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My Photo Albums - 1950s - 1960s Me When I Was Little, Dressed in Costume for Halloween

Okay, some of these costumes were made by my mother; some were acquired by us from various cousins or sisters. Maybe. I don't exactly remember. All photos by my mother or some other family member.

Image: Girl and mother holding doll in front of house in Massachusetts
Me and my mother in 1957.

Image: Teenage girl with cat, young girl with dodll in front of a house
My sister Irene and me - I'm all ready for Halloween in 1957. Irene is holding one of our cats. It says 1957 on the picture. See below too.

Image: Girl dressed in nurse outfit for halloween
Me by myself in front of the house where I grew up, ready for Halloween, in a nurse costume made my my mother.

Three pictures below also have 1957 on them
Image: Girl dressed as a pirate with a pirate mask
Me behind our car. It says 1957 on the license plate.

Image: Image: Girl dressed as a pirate with a pirate mask and a teenager looking scared
Me and my sister Irene.

Image: Image: Girl dressed as a pirate with her sister
Me and my sister Irene. If it's really 1957, then I'm 6 years old.

Image: Back of a young girl dressed in a halloween costume
This is probably 1958. Or it could be 1956. I look pretty small. I know. I'm an Indian (Native American) with a papoose on my back. That was okay those days. It wouldn't be politically correct these days in 2019. I just think it is okay to put this picture here. My mother didn't get my front apparently. Or I just don't have that photo.

Image: Girl dressed as a pioneer
Me in my Halloween costume 1960.

Image: Girl in a Halloween costume as a pioneer with a mask
Also 1960.

Image: Girl in a halloween costume with a wand
Me in my Halloween costume in 1961. I'm standing in front of the steps leading to our side porch. My mother would often take some time before developing the film on her camera. It was expensive taking photos and developing them back then, so she would take some time to use up a role of film with her camera.

Image: Girl in a halloween costume with a wand
Me again in 1961. I always loved and still love dressing up for Halloween even now in 2019.

I remember one year my mother made a Halloween costume of crepe paper for me. I was dressed as the teenager Judy from the TV cartoon show "The Jetsons." I wish I had a picture of that one. I guess my mother didn't take a photo every year. I would also love to see any pictures of costumes from my siblings. Who knows where they are.

If you wish, see my Parent's Memorial Site that I built:

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