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Some of my Favorite Artwork by my Daughter

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Some of my favorite Artwork by my Darling Daughter. She is my favorite artist after all. Erica is also on Instagram: and @ericalange_art

Image: Painting of blue virgin mother - Mary - and child - Jesus
1997 Blue Virgin and Child.

Image: Drawing of a chapel
This is a drawing, done in 2001 when Erica was in college, of the chapel that was once at a college in Iowa, until they tore it down.

Image: Drawing of a young woman
2001 Self Portrait

Image: Painting of a blue mountain with orange trees and an orange sky
2001 Taos Mountain

Image: Painting of a dragon in a living room
2004 A Dragon

Image: Painting of a pegasus
2006 Painting of a Pegasus. We have this hanging in our living room.

Image: Painting of a fairy with wings on a swing with flowers and an orange frame
A fairy on a swing. We have this one hanging in our house.

Image: Painting of a young woman with a red shirt
This is a drawing Erica did of me before 2008. I forget the exact date.

Image: Photo of a smiling young woman
This is the picture of me from 1972 that Erica used to paint the picture above.

Image: A lop-eared bunny rabbit in the grass with a stone wall behind and a sign that says Happy Mother's Day
2008 Happy Mother's Day to me.

Image: Painting of a house and mountains in the southwest style
2008 A Taos Style house and mountains.

Image: Painting of a wizard standing on some rocks
2012 A wizard

Image: Painting of a Happy father's day with a river and a landscape
2008 Happy Father's Day

Image: Painting of a ferris wheel and rollercoaster and ocean waves in blue
2013 Santa Monica Pier and the Pacific ocean waves.

Image: Painting of Alice in wonderland with the mad hatter and the white rabbit
2013 Alice in Wonderland. We have this one hanging in our house.

Image: Paperdolls that I own with Taos
I own these paper dolls made by Erica. I used photoshop to place them in the Taos Plaza.

Image: /drawing of a teenager reaching for books in a library.
By Erica as part of her October Inktober creations.

Image: A young woman drawing
Erica drawing a dragon for 2019 Happy Father's Day.

Image: Painting of an orange cat with flowers and a tea cup
A painting of our cat Pumpkin from 2019. This was part of my Mother's Day greeting that year.

Image: Painting of a black and white cat on an easel
2019 A painting of Sparky our cat. The painting sits on Erica's easel.

Image: Drawing of a barn
Drawing of a barn for 2020 Inktober.

Image: Stickers
Stickers created by Erica available at her etsy account.

Image: Painting of black and white cat
2019 Our Cat Sparky by Erica. This was part of a Father's Day greeting that year. (see above)

More Erica Lange, Artist
Here is her Website:
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Erica's Pandora Gold Art Album 1997-2007


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