How to Handle Difficult People


(Vernon Howard)

Would you like to reply to a foolish world with power and poise? You can. Read the following answers. Do not actually speak the answers aloud to another person. [Think them to yourself.] The answers are designed to build right and strong attitudes within you. You will learn how to avoid the traps of cunning people.

  • How would you feel if I asked you a personal question like that?
  • If I exposed your actual motives, what would they be?
  • I wonder what you are trying to hide from me?
  • From now on I will see you as you really are, not as I want to see you.
  • You don't want solutions--you just want to talk about yourself.
  • I was not placed here on earth just to please you.
  • If you want to be sour then I want to be absent.
  • I wish your spirit was as strong as your sex drive.
  • How long will you use me before leaving?
  • I need understanding of life more than I need you.
  • After watching you I now know the meaning of self-destructive behavior.
  • There is no way you can make me feel guilty over your mistakes.
  • How strange that I always owe you something, but never the reverse.
  • I am very alert to not fall under the influence of your dishonest spirit.
  • There is no way you can disturb me unless I carelessly permit it.
  • You are nothing more than a prominent and foolish human being.
  • I notice when you tell me what is "right" it is always what is good for YOU.
  • Sorry but I no longer believe in the power of your anger.
  • I wish to be who I am, not who you demand I should be.
  • Your intimidation is weakness not strength.
  • I want what truth has to give, not what society falsely promises.
  • Lose your wrong beliefs and you will lose your problems.
  • You have helped me to see that I must never become like you.
  • How odd that you rudely blast others but demand courtesy in return.
  • To make your life better start with self-honesty.
  • I will no longer be loyal to anyone who is hurting my life.



Added January 9, 2002

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