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My Spiritual Related Dreams / Visions / Experiences

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Wednesday August 21, 2019.... I had a really cool spiritual dream last night; or rather early this morning before waking. In the dream, I climbed on a really huge water fountain structure, made of different levels, and made of heavy-duty metal. Lots of people were climbing it and walking all over it. I had on a pretty blouse and a long skirt and some really nice jewelry. I wasn’t walking where the water was flowing but there were flat places for people to walk and places for people to climb. It was very peaceful and everyone was happy and peaceful. At the top I saw a couple of friends and gave one of them a hug. Then after I walked around for a while there was this one woman also walking around sprinkling everyone with holy water and blessing them. Not holy water from the Catholic or Christian tradition. More like from the Hindu or Wicca tradition. I also noticed at one point there was an elevator, so that shows how large the structure was. There might have been plants growing on the various levels as well. It would be cool if someone built something like this somewhere. It was fun! I woke up feeling peaceful and calm.

Image: Smiling womanMonday July 23, 2019... Last night; more like in the wee hours of the morning, I had a dream where my sister Jacqueline called me on my cell phone. She passed away in 2016. She was 13 years older than me. (That's a photo of her to the left.) Anyway, I was someplace with lots of people, like the beach. My daughter Erica was with me and she was a teenager in the dream. My cell phone rang and it was Jacqui. I couldn't believe it was her. I can't remember what she said except for the last bit. I kept saying, "Who is this?" The last thing she said was, "He sent me back." I can't remember anything else. I should have written it down when I first woke up. Like I said, in the dream I couldn't believe it was her.
I wonder if, "He sent me back," means she is being reincarnated. I hope she reincarnated in the family - maybe as one of her great-or so-grandchildren - and I hope she has a better life than her last one.
To Read More About Her Click Here.

May 12, 2012, early morning ...... My dream started out with me and my daughter outside the mobile home that we lived in, in the dream. My husband was inside the mobile home. My daughter was a teenager and I was younger as well. The sky was blue and the sun was larger than usual here currently. We could look at the sun with no discomfort and I suddenly noticed a white lighted thing going around and around the sun rather quickly. I called to my husband to come out and look at this strange occurrence. He said he needed to finish what he was doing. The thing then stopped going around the sun, this all took only a few minutes and he missed it. Then one spot on the sun got darker and turned black and other spots did the same until the sun was a black object hanging in the dark, star-filled sky. It started getting colder and I thought, “We are all going to freeze to death.”  It didn’t freeze right away because of our atmosphere. At least that was the case in my dream. Within 30 seconds things started warming up again and a yellow-orange glow appeared around the horizon.

     We started hearing beings in spaceships speaking to us from above.  They were around the earth and the moon and were saying that everything was alright. We would be fine. There was a discussion as to what temperature the planet should be kept at. They tried 90 degrees Fahrenheit and other temperatures down to 60 degrees. It was finally settled that 80 degrees would be a good temperature.
     We were told that the planet and our moon would be moved to another solar system in another galaxy across the universe and that would take several months travel time. We were told that money was no longer going to have any value. All weapons, from guns to nuclear weapons, were made useless. We didn’t need any of that any more. Everyone would be provided for from the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich. Everybody would be and feel equal. Mostly people felt calmer and fine. Some were a little anxious though. No one needed to work any more. I felt very calm and could telepathically see things happening around the planet. We all still had free will. People became enamored of the coins and other money they had and other things that came from the earth before the sun went dark and before we started being moved. After a while they decided to dig up their dead relatives in their graves and were taking off their jewelry, not for their value, just because they wanted them to remember and to treasure. Yeah, I know, this was a particularly weird part. They still needed something to do so that’s one of the things they did for the time being.
     The planet was going to be cleaned up and half of the population would be moved to other planets because that is where their souls came from originally. I think the Internet was still up at least for a while and we were told that we could get electricity from the energy in the atmosphere but that eventually we wouldn’t even need that because everyone would live in peace and harmony and could communicate telepathically.  Everyone would be happy.
     The sky was still somewhat dark so we could see the stars going by as we traveled through the universe. At one point we could see other galaxies and were told we were going through a cluster of galaxies. It was quite interesting.  The warmth continued to be provided by the many spaceships.
     We eventually arrived at our destination and we would get help from the E.T.s in getting our planet back in order. It would take many, many years to do this, maybe even several hundred years or more.
     I then woke up from the dream.  Very, very interesting.


Tuesday April 10, 2012 - This morning I woke up to a dream set in the Northwest of the USA. I have never been there, so I don't know why it was set there. I was walking through a town but I could smell the green lushness of the trees and other greenery inside and outside the town. I was looking also for a large body of water that I could smell. I found it but I was looking down at it from the top of a very high precipice. I decided to jump and I willed myself to gradually float down to the bottom. I was almost at the bottom when my husband woke me by opening the window blinds. It was fun floating.


Monday March 5, 2012 - In my dream my husband and my daughter and I were attending a spiritual workshop. It was located at the house in Massachusetts where I grew up - the house my father built, except the house was much larger inside and the grounds around were much larger. It was very peaceful and with many trees. I love trees. One of the things we did during the day was something like the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program. I had very deep, relaxing and peaceful meditations during the time I practiced the technique in my dream. We were young and my daughter was a teenager. Mostly what I remember from the dream is the deep peacefulness that I felt throughout. I do not take this that I should go back to practicing TM again. No way. See my thoughts about TM here.


May 1, 2011

Image: Black background with different colors of wavy lines
Image created by and copyright Linda at Angelstar Creations and

I was reading a book:
Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech - and the teacher in the book gave the students in the class15 seconds to draw their souls - they were about 13 years old. I thought I'd give it a try. I went into kind of a trance state to do it. Above is something like what came to my mind of my soul.
Interesting.... The background was an infinite background. A background of infinity. Not black. And the lines were more smooth and wavy.
Yes, I sometimes read kids and young adult books.
I know this isn't a dream, but it was very cool. Maybe a day-dream of sorts.


Thursday May 13, 2010 - A couple of nights ago I had a dream where I was with Christ and He poured lots of love, peacefulness and light upon me, among other good things. I also eventually saw that Krishna was with him and I saw that they were one and the same being. Of course we are all One so that would make sense.
Last night during another dream I was taking care of a young boy in another land and eventually I became that young boy and he had heard from his mother about a spiritual temple. He set off for this temple and became one of the members. It wasn't any particular type of temple that I could see. They prayed and chanted some. The boy met a young girl and they spent time together in prayer and meditation. The boy was walking through the temple one day and saw someone's holy arrangement along the wall. He saw a spoon full of sweet milk. He ate it. Eventually he and his friend were with his holy guru and the guru said that someone had done a bad thing by eating the sweet milk from a man's holy arrangement. The guru thought the girl had done it and said so. The boy soon thereafter said that he was the one who had done it. He certainly didn't want his friend blamed for something that he had done. The guru said that the boy had to leave the temple and couldn't come back until he had learned the value of other people's possessions, especially holy spiritual ones. He headed home and cried a lot on the way. But he knew he would eventually return to the temple. He arrived home with much happiness from his family. I woke up right after this.


This is someone else's experience that involved me, some time in 1976, so I thought I'd share it here - I was on staff at a large Transcendental Meditation (TM) retreat center from 1976-1977 (to read more about my experiences with TM Click Here). We had regular meetings with all the people there in a room like an auditorium. Once when I was sitting in the group I was looking at another young woman (a woman I worked with as a maid) and thinking how pretty she looked all dressed up. Another young woman in my row and a couple of seats from me looked over at me and said, "What?" I looked at her blankly because I hadn't said anything. She thought for a bit and said, "Were you just thinking that Bitskie looked pretty?" I said, "Yes." She had read my mind! When I thought about it at the time I remember feeling a strange clicking sensation in my mind while I was looking at Bitskie. That was strange. I've never, that I know of, had anyone read my mind before or since.

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