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The Chakras of Our Etheric Body

Chakras are small rotating, or spinning, energy centers located, on the etheric level, at various places on the body. We can't see them but they are there. There is TONS of stuff on the Internet about the Chakras, so I will make this relatively simple. All images by me.
| Basic simplified Images | Chakra Meditation Video | Crown | Third eye & Throat | Heart & Solar Plexus | Sacral & Root |
| Me with chakras | Me with chakras sideways | Me with Glowing Chakras | Me with chakra healing / cleansing stones / crystals | Brief Description of Chakras |

Below are basic images of the 7 human body chakras
Images below are drawn by me and colored-in using Photoshop.
Starting from the top.
Image: The Crown Chakra of the Human body as a lotus blossom in pastel colors
7. Crown Chakra
This is very simplified, really there's 1,000 petals at least

.Image: Circle with wings and triangle, the third eye chakra in purple, violet by
6 - Third Eye Chakra

Image: Circle in triangle in blue circle, the throat chakra, by angelstar Creations
5 - Throat Chakra

Image: Circle with merkaba, star of david in green circle, the heart chakra, by
4 - Heart Chakra

Image: Yellow circle with triangle, the solar plexus chakra, by angelstar creations, angelstarcreations, linda lange, baulne, bohne
3- Solar Plexus Chakra

Image: orange circle with moon and flower petals, the sacral chakra, by
2 - Sacral Chakra

Image: Red circle with square and triangle, the root chakra, by angelstar creations
1 - Root Chakra

Me with the properly placed chakras on my body.
Check out those glasses! I was about 25 here..

Above is picture of me again showing spinning chakras as a sideways view. I made the crown chakra white. I like to think it has many colors. This picture is of me when I was about 15.

Image: Young woman with glowing chakras in different colors
This is me at about the age of 18. I like to think of the chakras in this way. They can by glowing circles of overlapping light.

I believe they look they way you want them to look. These are my own drawings of what I have seen in the past from my own intuition and from other sources I liked. I know they spin and that they send energy and receive energy. Do a meditation and see if you can see your chakras. Also hold a pendulum above a chakra to see which way it spins for you.
Go here to download from Itunes some basic chakra meditations by Valerie Donner of The Ground Crew.

All images on this page are created by and copyright Angelstar Creations and

Brief basic description of the seven Chakras of the human body
Moving up from the base of the spine.

1. The Root Chakra. Color Red. Represents our connection with our Mother Earth. Center of our Survival and grounding.
2. The Sacral Chakra. Color Orange. Represents our connection with water. Center of our creative and sexual energy.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra. Color Yellow. Represents our connection with fire. Center of our will, our personal Power.

4. The Heart Chakra. Color Green (sometimes pink). Represents our connection with air. This is our center of love.

5. The Throat Chakra. Color blue. Represents our connection with ether. Center of our speech.

6. The Third Eye Chakra. Color Violet. Pituitary gland. Represents our connection to mind and the mental plane. Intellect. Center of our perception of spiritual light.

7. The Crown Chakra. Color white, all colors or gold. Connection between psychic and spiritual realms. Above the head. Center of our spirituality.

The chakras are part of our etheric body and are contained within and outside of our physical body. Through them we connect to our spiritual selves, our higher selves and God (whoever you believe him/her to be).

Some people believe we have more than the basic 7 chakras listed here. Some say we have 12. Some people add extras within the body. Some say they extend out indefinitely.

Our earth and the other living planets also have their own chakra system. The place where a chakra is on this planet is often called a vortex and is a place of special healing spiritual energy.

Image: Woman standing with chakra stones placed correctly

Another version of the Chakras and corresponding healing stones / crystals
The image above is a picture of me when I was about 25.
The list below shows where they should be placed on the body for a chakra healing. They certainly don't have to be as large as shown in the picture. Ordinary tumbled stones are fine.

Chakra and stone
High Crown - Clear quartz
Crown - Amethyst
Brow / third eye - Lapis lazuli
Throat - Turquoise
High heart - Rose quartz
Heart - Jade or Malachite
Solar plexus - Tigers eye
Sacral - Orange carnelian
Base - Black tourmaline or red coral
Earth (at feet) - Hematite

Picture of me with my camera by my mother.

All images on this page are created by and copyright Angelstar Creations and

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