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The Physical Plane

This physical plane is an interesting place. Is this reality? Some people ask if the other planes of existence are real. The question might be, is this physical plane real?

We live here on this lovely green and blue planet for this short blink-of-an-eye period of time. We live on this tiny planet in a fairly sizable galaxy. But if we look at the entire universe we realize that even our galaxy is tiny. We also realize that this tiny planet is just an insignificant speck.

With this in mind, what is important? Is it important that we have that six+ room house with four bathrooms and a huge living room, dining room, sitting room and kitchen? Is it important that we have the latest SUV, laptop computer, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Phone and all those other "things"?

I just wonder how I will feel when I leave this plane of existence and look back on this blink-of-an-eye life. Will I look back and say, "What a ride!"? Is this life just like a roller coaster ride of existence? Are we here to learn something, or are we only here to own those above mentioned "things"?

Will I want to come back here and experience another lifetime? How many people out there believe in reincarnation? I know there are many religions out there that don't believe in reincarnation. Well, I do.

I don't have a religion. I don't need a religion. I've joined many groups and things and none of them worked out for me. See my other writings on here, particularly my writing about my experiences with Transcendental Meditation.

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