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Linda's Altered Books 2008 - 2018

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My First Altered Book - Started and Finished in 2008

Image: My first Altered Book - cover, pages fanned, Map, Egyptian image, flowers and a girl, horse, flowers, diamond ring, parrot, black man, Happy, mountains, cats, girl with cat, ancient egyptian items
Cover, Pages Fanned, Pages 1 through 7

Image: My first Altered book, ocean scenery and shells, lady with egyptian outfit, weasel and grasses, weasel and frame, my favorite things, women bathing in a pond, goth fairies and elves, cat, fairy, note, King tut and Egyptian woman, flowers, horses
Pages 8 through 16

Image: My First Altered Book, People at the beach picking up shells, pearls and shells, sailing ships and the ocean, Tibetan monk, Buddhist statues, scenery, flowers, mountains and flowing water, goth girl with dragon, Protected by Dragons, Fairies, bumper stickers, flower, clouds and scenery, Horses, trees and a leaf, cemetery grave stones,
Pages 17 through 25

Image: My First Altered Book, flowers, gold winged figures from kind tut's tomb, More ancient egyptian figures, gems and coins, world globe, waterfall, water scenery
Pages 26 through 34

Image: My First Altered Book, Taos Solar Music Festival 2008 design, Dragons, red dresses, red ribbon and other red items, Lots of Fairies, Lots of postage stamps, planets the moon and the sun, butterflies, peace, love, grovy, flower power, religious symbols and Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
Pages 35 through 42

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Each of these are numbered as a 2 page spread. When you create your own altered books remember: Altered books don't have to include only items created by you. I make these books for my own amusement; they can include items from magazines, cards and other stuff; I will never sell them. I like looking at them.

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My Second Altered Book Created 2009 through 2018

Image: My Second Altered Book, seagulls, stickers, fireworks, flowers, cat and basket on greeting card, gravestones, Flowers, Hanuman, flowers, lighthouses, beach, pictures of paintings Turner to Cezanne 2010
Cover, Pages Fanned, Pages 1 through 7

Image: My Second Altered Book, Another day in the mildy way, a man on a planet, An altered Thomas Kinkade card, the pyramids and the sphynx, Scenery of Sedona Arizona, cemeteries in New Orleans and Connecticut, Holy pictures of the virgin and child and angels, Scenery with petroglyphs, Black cats, pentagrams, Love, Beauty, Blessed be, Sister birthday cards with butterflies and flowers
Pages 8 through 14

Image: My Second Altered Book, Lots of cats, flowers, butterflies, ankh and other ancient egyptian artwork, Gathering of the Nations WowWow in Albuquerque, New Mexico 2014, Lots of dragons, flowers, the milky way postcard and galaxy picture, gumball machine and dress in space from a greeting card, King tut sarcophagus, More ancient egypt type artwork on papyrus
Pages 15 through 22

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I'm working on a third, much smaller, altered book, but it is personal stuff. Maybe I'll put tiny pictures of it here, but not on deviant art.

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