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My Photo Albums - 1980-1996 - My Husband, Me and Our Daughter Erica, and other family members

1980 or 1981

St. Pat's Seminary in Los Altos Hills, CA where we lived when Erica was born. This was taken in 1980 or 1981. We walked to the top of this tower once, which looked out over Silicon Valley.
Image: St. Pat's Seminary Los Altos, CA
My husband and I lived behind this compound, in a separate building, from some time in 1980 until fall or winter of 1981. While we were here part of this was called the Sidha Village and was rented by the Transcendental Meditation (TM) organization. We had a room and shared a bathroom with another couple. We ate in a community room. We meditated and did our TM program with a group. I remember we used to take walks in the state forest near here and I also remember a swimming pool here as well. Photo by me. Wish I had taken more pictures of this place and of when we lived there. This is the only one.

Me sitting by stream in California with Bert in the background in 1980 or 1981. I am pregnant with Erica.
Image: Pregnant woman and husband in  a stream in California
Bert's mother took this photo of us. It might be at the Russian River in California. Anyway it's some river or stream in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains of California.

Me on my 1981 birthday
Image: People at work during birthday party with birthday cake
The people standing around and beside me are the people I worked with at Answer-Page in Sunnyvale, California. I worked there for another couple of months and then quit about two weeks before I had baby Erica. I did typing of invoices and such. I liked it there. I think this was about the last "real job" I had for a long time afterward.

Me Summer of 1981 in northern California, in the mountains of the Sierras, very pregnant with Erica.
Image: Pregnant woman in front of travel van
This is the already converted van that Bert fixed up more, so that we could live in it. We went up there to see about perhaps birthing the baby in the hot springs. Didn't work out. Wasn't feasible. We were Maharishi trulies at this point - still involved with the Transcendental Meditation organization. We thought it felt strange and not conducive to our TM thinking up here in this place in the Sierras of California.

Me again in 1981.
Image: Pregnant woman in front of travel van
The van again.

My brand-new baby Erica just born on August 14, 1981. She was only minutes old here. She was looking at me.
Image: Brand new newly born baby
Baby Erica all bundled up looking at me. I am holding her only moments after she was born at The Birthing Center in Menlo Park, California. They had a meal for me after the birth but I wasn't hungry. I just wanted to hold my baby!

Bert holding our brand-new baby Erica on August 14, 1981 at the Birthing Center in Menlo Park, California. She was only minutes old. That place is no longer there.
Image: New Mommy with new baby
It took some time to birth her. It wasn't a totally difficult birth but I didn't have a clue as to how to give birth. I was supposed to attend about 4 weeks of birthing classes, but since the baby came early I was only able to attend one class. Her expected birth date was September 3; she was born August 14. I wanted to birth her in warm water, but that didn't work out. At least we didn't end up having to go to the Stanford Hospital.

This was taken inside our apartment in Palo Alto, California. Erica was still a tiny baby here. We lived in that apartment for a few months before we moved to Fairfield, Iowa.
Image: New Mommy with new baby

Bert is holding our baby Erica in 1981 at Santa Cruz Beach in California, shortly after she was born also in California.
Image: Daddy with baby at the beach
I love just about any beach. This is Santa Cruz, California. There's the famous arch in the background.

Bert and Linda with baby Erica and Bert's mother, Erica's paternal grandmother, on Christmas morning in 1981.
Image: Mommy, Daddy, Baby and paternal grandmother
She threatened to call Erica "Girlie" because she didn't like the name Erica. She never did call her that, thank goodness. This was taken around Christmas time in Bert's parent's home in Paradise, California.

Bert and Linda with baby Erica on Christmas morning in 1981.
Image: Mommy, Daddy with baby
This is us on Christmas day at Bert's parents home in Paradise, California. We visited them from time to time.

Baby Erica on Christmas morning in Paradise 1981.
Image: Smiling baby

Linda holding Baby Erica in 1981 in California.
Image: Smiling baby with her mommy
Here's my daughter Erica when she was only a few months old. This is at our apartment when we lived in Palo Alto, California. We didn't live there long; only a few months then we moved to Iowa. This is taken outside our apartment in Palo Alto, California when Erica was a baby. I guess it's November or December. I think. We moved from there to Iowa in February or March of 1982.

Bert and Linda in 1981 with our new baby, Erica. Picture taken at a wedding of some friends of ours in the San Francisco Bay area in California.
Image: Mother and father with baby daughter
We were invited to this wedding in 1981. I think we showed up late. This picture was taken by one of our friends. Everybody was looking at the new baby. I think she was only a couple of weeks old here. One happy family!

Then we moved to Iowa in 1982

My baby daughter Erica with her grandparents in Fairfield, Iowa in 1982
Image: girl in school photo
My parents drove from Massachusetts to Iowa to visit us several times. This was one of those times. Sometimes my mother would help me cook or clean the house. I'm not the greatest cook or house cleaner. One time we drove to one of the lakes nearby. :-)

My baby daughter Erica with her grandfather in Fairfield, Iowa in 1982
Image: baby with grandparents

My daughter Erica Talking to her grandmother on the phone 1982
Image: Little girl talking on the telephone
This is in the little yellow house we rented before we bought the house on West Jackson Avenue. Erica is talking to my mother on the phone. This is, of course, in Fairfield Iowa. Under the house was an old brick well and at one point the well fell into our basement. What a lot of noise! There were bricks all over that side of the basement. The owners had to fix it. They had to remove all the bricks and fill in what was left of the well.

Picture in the Fairfield, Iowa Ledger in 1983. Little Erica is looking out from under the curtain while Bert and Linda, her parents, vote. This was on the front page of the Fairfield Ledger, Tuesday November 8, 1983. Note to self: Yes, this was 1983. I have a copy of the front page of the Fairfield Ledger with this picture that proves the date.
Image: People voting with small child looking out from under the curtain - in a newspaper
What it says at the bottom: MOM AND DAD ARE VOTING and two-year-old Erica Lange is just the right size to peek under the voting curtain. Erica's parents, Albert and Linda Lange, were two of 55 voters who marked their ballots by 9:45 a.m. in today's municipal election. Polls will remain open until 8:00 p.m. tonight. -- LEDGER PHOTO by Kathy Martin.

June 29, 1985 - At my Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Party in Massachusetts

My Parents with all their kids and a daughter-in-law
Image: Smiling elderly couple
This picture is great. I love it! Top: Irene, Linda, Richard's wife Pam, Richard, Jacqui. Bottom: My mother, Arline, and my father.

Linda, that's me, has on her mother's wedding dress which had been cut short.
Image: Smiling family
You can see my mother in this dress in 1935 before it got cut short in my Parents Memorial Section of my site. You can't tell it's the same dress. She had lots of lace and stuff on when she wore it when my parents first got married.
If you wish, see my Parent's Memorial Site that I built:

My Parents
Image: Smiling elderly couple
I know, these three pictures aren't that great. I'm hoping to get better versions of the picture above and the two below. I can hope. At least I have the two above. Another family member has the original photographs.

My Parents and kids.
Image: Smiling family
Me and my brother and sisters and sister-in-law. Top: Irene, Linda, Richard's wife Pam, Richard, Jacqui. Bottom: My mother, Arline, and my father.

My daughter Erica during this time.
Image: Little smiling girl sitting on the floor
The neighbor across the street from my parents babysat Erica during the anniversary party.

Other Pictures of Erica and Stuff

My daughter Erica Age 3
Image: little girl in pretty dress
I made this dress. Isn't she cute? This is, of course, taken in our home in Fairfield Iowa. This is before we tore out all the dark paneling and put in lighter walls.

My daughter Erica First Grade Picture
Image: Little smiling girl in school uniform
She attended the Maharishi School of the age of Enlightenment, a private school, until they kicked her out in 4th grade. She has dyslexia and she didn't cut the grade according to them. So don't believe them when they say they have 98 percentile students; they just have that because they kick out the students who don't score high. See more about my experiences with Transcendental Meditation, check it out on my Metaphysical pages. Or Click this Link: (Click or Tap to Read About my Experiences with TM.)

Me, Erica and Bert. About 1985 in front of our house that we once owned in Fairfield, Iowa.
Image: Little girl with her parents
Aren't we a cool family? We were so young here. We bought this house in 1982 and sold it in 1997 or 1998. Something like that.

Erica age 3 with Santa.
Image: Little girl with Santa
She was so scared to sit on this man's lap. But she did it and I got the picture. I'm not sure how much of the idea of Santa she understood at this time. When she was about 5 she asked if Santa was real and I told her the truth.

Erica in a professional photograph when she was about 5 years old.
Image: Professional picture of little girl
This was taken in Fairfield, Iowa at a professional photographer's studio. We're so happy to have this picture.

Erica with her parents Linda and Bert in a professional photograph when Erica was about 5 years old.
Image: Professional picture of little girl with her parents.
This is the only professional photo we have of the three of us together. Plenty of other pictures though. We had this done, of course, in Fairfield, Iowa.

My parents in June of 1986

They were at Brown's Hotel in New York State. They were celebrating their anniversary. Aren't they just adorable? They got married June 29, 1935.
Image: smiling Elderly man and woman at a dining table in a hotel

The viewer which contains the picture of my parents.
Image: Little green viewer

The Postcard from my parents during their visit in 1986.
Image: Little green viewer
My mother wrote about the hotel on the back, "As you can see we are staying at a really nice hotel. Food is good and plenty." As of this writing in 2020, when I am adding this photo, The Brown's Hotel is in ruin. Go to YouTube and do a search for They Lost Everything, Abandoned Browns Hotel, to see a video of this place as it is now.

More Erica

My daughter Erica with snake during a visit to the Jefferson County Park with her preschool class.
Image: Little girl preschool picture holding snake
She has a snake in her hand. She liked snakes and it was harmless. This picture was in the Fairfield, Iowa Newspaper .

Me and Erica.
Image: Little girl preschool picture holding snake
Above and below are pictures of pictures of me and Erica in matching outfits that I sewed.
Above I am in a skirt and she is in a dress. Below I am in the dress and she is in the matching skirt.

Image: Little girl preschool picture holding snake

Erica and I Visited Massachusetts Again

Erica with a seagull eating out of her hand at Old Orchard Beach in Maine about 1991.
Image: Girl with seagull in Maine
I love this picture! I took this one and just happened to get this cool shot with the seagull with it's wings spread out wide and the ocean waves in the background. We drove to this place with my sister Jacqui.

More of Erica and Us in Fairfield

Erica and me (her mother) 1986
Image: Mother and daughter sitting on a tricycle in Fairfield, Iowa behind their house
I love this picture of me and my adorable daughter Erica. This is behind our house on Jackson Avenue in Fairfield, Iowa. We owned this house from 1982 until about 1997.

Erica's father Bert and Erica 1994 or thereabouts in Fairfield, Iowa.
Image: Man with his young daughter
Here's my husband and Erica's father with our daughter Erica in our home on Jackson Avenue in Fairfield, Iowa. I love this picture of them!

My daughter Erica - 1994 or 1995 - Anyway, it's 8th grade
Image: girl in school photo
Wish I had copies of all of her school pictures.

We Visited Bert's Dad and his sister Diana in Nevada and California in May of 1986

Bert's sister Diana, Bert's Dad, Linda and Erica end of May 1986 in Nevada or California.
Image: People standing in park with trees
We flew into the Reno airport and Diana picked us up. Bert's mom had already passed away in March of 1983.

Bert and Erica in the Snow in the Sierra Mountains end of May 1986 in California.
Image: Father and daughter in snow in California
This is along some highway near Lake Tahoe, if my memory serves me. I had them get out of the car, or whatever vehicle we were in, and I took the picture.

Bert and Erica on a fancy swing in Bert's Dad's backyard end of May 1986 in Paradise, California.
Image: Father and daughter relaxing

Erica with her cousins Carissa and Stephen 1987 & 1990 in Massachusetts

Carissa and Erica on a hammock in my brother Richard's backyard in 1987. Carissa is Richard's daughter and Erica's cousin
Image: Two girls on a hammock

Carissa and Erica on a chair in my brother Richard's house in 1990.
Image: Two girls on a living room chair
We visited the Massachusetts / New Hampshire several times when Erica was a youngster. This is one of those times. We visited my brother, his wife and his family. The dog to the left was their dog, Chelsea.

Steve and Erica sitting on the floor in my brother Richard's house in 1990. Stephen is Richard's son and Erica's cousin.
Image: boy and girl sitting
This was one of our trips out to visit my family in Massachusetts. We did that several times so that Erica could meet her extended family in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire area.


Erica and Linda Visited Massachusetts in 1995 for Linda's Parents 60th Wedding Anniversary.

My Parents with all their children at their 60th Wedding Anniversary. Linda, Irene, Jacqueline, Dad, Ma, Arline, Richard
Image: Family members at a party

And just my parents
Image: Family members at a party
It was great. We had a great time. More pictures on my Parents Memorial Section of my site.

These are some pictures captured from a video at the Anniversary Party and at the Beach in Massachusetts - all of my daughter Erica. These, below, were captured from a VHS video.

Erica eating at the party.
Image: girl at a party and eating with a fork
Lots of family members attended this party. My daughter, Erica and I flew out there from Iowa. Again, she is enjoying the meal that was served at the party.

Erica at the party making a face.
Image: Girl making a face at a party in Massachusetts
Erica, my daughter, making a funny face for the cam-corder at the party mentioned above. I think at this point one of her cousins had the camera.

This is my daughter Erica sitting at one of the tables enjoying the meal. Isn't she adorable?
Image: girl eating at a party with a fork

My daughter Erica again making a funny face at the camera which was being held by one of her cousins. We had a great time at this party.
Image: girl making face

This is my daughter Erica sitting at one of the tables enjoying the wonderful meal that was served.
Image: girl eating with fork

And here she is again in my parent's home in Methuen, Massachusetts. Can't tell what room this is. It may be upstairs. Unfortunately this house is no longer owned by any family members. It was sold in 2001.
Image: the smiling face of a girl

At Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts during our visit in 1995.

This is Erica running from the waves at Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts. It's one of my favorite places and a place my family visited quite often.
Image: Young girl running at the beach

And here's Erica smiling prettily.
Image: girl at the beach in swimsuit

Here's my daughter Erica after coming out from the ocean waves of the Atlantic ocean at Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts. We both love the ocean and of course the beach and playing and swimming in the ocean waves!
Image: My daughter at the beach with the ocean waves in the background

Here's my daughter Erica in the ocean waves again.
Image: girl in the waves at the beach in massachusetts

My daughter Erica, My mother, My sister Jacqueline, My niece Carolyn.
Image: Family members at the beach

My mother, My sister Jacqueline, Me, My daughter Erica
Image: Family members at the beach

Erica at the Chicago airport on the way back to Iowa in 1995

My daughter Erica at the airport on the way back to Iowa captured from a 1995 VHS video.
Image: face of girl
This, and the pictures below, are at the Chicago airport in the tunnel that led between the different parts of the airport. We like this tunnel. It's colorful with lots of lights going on and off and a recording at the ends of the walkways saying, "The moving walkway is now ending, please look down." I've got it memorized. Every time I go to this airport I find the tunnel even if I don't actually have to walk through it.

Erica, again, at the Chicago airport.
Image: girl at airport on conveyor belt

And again
Image: girl in glasses waving

Erica in Newspaper with friends 1995

Monday December 11, 1995 Erica, her friend Carrie and Carrie's sister Liz were on the front page of the Fairfield Ledger newspaper in Iowa.
Image: Three smiling young friends having fun on a sled on a snowy day in Iowa, USA
What it says at the bottom: Mush! Instead of spending Friday afternoon in school, area students received a reprieve by a winter storm that prompted school officials to cancel classes early. Here Elizabeth Kohl (back) gives big sister Carrie (middle) and friend Erica Lange a shove down a snow- and ice-packed Harrison Avenue.
Note from me: Elizabeth (Liz) is actually the older sister.

Bert & Linda | Linda in 1996

Bert and Linda in Iowa in 1996
Image: smiling teenage girl
Aren't we a cute couple? This was, I guess, after my birthday party this year. Or maybe after Erica's birthday party. I forget.

Linda in 1996
Image: black and white picture of a smiling woman from the 1980s
I played a lot with this picture. I can't find the original to replace this one. Oh well.

Erica in 1996

In Fairfield, Iowa looking at a painting that bj King had sent to her - See the painting

My Daughter Erica in Iowa in 1996 looking at a painting she had just received through the mail. Image captured from a VHS video.
Image: teenage girl smiling, excited
She got a "soul" painting from bj King in the mail on this day. We didn't even pay for the painting. bj decided to send one for Erica. This is her with her dark to light changing glasses looking at the painting. You can see our 3 soul paintings by bj King here. Added in 2020: Erica still has her painting. We don't have ours, other than the pictures on the website. Ours got left behind somewhere.

Her, again, in Iowa in 1996 looking at a painting she had just received through the mail.
Image: teenage girl with sunglasses inside house in Iowa

And again, My Daughter Erica in Iowa in 1996
Image: smiling teenage girl

Erica in 1995.
Image: Teenage girl

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