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The 1960s and 1970s. These were done when I lived at my parent's house in Methuen, Massachusetts.

Image: Horse Painting, mama mare and her colt (baby horse)
Horse Painting, 1975. I have this one.

Image: 1971 still life drawing by Linda (Bohne) Lange
Still Life in charcoal. done  in 1971. Scanned in 2008. The paper is not what it was. :-)

Image: 1971 drawing of ship by Linda
Charcoal Drawing of a Ship that I also painted (see below) in 1971. Scanned in 2008.

Image: 1972 desert painting with cactus
Desert Painting 1972. (This painting was owned by my dear sister Irene.) As of April 2022, I have no clue where it is now.

Image: 1972 castle painting by Linda (Bohne) Lange
Castle Painting, 1972.  My darling Daughter now has this painting.

Image: 1972 tower painting by Linda
Tower Painting, 1972. My Daughter also has this painting.

Image: two paintings of a castle and a tower
Here are the two above paintings together at my daughter's place. They are nice but I don't have room for them.

Image: 1972 painting of barn by Linda
A lost painting. This oil painting is by me. Painting of Barn, 1972.

Image: 1972 painting of barn by Linda
Another picture of the above oil painting by me. It is on my desk with decorative items I owned at the time.

The picture above and the one below were taken at my parent's home in Methuen, Massachusetts. My dad built this desk for me. I wonder what happened to that desk?

Image: 1972 painting of scenery with stream and trees by Linda
Same desk, different decorative items. I painted this back in 1971. Also a lost painting.

Image: 1972 Painting of scenery by Linda
This is the best photo I have of this Scenery Painting by me which I painted in the early 1970s. The painting was left behind upon our move from Iowa to New Mexico and is lost to me forever.

Image: 1972 ship painting by Linda (Bohne) Lange
Big Painting of a sail boat, 1972. My darling daughter has this one.

Image: Drawing of Paul McCartney of The Beatles I did when I was 15
Drawing of Paul McCartney of the Beatles that I did when I was 15. I don't know where the original drawing is. I have no clue. I can't find it. I'm so happy I scanned it in at some point. Maybe I'll find the original some day.

Image: Drawing of David Crosby of the music band Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young I did when I was about 17
Drawing of David Crosby from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young that I did when I was about 17.

Image: Drawing of John Lennon by a young person
Quick Sketch of John Lennon I did when I was about 15. He was my favorite member of Beatles.

Below are various drawings I did in the late 1960s or early 1970s, and still have in a couple of my old sketchbooks. It's quite cool I still have those old sketchbooks. I "attended" a mail-in drawing and painting course at that time. There was no Internet back then. My dad paid for the course. It cost $800. He was happy I could take a college course without leaving home. I had received HUGE binders in the mail with lessons. I did the work and sent in the lessons and got graded. I can't even remember the name of the place, or where it was. Unfortunately, I didn't complete the course. Oh well. And I didn't stay home at my parent's house for much longer.

Image: A Bridge
Drawing of the George Washington Bridge, I believe, which connects Manhattan to New Jersey.

Image: Drawing of scenery with trees and little people

Image: Drawing of scenery with trees

Image: Drawing of a house and a tree

Image: Drawing of a dog by a young person
A dog

Image: Drawing of a cat with a ball of yarn by a young person
A Cat

Image: Drawing of a girl with a scarf
A girl I painted

Image: Drawing of a house with trees
A barn or a house

Image: Drawing of a towel on a towel rack
A Towel

Image: Drawing of a wine bottle and a glass

Image: Sketch of a horse
A horse

Image: Sketch of an old style radio
This is a sketch of my radio I had when I was a teenager.

Image: Sketch of a peace sign
A quick sketch of a peace sign

Image: Sketch of a man with microphone singing
Robert Plant, a member of Led Zeppelin

Image: Girl with pail at the beach
Girl at the beach

Image: Outline drawing of a cat
A cat

Image: A drawing of a nude woman
A nude woman

Image: Various quick sketches of a woman doing yoga
A woman doing yoga

Image: Sketch of a peace sign drawn, a peace hand, and the word peace 1960s style

Image: Drawing of a nude woman reaching for a handkerchief
A nude woman

Image: Various drawings of various items
Various Items I drew. My old round metal pin cushion sewing container (I had painted it yellow and painted some designs on it), some man (maybe a rock 'n roll star, I don't know who), a shoulder bag, a pumpkin, a plastic flower in flower pot, a candle, corner of a tablecloth, A fold out paper pumpkin I had, My old globe with a black ocean (I think I have a picture of that somewhere).


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