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Some Affirmations

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Affirmations can be simple positive thoughts.

Before you go to sleep or just after you wake up think something positive. You can think about something you are grateful for in your life.
For instance: "I am grateful for myself JUST the way I am!" REALLY!
"I am grateful for my healthy body" ... or ... "I am grateful for my hand" ... or ... "I am grateful for my eyes" ... or ... "I am grateful for every breath I take." ... or ... "I am grateful for shelter over my head" ... or ... "I am grateful for my family" or a specific family member ... or ... "I am grateful for the food I have to eat" ... or ... "I am grateful for the sunshine."
Find something you are grateful for and think about it. Certainly there must be something you are grateful for. And, yes, you can be grateful for yourself and your own body!
Doing this and only thinking about what you ARE grateful for and focusing on THAT brings more of those good things into your life. Forget the other stuff.
You don't have to be long-winded either!

Or affirmations can be more complex if you want.
Remember to breathe deeply. But don't hyperventilate.

And enjoy your life!!

Blessing - This is great and gives a blessing to the blesser as well!
Bless yourself!
Bless someone specifically!
Bless everyone you know! Bless a specific situation. Bless your life! Love yourself. You know you can!
Bless all of the above in one sentence. Bless the whole world.
Be like a new Miss America and wish for World Peace!

Accepting & Enjoying
Say these things:
I accept and enjoy what I now have in my life.
I accept and enjoy the good things coming into my life.
I love all that I receive in my life.
I accept and enjoy all that is good in my life.
I have joy in my life.
... and feel it.

Forgive yourself.

Divine Plan:
The Divine Plan is Whatever YOU want it to be
YOU are divine!

Get What You Want/Need
Get a job...... If you want one.
So...............   My husband had a job at a Sears Store until he retired in April 2016. We both retired around that time. He retired in April; I retired in May. I worked at a college library, also until we both retired. I also worked part-time building and maintaining Web sites for clients and sometimes tutoring people on basic web site design until December of 2017. Like I said, we're both retired now.

Wish for money..... This is an interesting one....
I wish for money and I don't see people dropping off bags of money at my doorstep when I try to think positively.
If you want a job: Jobs are pretty scarce right now. Personally, I never wanted some high-powered job where some company takes advantage of the poor people. I talk about this elsewhere.
We try to be grateful for what we have.
We enjoy our life.
Also see the page of Abundance Affirmations

Bumper Stickers
Yes, even a bumper sticker can be an affirmation!
Some people like to put positive bumper stickers on their vehicles. I realize that what the bumper stickers say are often what the people are working toward. Like "Love Everyone" and "World Peace" and a cool one that I like is symbols that spell out "COEXIST." I had that one until I sold my car. We can aspire to what we have on our cars. So, we are not very nice to the slow person in front of us in the check-out line in the health food store. We see the bumper sticker on our car later and resolve to do better next time. It's an affirmation and a reminder. And we are better and more patient next time!

Really this whole page is about healing. This is the part where I'm not necessarily going to be all positive. I don't think that one can be totally positive all the time. It can be too much of a strain, especially when one is in pain. AND you can ignore everything I've said above. Really you can if you want to. There may be times when the thought of positive thinking makes you gag. Feel your feelings and then let go as soon as you can. The thing is, do the best you can and don't beat yourself up or let anyone else do so. Pray. Meditate. If none of that sounds appealing then go do something, spend time with a good friend, watch a funny or uplifting movie, or something else you think of that is helpful and not harmful to anyone, especially yourself.

My thoughts (newest at t he top.)
January 12, 2018 .... I'm trying to not take the medications lately. I feel better when I don't take them, until I hit a night where I don't sleep. then I might take at least one of them. I try breathing exercises at night. But they don't often help. I try other things that don't always help, like praying. I try taking natural sleep remedies. They stop helping after a while. My husband and I joined a gym on December 4th of 2017. That's fun. I do feel better these days about life. Maybe it's just because I'm getting older. I don't know. I'm working some on my website to keep my brain occupied too. Life is good. Mostly.
December 5, 2011 .... I started Transcendental Meditation (TM) when I was 24 years old because I was fearful of everything. That's virtually all I felt was fear. I was quite shut down to other feelings. After I started TM I felt other feelings and they were not always pleasant. Also when I started TM, or at some time, I noticed I felt often prickly all over my skin and felt uncomfortable in my body, I also felt irritated and anxious. At times I would not practice TM and would feel better. The TM people said it was "release of stress" and was a good thing. "Release of stress" was their catch-all term whenever someone felt uncomfortable.
I just wanted to feel comfortable in my body. I wanted to not be so fearful of everything. I also wanted to sleep!
Nancy T. (she's mentioned elsewhere) probably said I was under psychic attack when I felt prickly or didn't sleep at night. The new age metaphysical people probably said to meditate more or to get a massage or to get acupuncture, among other things. I don't think I was ever under psychic attack. Well, the massages and other things did help - sometimes and only for some time. Then I had to go back again and again. All that stuff is expensive and It didn't always work!
So now for about two weeks I've been on a new medication - Gabapentin, also called Neurontin - it seems to be working.
Is it keeping me from contacting and staying connected to my higher self and guides? like some people say about meds? I don't know. All I know is I'm sleeping at night and don't so much get prickly skin, irritated, anxious, hyper, depressed, tired and all that... We shall see... (I also put this on my TM Experience page.)
December 4, 2011.... I'm back on meds again. I've been diagnosed bipolar. So far the meds help me sleep and I don't feel like my skin is crawling and I don't get irritated so much. I just started these new meds a couple of weeks ago. I hope they continue to work. Don't do any new techniques until you have talked to your health care professional. That's what I say. It may or may not be all bunk. Think first.
July 27, 2011.... I've tried just about everything in the way of healing. It seems it sometimes takes a lifetime to heal from some of the more painful things in life - maybe even more than one lifetime. I was sexually abused in my youth and raped at the age of about 21. There were other family members around me also being sexually abused that I found out about in 1994. I'm sure my body had some reaction from that even though I didn't know about it. I feel a great deal of pain even writing about this. I've been going to a therapist and a psychiatrist for several years. I've also had other help in this area in the past. I've been told I have PTSD, Obsessive-Compulsive disorder and am Bipolar. I've been on medication. I thought being on meds was good for me. I couldn't sleep many nights without the meds, but the meds made me feel weird. I mean... I hardly ever even took an aspirin before the age of like 45 or 50, something like that! So I just quit taking the meds about a week ago and feel fine. We also moved out into the country September 2010. It was stressful at first building a new (small) house, but all that stressful stuff is over now - I hope. We made it through one winter. So, so far so good. I may start some sort of regular meditation or something again. A new metaphysical store opened in my town and they are going to have pagan meetings and I hope to attend. I am thinking positively for my future.
July 6, 2011.... This part is hard for me though because I need a lot of healing myself. I'm in a lot of emotional pain myself when even thinking about healing. I'm not going to try to say that I can even pretend to heal others. I don't speak to people a lot because I can't hide my emotional pain well. Who can talk small talk when one is in pain? Anyway, it scares people away. There were no goths or emos around when I was young and there are none around that are my age so I try to keep a positive attitude. Sometimes it drains me. I don't do drugs or smoke or drink; I refuse to do that shit. But then after a while I feel OK anyway. So that's why this stuff is at the bottom of this page.
Wow! That was just helpful writing that. Can't write anything more positive right now. Maybe I'll make this part where I write my dark, painful stuff. It's definitely helpful to write stuff out.
I think just doing this metaphysical part of this website is part of a healing process for me and if it can help someone else in some small way then that would be great too.

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