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Here is a list of my favorite Paper Craft links

Well this is my favorite. Awesome paper dolls, stickers, blank greeting cards, downloadable items and other cool items are created by and sold by my daughter Erica and her friend Abby. You have to purchase these. Go to:  Erica Lange's Website. By clicking you will find links to where their awesome products are sold. - FREE Paper Toys! Just print, cut, fold and glue! paper toys, models, cut-outs, trains, airplanes, paper party gifts, party hats, paper cars, paper motorcycles, cards.
- Children's Art Resource with Free Kids Coloring Pages & Printouts, Free Arts and Crafts Projects & Ideas, Paper Folding Templates & Origami Projects, Drawing Lessons, and Other Children's Art Articles & Resources. - Canon Inc. provides a wealth of free download materials on this site. Paper Craft paper planes give hours of enjoyment as they soar through the air! In addition, there is a wealth of free download content, with themes like Animals, Buildings of the World and Dinosaurs

You can also look up paper crafts and paper models and stuff on Pinterest.

These are some pages I found. Hope you enjoy them!

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