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My Original Personal Site (This entire thing - - is now my personal site).

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My Personal Creativity Site - This entire site. This is all my personal site; I make absolutely no profit from this site.

My Metaphysical Site

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My Cats' Site
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My eBay "About Me" Page
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My Husband Bert's Site

My YouTube (I have no more videos, but you can see my likes)

My Flickr (Postcards received by swapping)

My Other Flickr (Old Postcards)

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DeviantArt Where I sometimes upload my artwork:

My Daughter Erica's page with links to her other stuff - hosted on my site

My Daughter, Erica's, Original Art Album - Stuff from 2007 and before. Best viewed on a computer or laptop.

My Daughter, Erica on Deviant Art

A Memorial Page for My Parents and my sister Jacqueline:

My Family Tree / Ancestor / Heritage Stuff

Clickable Image: Smiling young woman in parents' backyard
A photo of me taken in Massachusetts back-in-the-day