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Here is a list of my favorite Paper Craft links - FREE Paper Toys! Just print, cut, fold and glue! paper toys, models, cut-outs, trains, airplanes, paper party gifts, party hats, paper cars, paper motorcycles, cards. - Children's Art Resource with Free Kids Coloring Pages & Printouts, Free Arts and Crafts Projects & Ideas, Paper Folding Templates & Origami Projects, Drawing Lessons, and Other Children's Art Articles & Resources. - Make your own paper models of motorcycles, rare animals and more - Canon Inc. provides a wealth of free download materials on this site. Papr Craft paper planes give hours of enjoyment as they soar through the air! In addition, there is a wealth of free download content, with themes like Animals, Buildings of the World and Dinosaurs - The Paper Model WebRing - Figures, Aviation, Vehicles, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Nature, Architecture, Naval, Military, Pop Culture Icons. All made of Paper. Enjoy the works of some of the most talented paper modelers in the world.


These were some pages I found. If you know of or find any more cool places, let me know! Thanks!


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