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My Photo Albums - 1997-1998, Sedona Arizona, New Mexico, My Daughter Erica, Me, Bert (her dad), My Parents, Friends and others

In Fairfield 1997

A school picture of my Daughter Erica.
Image: Graduation picture
I can't find the original of this photo. I wish I could. But Oh, well.

Erica in Taos 1997

Image captured from a VHS video.
Image: Smiling teenage girl
This was taken in Taos in Northern New Mexico near where we lived at the time.

Image captured from a VHS video.
Image: smiling teenage girl with glasses
This was taken in Taos in northern New Mexico, USA.


On Capulin Volcano in New Mexico in 1998

Image: teenage girl with glasses with leafy background
Erica on the volcano mentioned below. I like this picture of my daughter Erica lots!

Erica and her friend Carrie at Capulin Volcano National Monument.
Image: Teenage girls inside extinct volcano in New Mexico
Erica made the design on the shirt she is wearing in this picture. Her Taos High School sophomore class was doing a silk screen unit, and she decided to copy the artwork that was on another shirt she got in Iowa. That was from a choral reading class called, "Vampires" for her freshman year in Fairfield High School. This is quite different from the other one. You can see the other one on another photo album page on my website. Photograph by me.

Erica, and me on Capulin Volcano.
Image: Woman with daughter
This is just Linda and Erica cropped from the photo below. We enjoyed walking down into the bowl of this extinct volcano.

Linda, Erica & Bert inside Capulin Volcano, a dormant volcano.
Image: Mother, Father and daughter inside an extinct volcano
Photograph by Erica's friend Carrie with my camera.
We drove beyond Raton, New Mexico to that dormant volcano and walked down inside the bowl of what's left of the volcano. It was cool and interesting. Lots of grass, small trees and bushes are now growing there.

Erica with her parents Linda & Bert with Taos Mountain in the Background in 1997.
Image: Woman with elderly parents in massachusetts
This was taken by a friend of ours at her house on Weimer Road in Taos, not too far from the Holy Cross Hospital.

Erica and her friend Abby in Taos up "the Canyon" in 1998

My daughter Erica's friend Abby acting silly in the snow on the side of one of the mountains near Taos New Mexico.
Image: Teenage girl being funny
We used to be able to go to this place to get water from a pipe running with spring water. It no longer exists. This is a drive partway up the canyon which leads to Angelfire Ski Resort. We also have walked up the many paths on the side of this mountain. This and the two photos below were captured from a VHS video.

My daughter Erica walking in the snow on the side of one of the mountains near Taos New Mexico.
Image: Teenage girl walking

My daughter Erica looking back at me, the camera woman, in the snow on the side of one of the mountains near Taos New Mexico.
Image: Teenage girl turning around

1998 more

Me with my parents when I visited Massachusetts in 1998, in front of the old homestead in Methuen, Massachusetts

My Mom, Me and My Dad in 1998.
Image: Woman with elderly parents in massachusetts
I miss my parents. They are both passed away, my mother died in 2003 and my father died in 2004. This photo was taken by my brother in front of my parent's home in Methuen, Massachusetts when I visited there in 1998. I had a fabulous time visiting with all my family members.
Check out my Memorial Site I made for my parents

1998 in Sedona, Arizona

Visit to Sedona Arizona in May of 1998. We drove there in our RV and stayed about a week. We had a great time! All pictures below taken by my daughter, Erica. She is at

Sedona, Arizona - Castle Rock,
Image: Castle rock Sedona with moon rise, moonrise
We drove there in our motor home and stayed there about a week. We saw many sights and drove around some. Mostly we parked at parking lots and a couple of times in a campground.

Castle Rock.
Image: Castle Rock with clouts

That's Bert in the lower right corner.
Image: Rock formations in Sedona Arizona

Natural Bridge in Sedona Arizona. I think it's called Devil's bridge.
Image: natural bridge with people crossing

Image: river, rocks grasses and trees

Bell Rock.
Image: Bell Rock with blue sky
My daughter Erica and my husband Bert climbed right to the top - I did not - I got to it's ankles. I am terribly afraid of heights.

Bell Rock.
Image: Bell rock in Sedona with blue sky

Beautiful scenery
Image: Beautiful vista at Sedona
Image: Beautiful vista at Sedona, Arizona

Us in 1998 again. Yeah, this is a repeat. I love this photo!

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