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March 14, 2021 ... Covid-19 virus is still here. It's now over 530,000 people died from this virus in the USA. Crazy. Erica is still out of work. We haven't eaten out since the end of last year. We're on the Atkin's or Keto diet. We're just saying home, watching TV shows on TV and TV shows and movies on DVDs that we have or streamed from Amazon Prime. We're both well. We mainly stay home. We go to town, which is about a 40 minute drive from our house, about on average once every 5 days.
Some states are opening up and some states are removing the wearing masks mandate. People are getting vaccinated. Not us yet. We're too young and too healthy. Maybe by May.

June 1, 2020 ... The Covid-19 pandemic is still here. Over 106,000 dead from this in the USA. 374,000 dead in the world. A black man got murdered by a policeman in Minneapolis, Minnesota a week ago. There are riots all across the country. There are riots in Hong Kong. The world is crazy. In other, family news: We ate at a restaurant for the first time since March 4 on on May 28. We sat outside. We each had 2 beers. We split a burger. I needed it. There are pictures on my photo album. We are well. We are staying home and continuing to only go into town once per week.

May 17, 2020 ... Well, Covid-19 is still here and looks like it'll be here for a while. We're keeping safe. Some restaurants are open but for take-out only. Our governor says we have to wear masks when in public places like grocery stores and such. We don't know how long this is going to go on. I watched a video on YouTube about the virus that struck in 1918. The pandemic. Apparently it came and then slowed down over the summer and then came back 5 times stronger in the fall. Was it because people started going out and about and eating at restaurants, or would it have come back anyway? That was the H1N1 virus, and it's still around but we have vaccines for it. We have no vaccine for the Covid-19 virus. We are grateful that we are both well. Mainly we stay home and generally only go into town once a week.
On another note, I had to reset my Windows 10 laptop on like Monday the 10th. I've been trying to get my MalwareBytes protection on my three computers onto one account. What a mess. Then I couldn't open MalwareBytes on that laptop running Win 10. THEN I uninstalled it. THEN I couldn't get into my laptop! So I reset it. I had to reload a bunch of stuff. Like Firefox and some other stuff. Maybe it's a good thing. There are some things I don't need any more and I don't think I am going to install them again. So there you go. It's all like brand-new. It did keep all my picture and video files and other document files. I don't know how it knew what to keep and what to throw away. So far so good though. That's all for now. See other news on my Facebook and/or Instagram or on my latest photos and stuff on my site.
I had a good birthday. We went to town, got lunch at Coffee Spot and ate it in the park. I had gotten a chocolate, chocolate pie which we started eating the day before my birthday. It was yummy. I got a bunch of cards, some with money. Thank you to all who sent me cards and wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook. Erica made a video card for me on Instagram. I saved it and did some screenshots from it.
We also went into town for Mother's day. We got some food at a restaurant and also ate it in the park. Erica also sent me a video card on Instagram for Mother's day.

April 28, 2020 ... We ate at the Kit Carson Park yesterday. We got coffees and brownies at Starbucks at Albertson's, our local grocery store. We took them to the park and sat at a covered picnic bench. That was nice. Kit Carson Park is open. There was hardly anyone there. We walked around the park too and down Kit Carson Road to see if the turkey vultures are around yet. We didn't see one turkey vulture. I expected them to be there. It's a weird world these days with Covid-19 and everything.
I invited my ex-boss Kathleen up to our place on Saturday. And she did come to visit on Sunday. We had lunch outdoors and we showed her around our home. She wore a face mask. That was fun. We chatted with Justin yesterday too.
We're just mainly hiding out and trying to only go into town only once a week, but went in yesterday anyway.
My birthday is coming on Sunday. I'll have traveled around the sun 69 times!

April 24, 2020 … Coronavirus. Covid-19. That's all that is in the news these days.
We haven't eaten inside a restaurant since March 4th.
A man who graduated from high school in my school and graduated the same year I graduated, died from Covid-19 a couple of days ago. I shared the information on Facebook. I hardly remember the guy. I hardly remember anyone from high school except my close friends. But still it kinda freaked me out. I shared the information to get people to realize they need to STAY HOME. I've been sharing lots of things on Facebook in order to let people know that they should stay home!
People are demonstrating because they want their town businesses to open up. Yeah, I know, lots of people need to go back to work. Lots of people are out of work. They need money. It's hard. I don't want to see more people get the virus and die though. People are dying. Over 50,000 in the USA today.
Crazy times we are living in. Right? Right. Right. So crazy. Practically nothing is open. The mayor of Las Vegas, NV was thinking of opening up the city. Using it as a test city. Crazy! Maybe she won't though.
We visited and chatted with our neighbor down the hill from us yesterday. I couldn't give him a hug! We can't visit with our friend Robin in case we are carrying the virus or in case she is carrying it. We just don't know! She has a tiny postage stamp of a yard and she doesn't want to drive out here because of her car.
We're going into town once a week. We got more money for food stamps; another $630 for March and April! And our stimulus check is in our mailbox for $1200 each. What the heck are we gonna spend it on? All the stores are closed! Well, most of them are closed.
Below I mention a friend, Debra, who died in March. It may have been Covid-19. Her partner thinks so.
Bye bye. STAY safe. STAY well. The end.

March 28, 2020 - I'm still here. We're having the Coronavirus (Covid-19) thing going on, on the planet right now. Lots of stores and restaurants in our town have shut down. Some of the restaurants tried having take-out, but they were losing money so they shut down. We are mainly staying home and only going into town once a week. Town is about a 40 minute drive from us. We do our shopping and other errands during that once a week trip. We do take-out or drive-up only, when we go to town and want to go to a restaurant - Like McDonald's. There are less people driving around town. I don't know how other people are doing, but we are retired, so we are fine. We are staying safe and healthy.
It's so crazy and weird in the world now. No one we know has gotten Covid-19, thank goodness. I hope no one we know does get it. My daughter got laid-off from the job at the place where she has been working since 2002! It's a movie theater conglomerate and has many movie theaters across the country. She did graphic design for them. Now she is spending time at home working on her artwork and her paper dolls, stickers, greeting cards and other items for her Etsy store. Here's a Link to Her Webpage.
A friend of ours died about a week ago. NOT because of Covid-19. She had a heart or lung condition. That's sad and we will miss her. We've known her for about a year and a half. She and her partner were planning to move to New Hampshire in the summer, so we didn't do that much with them. Mainly we would meet at a restaurant and have beer and chat. The partner still wants to move to New Hampshire in the summer.

July 24, 2018 - I got really drunk and sick on the 12th of this month; I had two and a half micro-brewery beers. I was sick for several days afterward. Really sick. Throwing up. diarrhea. Upset stomach. Nausea. Didn't eat anything for several days. I don't want to drink alcohol any more. I'd like to pray to my spirit guides to not drink alcohol any more! Please! This stuff can't be good for us humans if it makes us sick. I really don't want to drink beer or any other alcohol any more. Okay? Okay!
Nothing much going on really. We've made a few day trips: to Abiquiu, Ghost Ranch and to Plaza Blanca where Georgia O'Keeffe hung out and painted. It was really cool and fun. We didn't pay the big bucks to do any of the tours. We are retired and living on our social security after all. See my pics on My Facebook and my Instagram.
My husband Bert got called for Jury Duty the beginning of this month for three months. So far all he's had to do is call in. Thank goodness. I think when we turn 75 we don't have to do jury duty any more.

March 22, 2018 - Like I said below we quit the gym the end of February. $60 a month was a lot for us on our miniscule Social Security budget.
There is something in Taos that involves exercising for old people. We tried it for a while. They play Spanish / Mexican music. Not really for us. And, honestly, being with all those slow-moving old people is depressing. And a lot of them are not very highly educated. Not to be mean or biased or anything.... Well, never mind, I guess I am biased. Anyway, we're fine.
We bought a stationary Cardio bicycle and we have weights and other stuff. So that's working for us now.
And we go for at least a half hour walk every day. I got down to 141 pounds last week but now I'm back up to 143. Gotta get back down. I don't know if I'll get any lower than the 141. We'll see. I feel great!
The time last August when they told me I have diverticulosis, that was when I decided I had to eat better and less food. It wasn't initially to lose weight, but that was the side effect. And then I did start losing weight and I kept it rolling. We do have a drink on occasion. We like beer. Even those new micro-brewery beers are cheaper especially during happy hour.
We enjoy our peace and quiet out here on "the mesa" and we have things to do to keep us busy. Our one vice is eating out. And our fun stuff is taking occasional trips locally to see events and the scenery around here.
This past weekend we went to Sipapu Ski Resort to see the youngsters do "pond skimming." That was fun! Go to my Instagram to see my photos if you wish.
And here's the link on Youtube to watch the video I made..

March 21, 2018 - We're having a great time around here. Hanging out. Going to an occasional event in the area. On St. Patrick's Day we went to watch a Pond Skimming contest at Sipapu Ski Resort. That was fun to watch. I put some photos on Instagram, Facebook and a video on YouTube. Hee hee...
Our daughter Erica is going to New York City this coming week. They are leaving Sunday. She's going with her friend Abby and Abby's boyfriend. They are going to see a play. The latest in the Harry Potter series of things. You know about Harry Potter books and movies, right? Anyone who hasn't read the books and/or seen the movies should ..... definitely. The play is called "The Cursed Child" and has been playing in London and now in NYC. Somehow or other Abby's boyfriend got tickets. Then they are going to stay around for the week and be tourists. Erica's promised to take lots of photos.

February 28, 2018 - I quit all my website jobs the end of last year. Websites are changing their formats so they can be viewed properly on cell (smart) phones, iPads, tablets and stuff and I don’t have the ability or knowledge or inclination to build or learn to build the new style ones for people. I do still have my own website, but I don’t know how much longer that will be. I’d have to pay again in 2019 or 2020 for another 3 years. It’s paid till like November of 2020. It’s not cheap. Although my daughter offered to pay for it, I'd rather pay for it myself or let it go. I would like to keep it, though. We’ll see. Last year (or maybe it was 2016) I downloaded a website template from someone else online to use for my own personal website, so it now – mostly – works well on cell (smart) phones and stuff.
They require me to have a link to their website (the people I got the template from) at the bottom of every page. But that’s just for this, my own personal website and I don’t mind that. Other people would want a more professional website. I gave those people I was working for like three months notice. Actually I had been telling them for at least a year that they needed to find someone else for Website design and maintenance. So, I’m done with that. Still Me:
And the guy down the hill - who we were doing airbnb stuff for - isn’t going anywhere so we can’t take care of the rentals that he does/did do of his house for, usually during this time, and spring and summer. So we won’t get paid anything by him. He seems to have work around here lately. That could change any time though. But we just don’t know. He’s 32 years old. He’s cool.
We’re just living on our small social security checks. We do have one vice. That is, eating out. But we try to keep that at a minimum too. We try.
All is well here. We’re trying to not spend too much money. We quit the gym. We had signed up for 3 months. It ends this week. We just need to keep our expenses down. It was great for the time that we did it, and we’re happy we did it, but we’re done now. We bought ourselves a stationary Cardio bicycle and we have weights and other stuff to do exercises with on our own. The about $60 a month at the gym for the two of us was a bit much for us.

February 1, 2018 - We are still members of the gym - Deliberately Fit on Taos. It's fun! So far. It costs about $60 a month.

January 9, 2018 - Here we are in a new year. Like I said previously, 2017 flew by! It seems like the beginning of LAST year was only a few weeks ago. Time flies... We are still going to the gym twice a week. We live about a 45 minute drive from town, so that's what we feel would be good for us to do. Mostly we hang out at home enjoying the weird warm weather we've been having lately. It's been in the 50s (Fahrenheit) lately. It's a high of 59 today! We haven't seen any rain since like September or October!
We live out in the middle of nowhere. We are living our own life as we please. We live in a tiny off-the-grid house with solar panels and a roof-catch water system. We love our life. No problems here. I like to read books. We're reading the Harry Potter series again. We love them! We like to watch interesting movies and TV shows.
I haven't really lost any more weight since I posted last time. But I'm hanging steady where I was and didn't gain any over the holidays. That's good!
Have a fun new year! Hope all is well with all who read this!

December 13, 2017 - This year has been flying by. It seems like it went by in like a week or two. In May we had a wonderful visit with our daughter. She came to visit us. We picked her up at the Denver airport, hung out around that area for a while. We took her to see Miramont Castle, and The Garden of the Gods among other things. Then drove back home. She stayed at the earthship down the hill that belongs to our neighbor. He rents it through airbnb when he's not there. We took her to a bunch of places including along the Rio Grande Gorge (and down into it) to the north, to Meow Wolf (House of Eternal Return) and The Taos Ski Valley among other things. It was GREAT having her here. One can see photos in my Instagram and Facebook accounts.
Our daughter has awesome paperdolls for sale. I have two sets. They are of Cinderella and the prince. Benedict Cumberbatch is the prince. You can also go to my Facebook page or Instagram to Check them out.
We went to a really cool place called Tinkertown (sometimes spelled Tinker Town) here in New Mexico in August. It was great. It's south of Albuquerque. Again, photos on Instagram and Facebook!
We've been enjoying our retirement. I've lost 37 pounds so far today since June or July. I feel great! We just signed up in a gym to get more exercise and keep going in a healthy way.

December 21, 2016 - I was lying in my bed this morning thinking of things to be grateful for. I like to do that although I don't always remember, or I do two or three things and then something distracts me. This morning what distracted me was remembering how many people or organizations said to me they were "the truth," "the best," or whatever and they weren't. Starting with the Catholic Church, moving on to the Transcendental Meditation organization and so on. I have always thought of myself as a spiritual person. I'm not doing anything these days, except maybe conscious breathing or whatever in the morning or when I think to do such a thing. Anyway, if you want to see all the things I have been a member of or have joined or have believed go to the "I Have Been a Member of or Have Done or Were / Am Interested in" page in the Metaphysical section of my Website.

December 20, 2016 - We're hanging out at our home today enjoying our retirement. We finally did some paperwork last month so that when we die our land will go to our daughter. Since we have only one grown child we don't have to do a will, it seems. I think I'll live a long time anyway. My mother lived to be 90 and my dad lived to be several days short of his 96th birthday. But then one never knows.
Another Christmas is almost here. Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year and then the days will start getting longer - and colder! It got to be almost zero (Fahrenheit) last night. It's supposed to be in the high 30s today. We are staying warm in our little place out here in the middle of nowhere in northern New Mexico.
We drove to town yesterday and we plan to not go into town again until the day after Christmas. We could feel the anxiety in the people around us and we certainly noticed a LOT more people in the stores!

Image: Elderly tabby cat with blanketsJune 25, 2016 - My elderly female kitty cat Shakti passed away on June 14th of this year. She was getting sicker and sicker and had growths on her chest, among other things. We took her to the vets and had her euthanized. It was time. The vet acted like we should have taken her there sooner. We didn't do that because our friend Heather took her elderly cat to the vets and wanted to have the cat euthanized last year but they just told her to feed her canned cat food and she would be fine. It cost her over $100. Well the cat wasn't fine. She slowly faded away and died in pain and alone. We didn't want to have the same thing happen with Shakti. Anyway, she had a long kitty life.
If you want to read more about Shakti Click Here.

Image: A white-haired woman with pink and purple clothesMay 13, 2016 - I quit my job at the UNM-Taos Library on May 2nd. I was ready to retire. I turned 65 after all. I'm now retired and enjoying every minute. This evening my husband and I are going to attend the graduation ceremonies for UNM-Taos. It should be fun! Since 2015 I have been only posting photos in Facebook. So check out my Facebook account to see my latest photos.

February 29, 2016 - My dear sister Jacqueline passed away on February 18, 2016. You can read her obituary and some stuff I wrote about her in my Memorial Pages, which is part of this site. I will miss chatting with her on the phone. She wanted me to be there at the end, but I couldn't. Her last words to me were, "Why not," after I had said Sorry I wasn't there, to her by phone.

December 31, 2014 - Again see the photos that I took for 2014. I started working at the UNM-Taos campus library on March 4, 2014. I like the job, mostly. It is more responsibility than I expected, but that's okay.

December 31, 2013 - If you want to see what happened this year, see my photos that I took for 2013. Oh, and I went to some badlands in New Mexico with my friend Heather.

December 31, 2012 - This has been quite a year. Three family members died, two of them took their own lives. I have written about this elsewhere. The world did not end on December 21, 2012. Everything is going on as stupidly as ever. People say that things are better. I'll agree with that when people stop abusing and killing each other.

September 14, 2012 - Well we talked to the driver and he and his girlfriend are ok. He just got a broken rib and she ended up being air lifted by helicopter to Albuquerque. She had many broken bones. She's going into physical therapy. Hope we get to talk to her and him soon. We are so happy that they are both okay. He says that she's keeping up a positive attitude. They both definitely had some angels watching over them.

Image: Sunrise over the mountainsSeptember 7, 2012 - My husband and I came upon an accident yesterday when we were on our way to drive to Santa Fe, driving up the dirt road leading from our house. (The picture to the left is just a random photo out where we live.) We were a couple of miles from the black-top road. A young woman was pinned under a truck which was on it's side. The driver was our neighbor! There were other people who pulled up just before us and everyone was asking for a jack. Bert had two. So he managed to get the truck off her enough that she got out. The ambulance takes FOREVER to get out to anywhere near where we live. So, she got in the back of our truck with her boyfriend - our neighbor - and we took her to the blacktop where the ambulance had stopped.
We saw this truck over on it's side and we could see it had just happened!!! In fact we saw the dust from the accident as we were driving toward that spot. We didn't know it was our neighbor at first! Plus we saw some cattle running; there may have been a cow (what's the singular for cattle?) in the middle of the road, and maybe he had to swerve to avoid it. There's a up-hill there and we always take that hill nice and easy just in case there is a cow standing there. There are often loose cattle around there. We haven't seen our neighbor at his house yet. There's still a jacket and a blanket in the back of our truck. Wonder who owns them.
I called the hospital and both parties of the accident are fine. They had some kind of good luck, that's for sure.
We figure he was driving and she got thrown out the passenger window. The truck must have rolled and flipped. It was facing the other direction! How she ended up UNDER the truck, who knows. Her chest and head were sticking out from under the center part of the bottom part of the truck. There must have been an indentation or something. Anyway, thank God they are both fine!

August 27, 2012 - I am now reading all the Anne Rice Vampire and Witches books. I had never read most of them before. I like them so far. I'm on The Vampire Armand right now. Lots of sexual stuff. Now a days Marius, Armand's maker, would have been thrown in jail for statuary rape and sexual abuse. Anyway, I don't know where Anne Rice comes up with her ideas. I wonder though. I guess one can write about anything. I ordered all the books through

May 7, 2012 - I just finished reading, again, all of the Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee books by Tony Hillerman. By the way, I really like them. In the last book, The Shape Shifter, it says, "...when God created humans he let them grow into two groups. A few of them -- very few and only males among them -- they are the predators. ..... And the other people. Just about everybody else. They are the prey. The weak ones, he called them. Helpless ones." (p.232) I feel like I am one of the helpless ones, one of the prey. Or maybe not so much "helpless" and "prey" but as "nice," and "kind." Someone others feel free to take advantage of and to boss around. I don't like to take advantage of others and these predators seem to not mind taking advantage of others. What's up with this world of ours anyway? There are definitely many people who don't feel bad about taking advantage of others. They tend to make more money this way as well. I am poor. Am I poor because of this? I would like to pray to God that I live comfortably without taking advantage of others.
This also reminds me of Transactual Analysis where people feel they can treat others as children. It's better if everyone treats everyone else as adults instead of like a parent with a child. Those people who are being treated like children by others need to take back their power and not allow this to happen any more. Let's all treat each other as equals.
That's about it for today.

December 14, 2011 - I was just driving through town and some thoughts were going through my head. Before that I saw somebody using one of the pay phones near one of the grocery stores here in Taos. The thought went through my head about somebody loaning her their cell phone, even me. Would I? I doubt it. Later on I realized that I wouldn't do that. Not these days. Back in the day before cell phones, I would give someone my camera occasionally to have a picture of myself somewhere or other. I wouldn't even do that these days, I don't think. Of course now-a-days we have the timed picture option on our digital cameras. Cameras were once inexpensive. Now they are not and I don't want mine stolen. Have I become hardened to our times?

Image: A dirt road leading off into the distance with mountains and a blue sky with sage brush on either side of the roadDecember 1, 2011 - On Tuesday Nov. 29, at night, we were coming back from town and were coming upon the new temporary stop light at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. It was quite dark. I could see that there were cars in front of me coming to a stop and I had plenty of room before I got anywhere near them. I was doing about 25 or 30 miles per hour. I took a glance in my rear view and side mirrors because there was a car behind us with it's high beams on. I didn't like that. All of a sudden Bert shouted, "LOOK OUT!" I looked and there was a doe deer directly in front of us just in the headlight beams of our vehicle looking at us. I slammed on the brakes and swerved to the right. I knew the parking lot was right there and I knew I had room. The deer took off and I righted the car and headed to stand in line at the stop light. I guess the deer was scared by my screeching tires. I also think I saw another deer, just out of the corner of my eye to the right. We could have hit the deer if Bert hadn't shouted. Well, all was well thank goodness. Our angels were watching over us. I will have the image of that deer permanently imbedded in my brain for some time to come.
Right-above is a random picture of the dirt road on the way to where we live. This is not the road I was talking about above.

November 19, 2011 - What’s this whole business going on about the 99% anyway? Supposedly the 99% of the people are annoyed the way the economy is run in this country - the good old USA. I used to hear that 90% of the people have 10% of the wealth and 10% of the people have 90% of the wealth. Hasn’t this been going on since time immemorial?

My parents and their parents didn’t have time to worry about how much money they were making. They didn’t have time to complain.  They had kids and worked their butts off to make ends meet. These days people have so much time on their hands that they think too much sometimes. Maybe that’s the case. I go into town and quite often there are people standing at one of the major intersections with their signs. Signs saying, “We are the 99%,” that’s the new one. Signs complaining about the flyovers that are supposedly going to be happening in Northern New Mexico one of these days. The flyovers are done by the military. We’d love to have peace in the world and all that but we don’t have peace.  Would I like to become a Muslim?  I don’t think so.  Would I like to have to learn Chinese? I don’t think so. When I see that we have peace all over the world then I’ll complain about the flyovers. Or maybe they will just stop. I’d love to see that day. I haven’t yet.

I was at a grocery store in Taos several weeks ago and someone had set up a table complaining about the military flyovers.  They came up to me and asked me to sign their petition against them. That day I was feeling annoyed with all the complaining. I said, “I like them,” about the flyovers. I was feeling feisty I guess. One of the women there turned to the other woman and said, “What did she say?” The other woman repeated what I said and they shook their heads. 

July 6, 2011 - Have you ever felt so exhausted you feel like you feel a little drunk? That's how I feel now. I didn't get much sleep last night. Just tried to call an old friend. She didn't pick up. Everyone else I know is working or not available. I should be working, but I'm too darned tired! I work at home, in case I didn't mention that before. I could do the dishes. It's WAY too hot in the kitchen though. The sun is coming in the kitchen window even through the shade! TOO darned hot to be standing over hot water. So I'm sitting over a hot keyboard! :-)

July 3, 2011 - Yeah, I know (regarding what I said below). Gang members spend time outdoors too. Maybe sometimes I just think too little, or too much. I spent time outdoors in my youth in the woods and in my backyard and riding my bicycle back in the 1950s and 1960s. Maybe I was just too innocent and maybe I still am. Are there any people out there still as innocent as I am? I don't do drugs or anything like that. Never have.

July 2, 2011 - I am a woman of few words so here are a few. Have you watched TV shows lately (and movies), and noticed how fast-paced they are!??! Good god! Parents and teachers wonder why children can't focus in school these days. I don't wonder because I do watch these TV shows. Parents, don't let your kids watch TV, or at least keep it limited drastically. Let's slow it down some. Then watch how much more your children will be able to focus on work in school. Make sure they play outside more, keep them away from video games, and keep them off sugar too. For an example watch a TV show from the 1950s and see how s-l-o-w the pacing was. Slow life down for your children. Just my opinion. Now go back and read this paragraph more slowly a second and third time - and breathe more slowly yourself each time. Push the ads to the right off the side of your computer screen as well, it's okay with me. For now. :-)

January 24, 2011 - Last September (2010) we moved from town out into what's known as Carson Estates, Two Peaks. We bought a quarter acre of land in among the sagebrush. We love it out here. Mainly it's peaceful and quiet. It's also kind of like the wild, wild west. All is well! We built a small house, we have a wood burning stove for heat, we haul in our own water, and we have a solar panel for electricity. Check out my FaceBook page to see pictures. Link is on other pages - particularly my home page.


Image: smiling woman outdoors in Santa FeJanuary 12, 2010 - Yeah, I haven't been here for a while.
If you really want to find out more about me go to my About Me Page.
I most likely won't be posting here any more but will leave the old items.
(Well, I have decided to add more from time to time after all.)
I also have a blog on my metaphysical pages.


August 14, 2008 - Today is my daughter's 27th birthday! I just called her and wished her a happy birthday. She lives in L.A.
 Image: Bride and groom relaxingBert and I got remarried on June 22, 2008. If you want to see pictures, go to my other web site: and go to the photos section.
It was a wonderful wedding and our daughter came out here (from L.A.) to attend as well as my brother and his wife and one of my sisters and her husband (from Massachusetts).
I have moved most of my free web sites to the site that I pay for. Much easier to take care of.
I got my Yahoo mail account that I lost in 2006 back for good. Thank goodness, I've had that account since like 1997 or something like that. I also remembered what birthdate I used.
I no longer work at the UNM-Taos Library and I am not taking any college classes this fall and I didn't take any over the summer. I was busy! I sprained my foot a week before my wedding. That hurt! It's still not totally better. I had to wear crutches for the wedding. I walked down the "isle" in crutches. Then we got me a wheel chair so our daughter could push me around because she stayed for a week after the wedding. What fun! It was SO great having her here. I hadn't seen her since the beginning of 2006 and Bert hadn't seen her since 1999! She came out here with a couple of her friends by car and then flew back to L.A.
I recently acquired Adobe Premier Pro 7 and I'm working on making a movie of the wedding. Then I will make it into a DVD and send it to family members. Nothing fancy. Just a combination of some of the videos and pictures that were taken during the wedding.
All is well. In fact, all is Excellent!
Our two cats are getting along great!! I just love them both to pieces. They are SO cute. Especially when they sleep together. Shakti is about 5 years old and Sparky is now a couple of years old.
Erica brought me my album of postcards. Plus I joined a couple of swap places so I now have even MORE postcards. They are cool.
She also scanned in some of my photos from "my" photo albums - which she has. She did the ones up until Bert and I got married the first time in 1977. Perhaps I will get the rest of them one day.


February 23, 2008 - I'm getting married!!! In June!!! I am remarrying Bert!!! My daughter is coming out and some other family members. It should be FUN!
We got a new cat! He's SO adorable. His name is Sparky and he's about 9 or 10 months old. He and Shakti were hissy-fitting over each other but they will get over it.
Erica sent me my stamp album. I just like looking at it. I have been collecting postage stamps since the 1970s! (In 2011 I made an album of some of my postage stamps here on my site.)


Image: College graduate smilingJune 2007 - To the left is me when I graduated with an Associates degree with honors from UNM-Taos. I learned a lot and enjoyed going to college. I hope to continue my education in the years to come.

March 25, 2007 - Hmmmmm.... It's been a while. The Yahoo account that I've mentioned below? I got it back and then lost it again then got it back again. I don't know what's going on. I'm meditating again on occasion and I learned some relaxation and breathing techniques that I like to do.


July 1, 2006 - I just lost one of my Yahoo accounts. I guess it's my fault. Well, I guess someone was looking over my shoulder while I was using a public computer and must have stolen my password. A note to everyone: When you open a Yahoo account they ask for a birthdate. Be sure you use your own, or use one you won't forget. I signed up for that account before 1999; I thought I used my own birthdate. Now I can't get in because I apparently used something other than my birthdate. I can't imagine what else I might have used. The people who stole my password never did anything else, but I can't use that account any more. That account had an email, a website, Yahoo chat, Yahoo Music, and other things attached to it. I also had to cancel my credit card and make many changes to many of my websites. It's the pits. (I got it back, see above)

Image: Me on Saint Patrick's Day March 17 2006May 19, 2006 - I've basically quit all the Metaphysical, New Age stuff in my life. Anyone want to write to tell me that I should keep searching? The man I had been learning Shamanism from is a smoker who can't control his urges - in complaining and smoking cigarettes among other things. I ruined my lungs from being in his place because he smoked constantly. What should I do? I am not going to learn from him any more, that's for sure. I don't think I can learn any more from a person like that. Maybe I'll get a boost again one of these days in that area of my life. Maybe it's a lost cause for us here in the "Material World". I've learned a lot throughout my life. But, was it of any use? That is the question! I don't make much money, I don't even have health or life insurance! I don't make enough money to afford to pay for health or life insurance. I'm now 55 years old. What have I done with my life? How much longer will I have to live this life? And what will it be like when it's over? Will I be happy in the here-after about what I have done in the here?

March 15, 2006 - I was watching part of an old TV show from the 70's last night on It brought to me how much things have changed over the years. Particularly regarding TV. Back then we never expected that we were going to see a particular TV show again, ever. Maybe there would be a re-run over the summer but that was it, and only some shows had re-runs. We had three TV channels to choose from plus public TV, and we accepted whatever they fed to us - we had to. The Ed Sullivan Show and many other TV shows were done live; does that happen much any more? There was no way to record a show. Now we have VCR's and DVD players. We have IPod and ICast and can watch Music Videos and music clips over and over again on places like YouTube and Yahoo. When I saw the Beatles for the first time in the 1960's there was no thought that I would ever see that particular broadcast again. That was a one-time shot as far as I was concerned at the time - now they are all over the Internet and available on VHS or DVD. When we had to choose between two television shows that were playing at the same time, we didn't think we would be able to see the one we didn't watch, unless it happened to be a re-run. Things have changed a lot over the years and not only with TV.


Image: Halloween 2005August 14, 2005 - It's my daughter Erica's birthday today. She's turned 24! I called her and wished her a happy birthday!
I've practiced TM for over 20 years. I just, today (August 14, 2005) discovered that it may be ineffectual, at best, and maybe even harmful. I quit going to the "Golden Domes" in Fairfield Iowa in 1996. Today I quit practicing TM all together, I may never do it again. Check out my New Age Links page to follow the links and read more from other ex-TMers who tell their stories of recovery from TM. Plus Click Here to Read about My Experiences with TM.

Image: Visiting Mass. / NH when my mother died -  My dadFebruary 25, 2005 - My dad died about 5 days before his 96th birthday last year. He would have been 96 on October 26th. He also died a few days before the Boston Red Sox won the world series. He'd been hoping that they would win the world series most of (if not all) his life. On the plane ride out to Massachusetts to attend his funeral I cried when I saw the headlines on a newspaper. Check out the memorial site I created for both my parents. (Added December, 2016: It also includes my sister Jacqui who died in February of 2016.)
I've changed my cat Shakti's name to Alcyone. She mainly stays in my room although last night she ventured out into the living room for a brief time with the dogs. (I'm reading this over in 2008, I changed her name back to Shakti. I'm reading this over again in 2017, Shakti died last summer.)


Image: Me at My Birthday May 2004August 1, 2004 - I'm ready to attend this coming fall semester at UNM-Taos and I'm enjoying my life. I got all A's again this past spring semester and I hope to keep up my good grades. I moved into another place with a room-mate in April of this year. We have two dogs and one cat and get along great! One of my cats left even after I kept them in for two weeks. So now I only have Shakti. I believe that Shiva has found himself a fine home with no dogs - he was not pleased about the addition of the dogs in the household.

May 2004.... My hair is now red. See pics at

February 24, 2004. I am now attending two college classes (WaterColor and Vector Graphics) and Celtic Shamanism III. I am also continuing to work part time earning my "living" and enjoying my life. This new year has brought many good changes to my life. I am feeling better and better every day and feeling more self-assured every day.

Image: Linda in MayJanuary 17, 2004 ... It was still a difficult time especially through December. My mother's birthday was December 6th and then Christmas of 2003 was a sad time also. Plus I was sick from about December 16th till just a little while ago. Actually, I still have a cough, but I'm definitely getting better. I even lost a lot of hair during the summer and into the beginning of the fall, everything in that area is fine now though. Those were all results of my emotional trauma of having my mother die last year.
I've signed up for two college courses this semester. Plus I am continuing with my Celtic Shamanism studies. I'm now about to start Level 3. I just completed Level 2. I'm feeling better these days and I'm happy to see the days getting longer.


November 19, 2003. Attending college and enjoying it. I'm taking four computer classes: Advanced Web site design, Photo Shop 1, Intro to Micro Computers, and Intro to the Internet. I'm working toward my Certificate in Internet Technology. I'm also taking a class in Celtic Shamanism. It is lots of fun and I am learning lots. I just updated my Web site; consolidated the front page and consolidated some other things.


Image: Erica and Me and my mother and father - at Father's Day (?) at Alicia'sJuly 3, 2003. My mother passed away on June 9th. I miss her. I didn't know I would miss her this much. She was in a nursing home for several months. On May 28 I talked to my oldest sister on the phone and she mentioned that she was calling a priest for last rights right that moment for my mother. My mother was fading fast. I also talked with my oldest nephew and mentioned that I didn't want to go to visit. But he said, "You're the youngest; you have to go!" It was a long trip almost all the way across the country for me. So, on the spur of the moment I called the airlines, made reservations, and went "home" to visit my dear mother in the nursing home. I'm glad I arrived when I did - on May 30 - because she still recognized me and was very happy to see me there. I talked with her and said some "Hail Marys" with her. She liked that a lot. I also meditated with her and while I was sitting quietly in the room with her I would send white light to her and I would talk to my guides about what was best to do, and the energy I sent to her, I believe, helped her in her transition to another world. A friend of mine in California said that I was an angel that helped my mother transition more comfortably. We don't, of course, just disappear when we die - we move on to another dimension. Our bodies stay here and our soul or spirit moves on. Many members of the family visited her often. Some family member or other was there every day. Some of her last words to me were, "You are pretty" and "Are you going to be okay?" As always, she was thinking of others. I extended my stay there in Massachusetts till July 15. I certainly didn't know she was going to die shortly after I extended my stay; it was a total coincidence. She was ready to go...... I attended her wake in Methuen, her funeral also in Methuen and her entombment in Lawrence. Maybe some day I will get over this loss. Maybe some day. .................... Meanwhile I've created a Memorial Web Site for her (check my front page). I hope some more people in my family contribute to the stories I put there.


Image: Linda in JuneSome Thoughts, January 2003. I'm now a college student attending The University of New Mexico - Taos full time. I started August 2002. I've never attended college before and it is a new experience for me. Erica has moved to California. I wish her all the best. I also wish she'd send me my stuff!!! My "stuff" includes my stamp album and my album of post cards. I also wish I had all my photo albums so I could put all the pictures on a CD Data Disk. I guess there may be other things I wish I had but those are the ones that come to mind right now. I left them in Iowa and now I don't have them any more. Perhaps she'll find it in her heart to send them to me one day.
I've discovered that I can do pretty well in college. I've written some essays in my English class and I suppose I will be writing more in the new class. I never knew I had things to write about. I hope I don't run out of things to write about. I'm enjoying winter in Taos. People sometimes ask me if I'm going to take a vacation, like around the holidays or whatever. I tell them I still feel like I am on vacation in Taos! It is a tourist trap after all. The almost constant sunshine is great. I love the sun! The mountains are beautiful. Even the sage and the high desert around Taos is beautiful.
I decided to go blonde in May of 2003. It's fun! See my photo album to see me as a blonde.


Image: Erica and Linda, her motherWritten January 2002: Well, I ran away from home again at the beginning
of this year. I couldn't kick my daughter out of the nest so I left the nest.
You want to know where I am? Write me and maybe I'll tell you. :-)
Erica is in Iowa still in college. Sorry Erica about that.


Image: Erica and meMore Thoughts November 2001: My wish is to move somewhere else in May or June of 2002. To L.A. as some people suggest? Back to Taos? I don't know right now. I am a free spirit and feel I can be more free in a large city; preferably in California. I don't want to play any games with people. I only wish to be myself and be friends with people who wish to be honest, open and true to themselves and true to others. I am divorced (since August 2000) with a 20 year old daughter living in Iowa (I don't know exactly why I moved to Iowa originally. **Smile**). I'm originally from Massachusetts and have lived several places in the United States. California is the only place I remember actually crying when I left. I lived, in 1979 thru 1980 with my now-ex-husband, in the San Francisco Bay area. I want to go back to CA. It's scary for me to think such a thought, but I'm going to go for it, in a manner of speaking, by placing some personals ads! I feel like a 20-year-old stuck in a 50-year-old body. I enjoy Life, Love, Dancing, Music, walks in the moonlight, thunder showers, dining out, hugs, laughing, spending time at the beach and the mountains. I practice meditation -- Transcendental Meditation, among others. I'm kind, considerate, loving. I believe in Reincarnation, Intuitive information, that there's life elsewhere in the universe. I occasionally do soul clearings. I want to learn Spanish! I am currently living for the present moment and enjoying life as it comes along. If you want to write to me to encourage me and tell me I am doing the right thing, feel free - or if you just want to chat then go right ahead and write me!


Image: Linda and Erica again - same dayThoughts November 2001: My Daughter and I have been residing in Fairfield, Iowa since June 24, 1999. Erica and I had an appointment with Rob Robb again in September of 1999; and yet again in October of 2000. He says we are doing great!! I had another appointment with Rob Robb in November of 2001. He thinks I should get out of this town. I think so too! Check out his web site at

I am currently doing several different kinds of work including: Personal Assistant, Web Site Creator, Soul Clearing, and other types of computer work. Very varied and very interesting.


Thoughts some time in 2000: We moved to Taos, New Mexico in August of 1997. I learned part one of a Soul Clearing/Healing procedure in September of 1998. I learned part two of the process in April of 1999.


Image: Linda and her parents in 1998 in MassachusettsOn October 26, 1998 my Dad celebrated his 90th birthday and I was there - in Massachusetts visiting my family for the first time in three years. That was lots of fun!! There is one picture of me with my Mom & Dad taken during that time. (See my photo album)
Three days before Christmas of 1998 I decided to color my hair again after letting the white hair grow out for over a year. People tell me I look a lot younger. So much for going "natural." ** Smile**
See me "natural" with my parents in the photo left.


Image: Whistling children and babyWritten some time in 1998 or 1999, updated some time in 2000 (updated 2012): I was born in May of 1951 and grew up in Massachusetts. I was the last of five children in Pleasant Valley, Methuen, USA. I realized, as time went by, that there must be more to life than what meets the eye. I searched for a while and I discovered Transcendental Meditation (TM). I started Meditating in 1975 and did so for over 30 years! Read about my experiences with TM if you wish. I was married from 1977 till 1999. I was divorced from my husband in 2000 (we are remarried).

I moved to the San Francisco Bay area in California in April of 1978, with my husband. We lived in Nevada for a couple of months in 1978. We moved to Missouri in February of 1979. We moved back to California in 1980.

I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Erica, in 1981 while living in Los Altos, California. We moved to Fairfield, Iowa in 1982 and lived there till 1997.

After 1994 I discovered several other things (besides TM) that helped me in my personal and spiritual growth. Bert and Erica and I saw Rob Robb (he's from Carmel, CA) in 1994. We saw bj King (from Oklahoma City) in 1995. I discovered, really, that I am the creator of my own spiritual growth in my life. I read lots of books and saw several "psychics" (to tell you the truth, I really don't like that word much) and other spiritual teachers, including the two mentioned above. I made a list of all the things I have been a member of.

I did the Sterling Women's Weekend in Massachusetts in November of 1995. It was Great fun!

Namaste to all!

Life is interesting!

I never know what I am going to find around the next corner!