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Basic Clearings

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You can say something simple every morning. For instance: "I will have smooth sailing throughout my day today with no hindrances." You can say a prayer to your favorite holy person. "Oh, Christ, (or Mary, or Goddess Isis, or Krishna) please help me through my day and keep me safe and protected." or "Dear guardian angels, please clear my body, house, business and vehicle of any interfering beings and energies that may hinder my actions throughout my day."

This is kind of a cool thing to do when you're feeling stressed or depressed. Act like a three year old and dance around shaking your hands and feet as much as you feel comfortable with. I've tried this and it's fun! You can do it to music or whatever. You can also make noise like a three year old. You can do this indoors or outdoors, in your back yard or in the woods.

I originally learned these clearings as soul clearings and charged money back in the late 1990s and early 2000s; it is listed elsewhere as something that I don't do any more for people. I believe that you can do this on your own and can clear yourself. Read on. One thing I do ask, if you could click on some of the ads here on my pages so I can keep this site going I would appreciate it.

The Protective Bubble of Light:
Stand or sit in a quiet place and say - Please clear my entire body and all energies around and within me of any interfering beings or energies and place a bubble of pure white light around me to keep me safe-and-sound throughout my day.
More about The Bubble of Light:
Please note the cute picture I have on the about clearing page on this site. I made that myself. It gives one a visual idea of what one form of protection of oneself is all about. The bubble of light can be any size you want. You can also say a bubble of golden and white light, or pink and white light. Those are generally the best protective colors you can use, according to what I have heard.

One way to clear yourself - especially if you are feeling sick. (Read this entirely before you begin and have everything ready.) If you can, be alone in your house, or apartment. In advance, set a towel, a bathrobe, comfy clothes, some purification oil, an abalone shell with white sage, and a candle (or candles) in the bathroom with matches ready. Have a clean blanket ready in another room. In the kitchen start a pan of boiling water with sage in it; boil for about 5 minutes. Turn off the flame. Place a towel over your head, stand or sit over the pan and breathe in the steam and feel purification energy go through your whole body for about 10 to 20 minutes. Remember to be VERY careful near the hot water; don't get too close and don't burn yourself.
      After this go into the bathroom, light the candle (or candles) near the tub, light some sage in the abalone shell. Smudge the bathtub and the entire bathroom, including the bathrobe and the clothes (See how to smudge on my Shamanism page). You can also smudge the blanket in the other room. Start the tub filling with warm to hot water (a comfortable temperature). Turn out the lights and get in the tub with the purification oil handy. Drop some purification oil in the water. Soak for about 20 minutes, keeping the water as hot as you are comfortable with. Keep the sage burning in the abalone shell by using the candle. After a while envision flames inside yourself, burning up any sickness and anything causing the sickness, or stressful feelings. When the time is up get out of the tub, dry yourself off and put on the clothes and robe and come out into the main part of the bathroom or another room in the house, like the living room. Put the blanket around yourself. Sit or lie down somewhere comfortable and relax for as long as you like. If you want you can also put on some warm wooly socks or comfortable slippers.
Check links below for where to purchase some of the products mentioned.

Some things I have done to clear my house:

Evening of March 9, 2005
I put sage into my abalone shell and smudged the entire house - really filled my room with sage smoke, lovely. I have done this often and this is a good way to clear a room or an entire house. Keep your thoughts happy and focused on clearing any negative energies while doing this. See below for a good place to get white sage.

Get some frankincense incense and burn it on some charcoal meant for this purpose in an incense burner, let it turn into smoke first (don't set your house on fire). Walk around your whole house, or apartment, being sure to walk into all the corners letting the smoke get into all the corners and into all the closets and other areas. You can get these supplies at a new age store, especially at one in Salem, Massachusetts. Look one up on the Internet. My favorite is Crow Haven Corner at

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Here are some websites to check out:

One of my favorite stores in Salem, Massachusetts:

A place to get scented oils, magical candles and other metaphysical items: Other Worldly Waxes & Whatever.

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