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F - Cool Funny Quotes.

GCFL - The Good Clean Funnies List. A web page and mailing list for distributing one Good, Clean Joke a day, fave days a week, for free!

Lady Lynn's Hugs -
More Hugs: Hug for a Friend

Cool Tests
Cool Tests dot Com, more cool tests.

Russell's Connection, Poems -
Poem: From the First Time We Met

T - Remember ICQ? I had many interesting chats on there back-in-the-day.
I know, this is old stuff. I'm going to leave it here anyway. It's part of my memories.
Here's something for you ICQ people who receive, or send, ICQ alerts
And - Lies, Damn Lies & ICQ Messages

M - I'm just putting this here because it's my old webpage on Tripod that will lead to my webpages here. It's amazing that it still exists. I want to keep track of it to see how long it stays here. I guess my website is all of the above. - And here is the old page that was my daughter's stuff. Like I said, I'm just wondering how long these will remain on Tripod. I know I have more webpages with them, but I don't remember any of the others.
These webpages on Tripod were supposed to disappear if the owner didn't make changes for a month or a couple of months or something. Anyway, these have been here for years. And will probably be here for many years to come.

These are some pages I found. Hope you enjoy them!

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