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Artwork by my Mother and my Siblings

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Artwork by my Mother and my Siblings.

Image: Painting of sunset
Painting by my mother from the early 1970s.

Image: Painting of
Painting by my mother from the early 1970s.

Image: Woman with paintings on an easel
My dear mother with the paintings that she painted in about 1974. I took this photo. I wonder who has these.

Image: Gazebo and walkway painting
And another painting by my mother from the early 1970s. My daughter has this one

By my sister Jacqueline

Image: Painting of a sailing ship
Painting by my sister Jacqueline. I have a photo of this. She did other paintings also. I only have a photo of this one. She passed away in 2016.

By my other Sister Arline

Image: Painting of an adobe building with blue door in New Mexico
New Mexico building with Blue Door from about 2007.

Image: Painting of a yellow flower
A pretty yellow Sunflower probably from the 2000s.

By my brother Richard from 2020

Image: Painting of an apple floating in space
An apple.

Image: Painting of some buildings
Some buildings.

My daughter also gets her own separate page. For now see


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