Happy Ostara !

Beginning of Spring - March 21

Image: Spring landscape scene


Image: Drawing of girl on flower

Image: pretty pink flower


Image: Drawing of flowers and butterflies

Image: a Circular golden Symbol of spring with cute flowers Image: Moon and stars


Image: Sun and clouds on blue sky

The first day of spring, or the spring equinox is celebrated in many countries around the world. Also called Ostara or Ēostre it was celebrated by pagan Anglo-Saxons. Ēostre or Ostara is a Germanic divinity who is the namesake of the festival of Easter. It is loosely based on several holidays which were celebrated around the spring equinox (when day and night are nearly of equal length).
This is the beginning of spring and the celebration of the sun reaching the half-way point toward summer solstice. The Christian holiday, Easter, has taken many of its symbols from Ostara, including flowers, decorated eggs and so on.

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