This is not a conventional business it’s more about democratizing or an open source way of conducting business. Profitable, yes, but government has made environmentalism illegal; it's up to Government to fix this.

Nancy Pelosi is stuck between greedy Republicans and the wild spending freshmen Democrats. We all need a cost effective alternative to the green deal. Federal, state and local building laws work to keep minorities out and driving up costs by letting the special interests in killing real environmentalism by making it illegal.

The real green deal doesn't cost money, it makes and saves money and lives and is self-replicating so it can get big fast.
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At Sunday school we learn gluttony is bad and thrift is good. However in practice I have never heard of a single example of true environmentalism. By definition, environmentalism must produce the least waste of resources, which should be cheaper than what we are doing now, enabling the poor to get ahead. However in the back of everyone's minds we all realize the hidden agenda of our society is to drive the people of color out of the nice neighborhoods by jacking up the prices. Ultimately the game benefits the special interests, which is so ingrained in us no one thinks it is remotely possible to be fair to the poor and create an environmentally sustainable life. Instead the world continues down hill; as we have never see such gluttony as the Republican tax refund to the rich. Instead of being outraged by Mitch McConnell for robbing us and putting gobs of money in his own pocket, real sober adults are so weak, they bow to the rich, giving away money pretending it puts more money in their pockets despite the evidence to the contrary. Meanwhile not just making money but also conserving resources is what the success books recommend, allowing average people to start businesses and get ahead. Do we dare risk change and risk threatening property values to defy gluttony with thrift? Of course we can't tear down our civilization to build a new one but we must build at least one new neighborhood to set an example that harnesses technology to achieve real thriftiness. Once we have an example which shows environmentalism makes life easer so residents can do less by accomplishing more than we can start to transfer some of those ideas to existing neighborhoods. When I suggest people should consider my economical home design it seems like deciding to approve a single thrifty home is such a huge idea most people want to run back to safety the familiar ground where everyone dances along behind the TV advertising clowns. Just know engineering with today's technology can end poverty which ends violence and ends pollution. There lies the only cause that pays for it self and can solve most problems by, networking neighborhoods one neighborhood at a time.

Liberals have a million different causes and it seems they just can't wait to spend the rich peoples money which is fine as long as we don't waste that money. The truth may be that all big centralized projects are becoming to complex. Even green projects are complex thus making them just to expensive as we see by looking at the numbers coming out of Michigan's proposed effort to reduce emissions 25% which might be a disaster for the state and those who prompt the idea should the public realize a serious economic setback as a result. Mean while decentralized green might cost the government little or nothing, it’s a lifestyle vastly cheaper then what we are doing now why not try the most cost effective method first? There is one problem a cost effective home is a dirty word and it's illegal. Allowing efficient homes to be built that are self contained and have the cheapest up front costs and the cheapest expense’s overtime with the least pollution and waste could be a gateway to positive change but it is so ingrained in us that only losers live in sub standard homes. Maybe though in the name of the environment we might have enough consciences to over come prejudice so we might get some access to cheap housing.

Creating modest gains in neighborhood efficiency may be the only sure way to help the poor gain control of their own money and win the day ending poverty violence and pollution. Jobs are important but it is by saving the pennies that we fund new enterprise by keeping expenses to a minimum which can over time become a 99% financial improvement allowing all people to get ahead even on today’s wages. It costs the government much less to, just set people free and there by reduce violence. It’s a good idea to control what gets built saving the environment while maintaining an orderly neighborhood by creating zoning exceptions in areas where land is still cheap just outside towns big enough to have a Wal-Mart allowing networked community’s to be built.

So why are cheap homes illegal? Safety is important but has nothing to do with the majority of building law. The glue that holds our paradigm together that excludes the poor is just institutionalized petty meanness and predigest.

On 60 minutes we saw most children want to hurt any other child who likes what they don’t like. The people doing the study suggest people can be educated to reduce this negative tendency. So you think you support the environment but turns out you probably can't even describe the home design which is the best choice for the environment and best choice for those with a modest income.

Our current theory of economics enhances gluttony and big business producing centralizing, cities making a few rich. The system is doing so well I just read the richest city in the world in the richest country New York is nearly broke!! Hello the King has no clothes the myth of enhancing gluttony and waste to create a robust economy is not all its cracked up to be. It lacks over all efficiency when you include personal costs for the people as city prices rise do to corruption and complexity producing poverty which produces violence which adds to the massive waste eating up so many of the benefits of technology. Success books tell you the only way to break out of poverty is thrift and investing. But the problem is once you make it you get greedy spending millions lying to the people through advertising encouraging the people to waste their money on your product and the world goes round and round.

Driving into the heart of downtown we are overwhelmed by the freeways and the skyscrapers. Its easy to believe that it is to late for any solution to poverty or pollution the world is already built. We must break this illusion and allow a number of reason based communities to be build that conserves our time and resources supporting humanity if for no other reason to confirm our sanity. Being surrounded by a world designed and built for the benefit of the top one percent is just nuts. Just as in geometry there is only one construction that represents the shortest distance between two points so to there is one method that is most efficient to accomplish every goal not socialism rather engineering. Conserving maxim resources plugs the leaks that are sapping our wealth and destroying the environment. My current solar powered home cost only $20,000 to build and despite our living on minimal retirement social security we are able to save money because our expenses are so low. The solution is to be to apply advances in technology including cell phones roof catch water supplies solar panels composting toilets like Bill Gates is foundation is working on. My goal is networking in neighborhoods to conserve resources and start new business. One day the economy of scale will produce houses more like what we are use to.

Eventually the government will condemn our home it is not making the county government rich. I admit its not great the way it is but I can’t afford the earth moving equipment to build my ideal cheap home design and I doubt it would come up to scratch according building code the way code is written today.

Until a person sees what's possible and runs the numbers they have no Idea how bad Building law is. It is the worst act of predigest inflicted against the poor. An efficient home design is not just cheaper than the chemical, moldy, fire trap stick home its better in many ways. Todays laws drives people to poverty which is the leading source of violence that more than doubles taxes to pay for law enforcement, the military as well as social services.

Today we have record numbers of delinquent car loans student loans and a shortage of homes as well as declining health and rising suicide rates thanks to politicians serving the special interests and not the people.

To build a better home for a similar price we need to automate the process of building using earth bags. The only other material that is cheap is recycled materials like RVs which is what supply’s my home with a ready made kitchen. If that’s seems to rustic let me remind you that society has no right to destroy a persons cash flow because they Don't care for bad taste. A million middle class Americans live full time in RVs.

There are other choices for people who have more money like adding a prefabbed kitchen. The most environmentally sound design surrounds that kitchen on 3 sides with a green house. Cheap living is the only way to make a profit from a low income. If we are ever to start reusing containers, grow and prepare food to sell locally including a place for retirees to live at home with a shuttle service we need to allow people to live cheaply. With a low cost starting point people can sell expensive city homes and use the cash to invest in airbnb as well as boot strapping other small business reducing commutes. This approach may be the only way to reinvent an environmentally sound American dream. After all that pie in the sky big dollar green proposals get voted down by Republicans cost effective might get passed. Every small business lives or dies do to cash flow. It’s those who conduct business in the most cost effective way that can compete. There are millions of examples of earth homes in the world this is not experimental technology my neighbor teaches earth bag construction. Still we need to refine their construction with Excavators and engineers to fine tune plains. Then we need to build the prototype probably costing no more than $50,000. Volume production will bring down the home price to that $20,000 at the cheapest “staff level” . $40,000 for nicer entry level customer level. The prototype can be built next to where I live. A networked trade system, cheap track transportation system and community centers are on my wish list. Today’s growing environmental concern just might make this the right time to pull this off.