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Here is a list of my favorite Miscellaneous links - I don't condone these sites. These are not my opinion. They are for fun!

This is cool, 100,000+ vintage advertisements to explore: https://www.vintageadbrowser.com/. Try clicking on the medicines section, that is especially interesting.

Find just about anyone just about anywhere: fastbackgroundcheck.com

Just for fun this is a link to Old Newspaper pages from US  & Canada - Old Fulton New York Post Cards (fultonhistory.com)

Find Original Vintage Postcards From the Past 150 Years: https://www.cardcow.com/

To see if your e-mail or phone number has been included in a dark web data dump, go to: https://haveibeenpwned.com/ . Is “Have I Been Pwned?” legit? Yes, it is. You can google it.
What to do if you've been pwned: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/awareness/2021/05/have-i-been-pwnd-what-is-it-and-what-to-do-when-you-are-pwned/

Find out right now what time it is around the world! World Time Zone. http://www.worldtimezone.com/

Urban Legends -- http://www.snopes.com/ - Go here if you see something on Facebook or elsewhere that you are doubtful about, and you'll probably find the truth.

This is Cool. Listen and create ambient sounds easily (ambient-mixer.com). This also has a section dedicated to the background sounds of fictional worlds, so you can study to the sounds of the Gryffindor or Slytherin common rooms, read in Belle's library, or browse the Internet while you're being chased by a hoard of Dothraki. Among other things.

Here are some links of places about Lizzie Borden the woman who may have killed her parents in Fall River, Massachusetts in 1892.

Lizzie Borden Warps & Wefts: 

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden: https://phayemuss.wordpress.com/
https://phayemuss.wordpress.com/category/urban-legends-in-the-lizzie-borden-case/page/2/Tattered Fabric.

Fall River's Lizzie Borden: https:/lizzieandrewborden.com/

TRICKED BY THE LIGHT: game, life, matrix, illusion, dream, recycled, reincarnation, illuminati, NDE, tunnel, trap. Life and Death -- How to Win the Game of Life and Exit the Illusionary Matrix that We Dream: https://www.trickedbythelight.com/tbtl/index.html

Advanced Physics, UFOs, the Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Project, military hardware & technology, psychic remote-viewing and Time-Travel: https://www.stealthskater.com/Home.htm

Is your Browser safe against tracking? Check here: https://panopticlick.eff.org/

This Person Does Not Exist: https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/. I just think it's kind of interesting. They randomly generate images of fake people. Just hit reload to make a new face.

Here's a good one. What to look out for regarding common phone scams. This is really good especially for the elderly. Take care of yourself, your elderly parents and grandparents by reading this.

Something Something Experience Podcast
A podcast about everything. Hosted by supernerd, Michael John Simpson. Someting2XP features exhaustive conversations about many things. My daughter Erica and her friend Abby were interviewed here on March 5, 2017 Episode #78.

20 Mysteries
http://www.cracked.com/photoplasty_2365_20-mysteries-experts-are-still-scratching-their-heads-over - 20 Mysteries Absolutely No One Can Solve. I like this one because everything is on one page; you don't have to keep going on and on to different pages. It does have a lot of ads though.

Toynbee tiles
Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toynbee_tiles
Toynbee Idea: http://www.toynbeeidea.com
These are random tiles found in different places, mainly Philadelphia. I think this is cool.

Wired Sound For Wired People
http://fauux.neocities.org/ - Warning! Contains Flashing Images! Definitely weirdly interesting!

Hyper Hero
http://www.hyperhero.com/en/ - This link goes to the English version of this site. Read about HyperHero and his heroic deeds.

The Temple Operating System
http://www.templeos.org - TempleOS is a free, public domain, open source, x86_64, non-preemptive multi-tasking, multi-cored, non-networked, etc., etc. PC operating system. By Terry A. Davis (1969 - 2018).

More Interesting / Strange Web links:

The WayBackMachine Internet Archive - search any website to see what it looked like in the past:
The Useless Web - Random useless websites: http://www.theuselessweb.com
Pointer, Pointer, generates random images with people pointing to where your cursor or finger sits on the page: https://pointerpointer.com

Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World Yet?:

Monster Slayer - Not so reasonably Priced, but still okay, Stringing and Beadworking Materials, findings, beads, wires, etc. in New Mexico. It used to be more reasonalby priced. I'll leave it here anyway. - https://www.monsterslayer.com/

26 Pictures Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Existence - http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/the-universe-is-scary

Daily Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Solutions and winning Spin I.D. numbers, plus forecast of reruns. The last winners listed says 2017, but they do keep it up to date. - http://www.wheeloffortunesolutions.com/

Wheel of Fortune History Wiki
http://wheeloffortunehistory.wikia.com/wiki/. An unofficial, fan-made Wiki about the history of "America's Game", Wheel of Fortune.

http://www.reddit.com/ - “[r]eddit enables the individual, and gives literally anyone who has something interesting enough to say, the ability to reach millions.”

http://www.cityoflawrence.com/ -- Link to the town Where I was born. Another Link: Lawrence, Massachusetts

Archive of email forwards. Some Chain letters that have been sent around the Internet. http://bl.net/forwards/

Hoax-Slayer - Debunking email and social media hoaxes and exposing Internet scams since 2003! This seems to be gone. I will remove the link and leave the URL to check back later.

This one was a good one but they have now called it a day. You can still go there and read their only page left if you wish. I will leave the URL here, but not the link. In case they take the site completely down. http://hoaxbusters.org/

ACME Auto License Plate Maker. Pretend you're in prison, make a license! A random one for your webpage or wherever. -- http://www.acme.com/licensemaker/

And a page with plates made by me! --

A link to the town where I was raised -- http://www.methuenhistory.org

Dialectizer -- http://rinkworks.com/dialect/ - Convert English text to any of several comic dialects.

How to Keep a Moron Busy for Hours: http://www.quizland.com/howto.mv

I liked some of them in the past, some I still like, some I just find intriguing. And some of them I just think are Weird or Ridiculous. I found them on the web or mentioned on YouTube videos or elsewhere. So there you go. Don't hold me responsible if you click on any of these links. Some are from someordinarygamers on YouTube from his Deep Web Browsing videos.

Updated Nov. 9, 2020; updated again March 14, 2021; and again July 1, 2021. I looked this over on Sept 22, 2022; I didn't make any new additions. There is quite a lot here. The most recent ones I added are at the top.

These are some pages I found. Hope you enjoy them!

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