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Our pet, Linda, has agreed to make this web site for all her kitties she's ever had
to let us tell our stories, and so people can view our pictures and videos.
Shakti passed away on June 14, 2016. Here's her obituary.

Image: Our Cat Sparky
Hello, I'm Sparky!
June 2016: Shakti seems to have disappeared. I don't know where she is. I keep looking around. I can't find her. I even looked around outside. My pet says to click above to read her obituary, whatever that is.
    I sleep a lot. Life is good.

March 2016: I'm a pretty large cat. The last time my pet weighed me I weighed like 18 pounds. Yes, I'm a big cat. I will be 10 this year; mostly I hang out on my pet Bert's bed. Sometimes I even sleep on my pet Linda's bed.
   They had a stranger in here the other day. I made myself scarce. I don't like strangers. He was a friend of my pets, but not a friend of mine. One of my favorite things is eating the grass that my pets grow for us cats. Well, another favorite thing lately is eating Shakti's canned cat food when she doesn't eat it all. Sometimes I still play with Pumpkin.
    I'm still afraid of plastic bags. I run for it when I see one or hear one crackling.
    I very, very seldom go outside. I don't really like it out there. Sometimes I'll sneak out in the back enclosed area when my pets clean our kitty litter. I like it out there, but I still don't stay out there long. I can open the back door by myself, so I come in again when I'm ready. It's mainly a good life.
September 2014: Did I ever mention I'm afraid of the noise of plastic bags being shaken? Well I am. Just freaks me out. My male pet shook a plastic bag just yesterday and I ran out of the room! What's up with that?

January 2013: I've got a new friend to terrorize. The kitten to the right. It's fun! I chase him around some but mostly right now I avoid him. He's taken up some of my places. Hope we start to get along soon!
September 2012: There are still the four of us in our little home in among the sagebrush, including the humans. We are all healthy and I still like to run around a lot. Our pets grow wheat grass for us to eat but I still like to sneak out sometimes to eat the grass outside. There's not much but there's enough for me!
May 19, 2012: All is still well at our home. We briefly had another cat here but she has gone back to her original home again. We like it better without her. There are some videos of her on YouTube.
October 2010: We moved into a new place out by the extinct volcano "Two Peaks" last month. We're living in a travel trailer and hope the little house will be built soon so we can run around more.
September 2008: Things are quite good here. I get good dry food which I am used to and lots of water and toys to play with. Also, Shakti and I are getting along better and I don't jump on her much any more.
May 2007: I'm enjoying my new home more and more and me and Shakti get along just fine. Sometimes I get this urge to jump on her, she doesn't like it much, but it's an urge I can't resist. Maybe I'll stop one day.
March 2007: I just arrived in this household and so far everything is just fine. My new pets adopted me from an animal shelter here in Taos. It's lots of fun being out of a cage! My new pet, Linda, loved me right away when she first saw me! My other pet, Bert, loves me too! My first day in my new home I ran back and forth many times. I loved running around and around my new house. What fun! Shakti and I are getting along better and better every day.


Image: Pumpkin the Kitten
Hello, I'm Pumpkin!
June 2016: There was this other cat here since I got here, Shakti, who just disappeared. Don't know where she went. My pet told me to tell you to click on the link above to see where she went.
March 2016: I will be 4 years old in July of this year. I keep trim and fit by running around. My pets have been letting me outdoors lately during the day. I like going outdoors. I like chasing bunny rabbits. I don't stay out long. I climb up the wood holding up one of the solar panels and peak in the living room window when I want to come back in. One of my pets usually sees me and then they let me in.
    Yes, like Sparky said, a stranger came in here to visit the other day. It was the guy down the hill. He's still a stranger to me. I also made myself scarce. I came back out of hiding when he left.

    I also occasionally go out in the back enclosed area. My pets put a cat door in the back door last year, which we used to come and go as we pleased. They closed it up for the winter. I hope they open it up again soon, so I can come and go again out there. I heard our pets say that we were pooping in one of the corners; it's a dirt "floor." Maybe they will put a kitty litter out there too! Mainly, it's a good life indeed.
September 2014: One of my favorite things still to do is to chase Shakti. My other favorite thing is looking out the window to see what's happening outdoors. Another thing is running around at night, especially around 3 or 4 AM! I go out into the back area which is an area surrounded by refrigerators. I like it there. I got left out there all night one night. That's okay with me. There was a hole where I could get all the way outdoors, but that's closed up now. Sparky and Shakti come out there with me sometimes. There's a new front porch now; I really want to go out there but it seems to be off limits to us cats. I wish I could be outside all the time but I know winter is coming, so I'm happy to be indoors.
May 2013: I'm all settled in now in my new home and am getting along with my new friend-cats. I like to run around and chase Sparky and he most-times chases me too. I also like to chase Shakti, she doesn't like it much, but I think she needs her exercise. :-)
January 2013: What's going on? I was neutered and shaved on January 3rd. I guess that's okay because I was full of mats! Plus I really don't want to make any more kittens around here. I've been informed that I will from now on be an indoor cat. That's fine with me. It's really cold out there! Especially at night. My new pets seem to love me and I get good food and plenty of water. Plus there are lots of cool things to play with around here. I'm happy! You can also see some videos of me here and on YouTube.
December 2012: Well, I was born this past summer and I've been living outdoors most of that time. My new pet, Linda, had been seeing me outside in front and in back of their house. I've been eating mostly rabbits with my siblings. Unfortunately, most of my siblings became coyote food. I survived with one other black sibling. I decided to meow at the people who are now my new pets and they took me into their hearts and their lives on Christmas Day 2012. So far I like being in out of the cold.

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