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Spiritual/Religious/Life Changing Things I Have Been a Member of or Have Done or Were / Am Interested in

Image: Catholic church in black and whiteThe Roman Catholic Church
I was brought up within the Roman Catholic religion. I loved it when I was young but quit when I was 16. Never went back, never will.

Image: Western AstrologyWestern Astrology
This is regular western astrology. I did this just about before I did anything else. An astrology Site: Astrology Just do a Google search for astrology and you'll find lots of stuff.

Image: Maharishi Mahesh Yogy founder of the Transcendental Meditation organizationTranscendental Meditation (TM)  My experiences with TM.
Learn the truth: TM Rabbit Hole | Behind the TM Facade | Truth about TM
There are other links in my Anthropology paper below. Papers about this Spiritual Practice, my experiences and it's organization by me:
My Experience with TM | Anthropology paper on TM | Religion Class paper on TM
We also saw Charlie Lutes speak in Boston in 1978. He was one of the original members of the TM Organization.

Image: Hindu Astrology, jyotish, indiaHindu Astrology
This is the type of astrology done in India. Also called Vedic Astrology and Jyotish. Some More links about Jyotish: At Wikipedia | Jyotish | Sanatan Society

Image: Pentagram with Spirit, Fire, Earth Air, watereWicca
I've done this some. It is connecting with the natural world. It is a neopagan nature religion. It is not of the Devil. 666 isn't evil either - it also means connecting with the natural world.
Some more links: Wiccan | What is Wicca? | The Number 666

Image: Aleister Crowley Aleister Crowley
I've read and own some of his books and own his tarot deck. I find him and his ideas intriguing. He said he was the anti-Christ and the Beast. I don't believe it. He was pretty strange though.
I also did a paper about him for one of my college classes.
More links: Biography | Controversial | Exposed (This is amusing and therefore probably not true.)

Image: Justin Sterling, Institute of Relationship founderSterling Women's Weekend and Men's Weekend, some writings by me
Justin Sterling and the Sterling Institute of Relationship. Here are some other sites to check out:
Sterling Weekends, on Wikipedia | Sterling Cult, on the Cult Education Institute Site | Their Site

Image: Rob RobbRob Robb
We have had many readings by this man. They were very informative, interesting and fun!

Image: bj King paintingbj King
We have had readings by her as well and receive her interesting newsletter. Scroll down On this Page Of My Artwork Section of my site to see paintings done by bj for us.

Image: Shamanism, celtic knotShamanism
I have practiced shamanism both in Iowa and in New Mexico. It includes Shamanic Pipe ceremonies, Shamanic drumming, Shamanic journeying.

Image: Angel with wingsSoul Clearings with S.T. (Name changed)
This is about the person whom I learned much of my soul clearing techniques, which I don't even really use any more.

Image: Robert MacGregor artwork, Celtic ShamanismRobert MacGregor
This man used to have his artwork available certain places in physical locations and on the Web. He also used to lead groups and taught classes in Celtic Shamanism. He's an awesome teacher in this area. Plus he has done Shamanic Drumming and can drum a huge drum in the Celtic style. He doesn't have anything on the internet any more.

Image: John KimmeyJohn Kimmey
I attended many of his classes in Taos, NM from about 2002 to 2004. He passed away on April 24, 2011.

Other things I have done and people from which I have had healings or such done.
In Fairfield, Iowa: Lily Botchis, Jon Estrin, Jack Caldwell, Rick Bell, psychic surgery. There may be more. I don't remember them all.

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