: Closeup of woman with red graduation cap and blond hair

Bert and I at a local mine that is well hidden.

Me at the mine in my "Hawt" shirt. Near Valdez, NM.

Bert with Valdez, NM behind him.
Image: Man standing with beautiful Northern New Mexico scenery behind him

Bert and I at a local mine that is well hidden. Bert smiling. We walked inside and it was kind of freaky. Near Valdez, NM.
Image: Man smiling in an old silver mine in Northern New Mexico

Image: Man acting funny in an old silver mine in Northern New Mexico

Me at the mine looking down into the trees in my "Hawt" shirt. Near Valdez, NM.
Image: Woman standing with trees behind

Me again.
Image: Woman standing inside a silver mine with the opening in the background

Image: Woman inside cave

2007 Videos - No longer here.

I've removed all my videos from YouTube. But here's my YouTube Link anyway: My YouTube Account.. You can see the stuff I like, I think.

Below: Was a video of Pictures that we took near the town of Valdez, New Mexico during a drive through and north of Valdez. Also other pictures standing on the ridge above Valdez looking down. I removed the video

Below was a slide show, including some video, of a drive Bert and I took on Friday March 2, 2007. I removed the video. If you want to see it, come visit us. I've removed all my videos from YouTube, which means all the videos on my website are gone too. I wanted to see the echo amphitheater on Highway 84; plus I felt like taking a drive. So we drove to Tres Piedras and past on highway 64 to Tierra Amarilla and then turned left on 84. The amphitheater was closed and we didn't want to go in and risk incurring a fine, so I took pictures from outside of the gate and pictures of some other very cool large Sandstone formations between the amphitheater and Abiquiu, NM. Then I made a video! All images in the video are by me; please do not steal them and call them your own.

This was a video of Me winning the All-New Mexico Academic Team award and Scholarship.
Pictures of the medal and awards included. I've never won an award before in my life!!

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