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bj King painted some "soul paintings" for us in the 1990s.

Image: Bert's bj painting showing new age, metaphysical symbols
Bert's bj King Painting
Showing many cool symbols including Hebrew symbols, a fluer-de-lis, the eye of Horus, the planet Saturn, Sanskrit symbols, some star tetrahedrons and a feather, among other things.

Image: Linda's bj painting with new age, metaphysical symbols
Linda's bj King Painting
Showing many cool symbols including, dolphins, a whale, an ankh, the ohm and a star tetrahedron, among other things.

Image: Erica's bj painting with new age, metaphysical symbols
Erica's bj King Painting
Showing many cool designs including dolphins, circles within circles, the Egyptian eyes of Horus and Ra and a feather, among other things, in a starry background.


And here are some videos, by various channels on YouTube, of some artwork by some of my favorite Old Masters and other Artists. You can Google them.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Claude Monet
Frida Kahlo
Georgia O'Keeffe
Maxfield Parrish
Jan van Eyck
M.C. Escher

Some of these I've seen in person like Renoir and Monet in Boston and Chicago. I've also see some of O'Keeffe's art in Santa Fe at her gallery. Others I've seen in books or online. Of course, I've seen my daughter's artwork in person.


I also love ancient Egyptian art. I have many books of ancient Egyptian art. I've also seen many mummies and ancient Egyptian Art in museums in Boston, Chicago, Denver and other places.

Fine Arts - Ancient Egyptian Art to Ancient Music

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