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Linda's Artwork 2002 to 2009 or So

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2002 to 2009 or So, Artwork by me

Image: Painting of yellow aspen tree
A miniature painting of aspen trees. Painted by me in Taos New Mexico in a miniature class in 2009. We gave this to Bert's Sister Diana.

Image: Space Painting of planets and sun
Acrylic fantasy planets & sun

Image: black and white drawings
Some black and white Mandalas and other structured creations I drew. I added color to one mandala. Background not by me.

Image: Sail boat with orange sky and sea
Another sail boat I painted in 2008. Yes, I like ships and boats.

Image: Aspen trees with other greenery and flowers
I painted this in 2009. The original was driving me crazy, so I cut off the top and the bottom. I like it better this way.

Image: Rock with ancient Egyptian symbols
I painted this in 2010 on a rock. We had it by our front door for a while. I like Ancient Egyptian Symbols. It no longer exists. All the paint pealed off and now it's just a rock.

Some quick sketches I did that are in my old sketchbook from art classes I took at the University of New Mexico in Taos. I was supposed to draw something every day.

Image: Sketch of flowers
Sketch of flowers

Image: quick sketch of Plants in a pot
Quick sketch of plants in a pot

Image: quick sketch of stuffed dragon
Quick sketch of a stuffed dragon. I have a picture of one of these somewhere. I used to have 4 of these, but I gave them all away for some reason.

Image: quick sketch of a tree
A tree

Image: quick sketch of ancient Egyptian symbols
I copied this from one of my daughter's paintings.

Image: quick sketch of the top of a church
Top of the St. Francis church in Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico

Image: quick sketch of the eves of a building
The eves of a building in Taos, New Mexico near where I used to live on Padre Martinez Lane.

Image: quick sketch of a church and a tree
Top of Our Lady of Guadalupe church in Taos, New Mexico.

Image: quick sketch of a smiling person
Sketch of a classmate of mine during one of my drawing classes in college.


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