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My Photo Albums - 2004 Including My Birthday, Taos Pueblo PowWow, Trip to Massachusetts, Chicago Airport, Halloween, etc.

At My friend Jennifer's Birthday January 2004

Me at Jennifer's Birthday January 2004; I captured all of the below pictures from a VHS video.
Image: Blond woman with glasses on

Me again at Jennifer's Birthday January 2004
Image: laughing blond woman with glasses on

Me again at Jennifer's Birthday January
Image: Smiling woman with glasses

And, yeah, me again.
Image: smiling blond woman with decorations in her hair

Me and Jennifer
Image: Blond woman and brown-haired woman laughing

Me and Jennifer
Image: Two women laughing

Image: head of laughing woman with glasses on

And... me again... showing the silly decoration in my hair.
Image: profie of smiling woman with adorable t-shirt

My Birthday in May 2004.

Again, all captured from a VHS video.

My Cake
Image: Chocolate birthday cake says, Happy Birthday Linda

Me in front with Nancy Red Star
Image: Two women with birthday cake

Image: smiling woman holding gift wrapping

Me holding one of my gifts
Image: woman holding gift

Smiling me
Image: Smiling woman in profile on her birthday

Me being silly
Image: Smiling woman playing around with birthday wrapping paper

Image: Woman

Our Rose - Beautiful!

This is when I was sharing a house with a friend on Kit Carson Road in Taos.

Image: Beautiful pink rose

Messed with in Photoshop
Image: Beautiful red rose

Image: Beautiful pink rose

July 2004 Visit to the Taos Pueblo Pow Wow

Image: Red-haired woman with reflective sunglasses and necklaces standing outdoors

Awesome Dancer
Image: Native American man in feathers at powwow in Northern New Mexico

Beautiful dancer
Image: Native American woman dancer at powwow in New Mexico

Fancy feathers
Image: Native Americans, indians dressed in feathers

Image: beautiful colors and feathers at a powwow

More Colors
Image: Native americans, indians dressed in feathered outfits

August 2004 - Me

Linda August 8, 2004 at a cool stream up in the mountains in Northern New Mexico
Image: Brown haired woman with glasses taken outdoors with trees

Me August 14, 2004 - Making a funny face
Image: red haired woman sitting

My Trip to Massachusetts / New Hampshire for my Dad's funeral.

See my memorial site for my parents at

My sister Jacqueline
Image: smiling woman sitting

My Dad and some of his brothers and sisters - a Picture of a picture
Some of My Dad's brothers and sisters. Uncle Donald, Aunt Juliet, Aunt Beatrice, Uncle Bill, Aunt Mabel, Uncle Raymond and my Dad. Missing: my Aunt Blanche and Uncle Herbie.
Image: picture of old people

My niece Colleen
Image: young woman with long brown hair

Some of My Dad's Funeral/Wake Flowers

Image: yellow and red flower arrangements

Image: Flower and plant arrangement

Image: Red Flowers with "Dad" among them

In Massachusetts & New Hampshire

House built by my Dad
Image: New England style house

The ocean at Salisbury Beach
Image: ocean waves at the beach

Jacqui's dogs, Pearl and Wyatt
Image: black and white shitzu dogs

Linda at the Manchester, NH airport
Image: Smiling woman at the Chicago airport

At the Chicago O'Hare Airport

At the Chicago O'Hare Airport - I LOVE this part of the airport. I go there every time even if I don't need to use the tunnel.
Image: Colorful lights inside tunnel at the chicago airport

Image: lighted tunnel in the chicago airport

Image: colorful lights in the chicago airport

My Daughter Erica

My Daughter Erica with her large painting which was a display for the movie Ghost in the Shell used at the theater where she works. Her website:
Image: Young woman with painting

Image: Young woman with large painting

Halloween 2004 with my friend Rob

Halloween 2004 - with Rob at the Alley Cantina in Taos, New Mexico.
Image: Woman and man dressed for halloween

Halloween - With people with whom I worked

Halloween - All Hallow's Eve at the UNM-Taos Library - 2004 - with Francina, Sarah and Francina's daughter
Image: Friends in a library at Halloween

Image: Friends in Halloween costumes in a library

Christmas 2004

Image: close up of smiling woman

Rob MacGregor, my friend, at Christmas 2004. We shared a house from about May 2004 'til Oct. 2005.
Image: long haired man dressed for Christmas holding gifts

Andy the sweetest dog in the world
Image: Nice dog with christmas stocking

Shakti - who I called Alcyone for a while, but now she's back to Shakti, her original name.
Image: gray and white tabby cat with christmas gifts

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