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About My Sister Jacqueline

My sister Jacqui, known as Jackie when she was younger, was 13 years older than me. She passed away at the age of 78 on February 18, 2016 in New Hampshire, USA.

She had six children. Two daughters out of "wedlock" and four other children when married. She married when I was 8 years old. She got divorced in the late 1960s, I think.
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Image: Last text with my sister February 2, 2016
My last Texting with my Sister Jacqueline on February 1 + 5, 2016

We were good friends. I remember her taking me to car races in New Hampshire when I was young. I always visited her house. When I was really young, I would go there to her house in New Hampshire with my parents, quite often, and play with her kids. When I was in my 20s I continued to visit her and her children at her home in New Hampshire also quite often.

As I got older I would go with her to night clubs. She liked most going to country western night clubs but at least once she went with me to a night club to hear Rock 'n Roll music. The band was Molly MacGregor. We thought the band was wild and crazy at the time.

Image: Jacqui and Linda at the lake
Me and her at a lake in NH back in the 1950s

She loved going to the beach, as did I. I often went to the beach when I was young with her family to the Salisbury State Park in Massachusetts where they camped out at the park. In 2009 I drove her, in her car, to the Salisbury "Center" and I put her automatic wheel chair together and we cruised around the center, bought some beach food and looked at the beach waves.

She always, it seems, had pets. She had parakeets, fish and cats and one dog at least, when I was young. She'd also have cats and dogs in later years. She had cats when I visited her in the 1990s. One was a fuzzy orange cat and three were siamese and she loved them. In 2009 when I visited she had Shih Tzu dogs. They were adorable.

She'd also like to grow things. When I was young and she was married she had a green house. She also always had a garden growing vegetables and flowers, as long as she could.

She came, with my mother, to visit me and my family in Fairfield, Iowa in the mid 1980s. We went to a lake in Iowa. We also went to a store and bought geodes. Those are cool rocks that when you broke them open there would be crystals inside. We did other things, which I honestly can't remember.

Image: Smiling woman sitting in a restaurant
Jacqui in 2003 when I went to visit

Whenever I would go "home" to Massachusetts and New Hampshire to visit I would at times stay at her house at least a couple of nights. She'd always want me to stay the entire time with her but I couldn't because there were other family members who wanted me to visit.

I have many postcards that she sent to me over the years. We both liked collecting postcards and used postage stamps. She gave me many postage stamps as well. We would often swap used postage stamps. I sent her a postcard once of Elvis Presley. She liked Elvis Presley. I wonder where that postcard is.

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