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Here is a list of my favorite Metaphysical, New Age links. I don't condone or suggest you go to any of these sites. These are not my opinion. I liked some of them in the past, some I still like, some I may not like any more. And some of them I just think are weird. I found them on the web or mentioned on YouTube videos. So there you go. Don't hold me responsible if you click on any of these links.

http://www.suggestibility.org/ "Falling Down the TM Rabbit Hole" How Transcendental Meditation Really Works, A Critical Opinion.
Just thought I'd put this link here. I learned TM in 1974 and found some improvement in my self-esteem and other areas of my life, but left in 1996 because of politics and the fact that it didn't seem to be working any more. Read this before you start the practice of Transcendental Meditation. Read everything you can get your hands on, not only their propaganda.
Also see My Experiences with Transcendental Meditation.

Mayan Majix
www.mayanmajix.com - Learn about the Maya and the true Mayan Calendar. Information about the end of the Mayan calendar, a learning lab, on-line articles, books, Mayan Astrology, and more. You can also find Mayan Calendar products, jewelry, stone carvings, photos, clothing and ceremonial items.

http://mk-cultra.org - Another one I think is weird. "Article V Has Been Invoked. Remember Your Prelife Instructions"

Temple of the True Inner Light
http://psychede.tripod.com. The Temple of the True Inner Light is an organization that believes that Psychedelics are the true Flesh of God.
I just think this is truly and weirdly interesting.

Michigan Psychics
Famous Michigan psychic medium, clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen, her great tarot card readers and palm readers are looking forward to serving you.

http://www.sanatansociety.org/ Belgium, Sanatan Society offers free wallpapers of Hindu gods full-screen, yoga & meditation seminars, Indian astrology, ayurvedic massage, home remedies, vegetarian recipes, online mantras… and a lot more

Sacred Tests is the largest freely available archive of full-text books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on the Internet. The site is dedicated to religious tolerance and scholarship, and has the largest readership of any similar site on the web.

Adventures in Self Mastery with Rob Robb. Just check it out!

Nancy Red Star ~ Willow Spirit Productions
Nancy Red Star is the author of several books, Including: Life With a Cosmos Clearance, Star Ancestors, Legends of the Star Ancestors, and UFO's-No Threat: Official Eye Witness Testimony.
Order any of her books on Amazon.com.

Wake Up Laughing
Where we take humor seriously, and seriousness humorously.
Swami Beyondananda has been called many things over the years: "The Yogi From Muskogee"..."The Cosmic Comic"... "The Guru of Ho-ho-holy Hee-hee-healing"... "a rare medium well-done." His mission is to increase the laugh force on the planet so that "everyone can see farce fields and hear the laugh track."

Drunvalo Melchizedek: Teacher of the Flower of Life Training. Drunvalo's Personal Home Page - http://www.drunvalo.net/. Drunvalo is the author of four books including The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, Volumes I and I, Living in the Heart and his newest one, Serpent of Light. These books have been published in 29 languages and reach out to over one hundred countries throughout the world. Drunvalo also founded the Flower of Life Workshops with over 300 trained and certified facilitators teaching in over sixty countries.

Namaste, Inc. with bj King.
The purpose of Namaste, Inc. is to serve as a model of cooperation for disseminating spiritual information, exemplifying self actualization, self evolution, multi-dimensionally, and service to Earth and humanity.

The Ground Crew with Valerie Donner - The Ground Crew is a global group of people who are united in the belief that we are co-creating the New Age of God. They are light workers who want to serve humanity now because they love and revere life and Mother Earth. They feel a oneness with all of life, including our space brothers and sisters. They are aware of many of the ancient prophecies, the strange weather patterns, increased seismic and volcanic activity, and other changes that all point to the fact that something big is about to happen on our planet.

Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsch. Sharing the messages contained in the Conversations with God books. Connect with CWG readers and subscribe to the free email bulletin.

http://www.serenapowers.com   Serena's Guide to Divination. Palmistry, pedomancy, numerology and more... Free instant readings... Astrological Reports available... What do your stars have in store for you this year? Information about all kinds of divination from traditional methods to the amusing and unusual.

The Celestine Prophecy - Books by James Redfield - This website encompasses the spiritual beliefs and ideas in The Celestine Prophecy series of books. He wrote these books to report on what he had witnessed occurring in himself and thousands of people all across the planet.

http://www.greatdreams.com/ - Useful Information on Dreams, Dream Recall, Dream Journaling, Translations, Prophecy, Interpretation, Journaling, Spirituality, Apocalypse, Pole Shift, Survival, Channeling, Visions, Environment, Earthquakes, Books, Ascension, etc.

Salem New Age Center, Salem, Massachusetts

These are some pages I found. Hope you enjoy them!

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