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Top Ten Grammar Peeves
I found this on the Internet. I'm going to add my own comments from time to time.

1. It's "I couldn't care less."
"I could care less" means that you actually do care.

2. An apostrophe is never used to form a plural. It should be "the 90s" not "the 90's."

3. "Literally" means it actually happened, not that it figuratively happened.

4. "Loose" and "lose" are two different words.
Loose Adjective: Not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached: "a loose tooth".
Loose Verb: Set free; release: "the hounds have been loosed".
Lose Verb: Be deprived of or cease to have or retain (something). Cause (someone) to fail to gain or retain (something).
...lose one's way. He's always losing his car keys. ...to lose out.

5. "Your" and "You're" are also two different words.
"Your" means something belongs to you.
"You're" is short for "You are."

"Their," "there" and "They're" are actually three different words.
"Their" = belonging to them. "That is their house."
"There" = over there. "Go over there."
"They're" = Short for They are. "I am going to go over there."


7. "Nonplus" does not mean what you think it means.
Verb: Surprise and confuse (someone) so much that they are unsure how to react.
Noun: A state of being surprised and confused in this way.

8. "Affect" is a verb. "Effect" is a noun.
Affect Noun: Have an effect on; make a difference to: "the dampness began to affect my health". or Pretend to have or feel (something): "as usual I affected a supreme unconcern".
Affect Verb: Emotion or desire, esp. as influencing behavior or action.
Effect Noun: A change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause.
Effect Verb: Cause (something) to happen; bring about.
"The drug had an immediate effect on the pain."
"The government's action had no effect on the trade imbalance."

9. "It's" is short for "it is" and "its" mean "belonging to it."
"Its" Definition: Belonging to or associated with a thing previously mentioned or easily identified: "turn the camera on its side".

10. Supposedly "Irregardless" is not a word.
I found otherwise at thefreedictionary.com
Adv. 1. irregardless - regardless; a combination of irrespective and regardless sometimes used humorously
Usage Note: Irregardless is a word that many mistakenly believe to be correct usage in formal style, when in fact it is used chiefly in nonstandard speech or casual writing. Coined in the United States in the early 20th century, it has met with a blizzard of condemnation for being an improper yoking of irrespective and regardless and for the logical absurdity of combining the negative ir- prefix and -less suffix in a single term. Although one might reasonably argue that it is no different from words with redundant affixes like debone and unravel, it has been considered a blunder for decades and will probably continue to be so.


Image: Top Ten English Grammar Pet Peeves
See above about "Irregardless."

On this page is just a small selection from an image I have seen circulating around the Internet (above), with comments and other information I added. You can look up lots more about English Grammar on the Internet if you wish.

Added April 3, 2012; Updated January 2, 2018

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