Albert H. Lange

The Way People Can Get Ahead

The Cheap home

Our most popular fantasies including throwing the ring of power in Mt. Doom, breaking the elder wand and joining the Rebel Alliance; they are all themes that support democracy. With the rapid growth of our billionaire feudal empire democracy in our world is losing ground. Poor people side with the rich to save their jobs. The goal “Stimulating the economy” which if it works results in inflation a big rise in prices that working people cannot afford. Stimulating the economy for lower income people is like smashing holes in the bottom of our boats so we will float higher in the water. Every piece of advice about how to get ahead advises the individual to save and invest, requiring cheaper prices for working people. Our biggest expenses are required by building laws that pretend to be our friend enriching industry and forcing consumers into debt destroying the environment. Sure it’s nice to have some protection from crocked contractors but the other reason for building laws is to keep the slaves rowing the boat. Even religion has abandoned Biblical compassion supporting the Republican agenda pulling health care from the poor and lowering taxes on the rich. Setting people free costs nothing because it cheaper then what we are doing now and is vastly cheaper than prisons. To overcome the adverse effects of automation replacing jobs, rising suicide opioid and the homeless epidemics there are three choices. Welfare or ethnic cleansing or the only real choice is to allow people to live at their financial level with access to tools to get ahead. There by we secure the straightest path of upward mobility and hope for all should any one of us run out of luck. The small business men I have worked for were cheap for cash flow sake.

Because the recession threatened to put us on the street we found a place where l could use my maintenance skills on a $10,000 solar powered roof catch water supply equipped home. It’s comfortable and it beats paying rent and expensive utilities. Had it been available we might have preferred the $10,000 dollar 3d printed house seen on YouTube. People want privacy and convenience so using the internet and a delivery system instead of driving cars into the ground is a necessary to lower costs. With today’s self driving technology a person could order a sandwich from the community center and a small car could deliver it moving people and product around the neighborhood automatically. A community center is important to keep some business close. Efficient food systems housing systems transportation systems add up to a 90% cheaper lifestyle. Many people could sell their current homes and have cash left over to invest and get ahead. Also check out the Venus project on YouTube an engineer’s idea of civilization. We need a parallel efficient Small business economy besides conventional big business.

I am not saying I have all the answers every college should be researching the idea of cost effective. I do know that even a poor attempt at efficiency can achieve 90% improvement over conventional consumerism. I propose wide spread increased efficiency solving most problems. Today the few who care are divided across many causes. Civilization is geared for the rich who produce 10 × the pollution and waste per person. Every cause today wastes more than they put to good use. Reduce the waste with optional efficient systems and every cause is easily satisfied. Dose acting against the system scare you Mcfly; are you chicken! I don’t expect you to act. The least we can do is tell the truth which is the hardest part of change. Be skeptical but pass this on. Before we start a new war in the name of democracy we should actually have a democracy. Most people’s idea of compassion is making a difference which by definition makes no difference what so ever. You can have only one God compassion or vengeance and you can’t be a good person on a part time basis.