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Photos over the years. Welcome to my world! All photos by me unless otherwise noted. Places: New Mexico, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York State, Nevada, etc.

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Yes! All artwork by me. I used to paint back in the 1970s. Then I took art classes in the 2000s. Enjoy!


This is my personal website from back-in-the day. This was my original personal site that I started in 1996. This entire site is my personal site. But this is the original one.

Our Cats

We have two adorable cats. Currently Sparky and Pumpkin. We have had other cats in the past. Their photos are included here also.

My Darling Daughter's Site

She is an Awesome Artist!

My darling daughter Erica has been drawing practically her entire life, as soon as she could pick up a pencil! She started painting as soon as she got her hands on some paints and paint brushes. She has been doing digital art since she first saw a digital drawing and painting program, which was also when she was quite young. Like I said, she's an awesome artist! Click above to be taken to links to all her drawing & painting sites!

What I Have Done

Over the years

  • Born and grew up in Massachusetts.
  • Started Transcendental Meditation in 1974
  • Met my husband Bert in 1976, married in 1977. Remarried in 2008.
  • Darling Daughter Erica born 1981
  • Lived many places. See my photos

Some other places to visit on this site.

  • Clickable Image: Videos


    A few of my videos, and a link!
  • My Parent's Memorial

    About my Parents and family
  • My Writings

    Written in college & beyond.
  • Metaphysical

    Including New Age, Occult etc.