The world situation remains inherently fragile, and structural challenges are daunting,” Boone said. “There is a unique window of opportunity to avoid a stagnation that would harm most people: restore certainty and invest for the benefit of all.” From Bloomberg press.

Business promotes consumerism suggesting that every sale is good for the economy. Logic if we had any would of course scream every sail is certainly not good. In fact if a product doesn’t increase efficiency it increases debt. We don’t even want to think about the years wasted to pay for a suburban home. I’m not railing against capitalism there are totalitarian people in every government requiring over building maximizing waste creating poverty and pollution. The rich get richer and the economy grows as workers waste their money but the economy would grow more with less wealth slipping away into the air, water and landfill. Household transportation and food make up more than half of our expenses so this is the source of most of what is wrong in this world. Waste results in poverty while poverty results in violence and sickness. Deep debt results in hopelessness suicide and drug addition. We betray our religion when we join the wasters instead of trying to end poverty. For those who can’t handle college or high pressure jobs we must allow the poor access to cost effective lifestyle. If we can’t beat poverty in the world’s richest county slavery and child labor will continue and it’s all because nobody sides with neighborhood efficiency the ally of poor people. Building law guarantees the poor will fail to afford a home or business as it results in growing debt. To manufacture support for consumerism the right wing placates racists and prolife Hippocrates who scapegoat the poor for there not being enough. I suspect the real game plan is to increase power at the top by producing cheap labor and milking along out dated technology like coal for another year. No example exists of an efficient neighborhood so most people cannot imagine efficiency. Liberals protest symptoms of waste but if we fail to champion innovation eliminating waste nothing really changes.

We must demonstrate cost effectiveness which results in plenty to go around. The solution is to target the whole problem by promoting cost effective living one neighborhood at a time and tax business more that are centralized so business will spread out and people can afford land on which to place homes. We must cut costs, increase efficiency by growing and preparing food and allowing cheap housing with the least expensive utilities outside cities where it costs less to build including self driving ultra light rail. Connectivity and economy opens the door to lots of small business opportunities like 3d printing.

Compassion often costs nothing because the getting laws out of the way is cheaper than what we are doing now. 1 it takes investment 2 it takes a group 3 there is a degree of risk rich people don’t like setting the slaves free 4 if we are going to be logical we need to upgrade the engineering on all big expenses resulting in networked neighborhoods. Because of my obsession with cheap construction my wife and I managed to build our sub standard home off the grid for $20,000 in 2010 and we love our home. Cheap will never be high fashion but there are many conveniences that are possible that conventional construction dose not offer. Building law gets support even by those who the laws hurt because the laws attack the so called undesirables keeping us out of the neighborhood while the laws require wasteful and out dated infrastructure maintaining the value of outdated existing homes. The result is progress comes to a screeching halt as debt grows opening the door for rescission as society becomes less competitive. History tells us over building also called decadence has destroyed every previous empire. Just as the Syfi books predicted totalitarianism and nationalism grows as China inches forward to the head of the line. It seems only a poor person like me who understands construction is motivated to cut the necessary corners to achieve cost effective. If we could perfect cost effective and spread that system south of the border then we solve the imagination problem. Why it’s just like teaching people to fish so they can eat from now on.

by Albert Lange